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A 5 Mile Run in Beverly Hills

At the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park, on our 5-Mile Run in Beverly Hills

This article is part of our Trip Report, Date Night in Beverly Hills.

After Date Night in Beverly Hills, Philly and I took advantage of a cool and beautiful morning to go for a nice run through part of Beverly Hills.

[Side note – We have learned over time, sometimes painfully, that places with words like “hills,” “mountain,” and “canyon” in the name should be avoided at all costs when running in locations that we don’t know well.  In no event should you ever sign up for a race with any of these words in the title!  However, in this instance, we could pretty much see all of our route from the balcony of our hotel room, so we were pretty confident we’d only be dealing with a little bit of incline here and there, and not massive or unrelenting hills.]

Our route went roughly as follows:

Beverly Hills running route

  • From the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills at Wilshire & Santa Monica, run northeast through the park along Santa Monica Blvd
  • Turn left just after passing through Beverly Gardens Park (and past the Beverly Hills sign in the park), on Cañon Dr, then head northwest up the gentle incline on Cañon
  • At the traffic circle, turn left onto Lomitas Ave, and head southwest
  • At the dead end (runs into a maintenance area for Los Angeles Country Club), turn left onto Whittier Dr, and head southeast
  • At Wilshire Blvd, turn right to run up the hill (west) to one of the famed Beverly Hills city limit signs for a photo
  • U-turn to head east on Wilshire, turning left on Carmelita Ave to head north-northeast
  • Take Carmelita Ave to Cañon
  • At this point Philly kept running up Carmelita for a bit while I walked, and she met me back in the same area a few minutes later, where we then re-traced our steps from our first loop – northwest on Cañon to Lomitas, left on Lomitas, southwest on Lomitas to the dead end at Whittier, left on Whittier, southeast to Wilshire
  • And finally, left on Wilshire to run the last few steps back to the Waldorf Astoria

As I mentioned above, the morning was beautiful and the run was fun.  I managed to talk Philly into a few selfies along the way (also allowing me to catch my breath!) – one at the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park, one looking up tree-lined Beverly Drive, and one at one of the iconic Beverly Hills city limits signs.

Looking up tree-lined Beverly Drive

Iconic Beverly Hills city limits sign

If you’re ever at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills or the Beverly Hilton next door, I’d highly recommend a run along our route or somewhere else nearby.  The neighborhoods are nice, quiet and safe.  There were gentle inclines as we ran generally to the north, especially on Cañon Drive, and there were gentle downhills as we ran generally to the south, especially on Lomitas Ave.  This route would also work well from a starting point of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Blvd.

I’ll have to say, being able to enjoy different places like this is one of the things that keeps me motivated to run and stay in decent shape. I hope Middle Age Miles readers can enjoy it too!

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