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Vegas Prep and Tips – Maximizing Mlife and World of Hyatt Benefits

If you’re heading to Vegas and staying at a MGM-affiliated property, be sure to take advantage of the partnership between the MGM rewards program, Mlife, and World of Hyatt.

Executive Summary

The MGM properties in Las Vegas have an affiliation with Hyatt where you can earn points and match status between the Mlife and World of Hyatt (WOH) program. Under this partnership, you can enjoy reciprocal benefits between the programs, and you can earn WOH points, night credits, and elite status through stays at MGM properties.  Almost anyone spending a weekend in Las Vegas should be able to at least earn Discoverist elite status with World of Hyatt (the lowest of World of Hyatt’s 3 elite levels), and some may be able to earn up to WOH Explorist status (the second of WOH’s 3 elite levels).  In addition, you can earn WOH points for almost all spend charged to your room at a MGM property.

What to Do

Before you go to Las Vegas, be sure to:

  • Sign up for World of Hyatt if you’re not a member already.  You can sign up for WOH here.
  • Sign up for the Mlife program if you’re not a member already.  You can join Mlife here.
  • [For those not familiar with the MGM-affiliated properties, a map and list of properties in Las Vegas can be found here.]
  • If you happen to already have an elite level status with WOH or Mlife, be sure to match your highest-level status in one program to the other.  You can follow the directions in the “After You Get Home” section below to match Mlife status to WOH, or vice versa.

When you check into your MGM-affiliated hotel, be sure to:

  • Give the check-in clerk your WOH membership number and your Mlife number.

While you’re in Vegas, be sure to:

  • Charge everything you can to your room.  All food and drinks at any MGM-affiliated property can usually be charged to your room.  You can also usually charge tickets to shows at MGM-affiliated properties to your room if you buy them from a box office at an MGM-affiliated property.
  • Get your Mlife card printed out so that you have a physical card.  Each MGM-affiliated property has a kiosk or booth in the casino that can print your card.  Use your Mlife card every time you gamble so it can track your play and give you credits.  Although I’ve never actually done this, I believe you can get 2 cards for husband & wife and link them.  Slots play earns the most Mlife tier credits.  You can also get tier credits for video poker, but not as much as slots.  Finally, it’s possible to get tier credits for playing table games, but it requires large bet amounts and a long time playing to earn meaningful credits that way.
  • [UPDATED 1/16/2019] If you’re a couple (or any two people sharing the same address), make sure you have signed up both people up for an Mlife account. Then, while you’re at the Mlife counter picking up your physical cards, be sure to link your Mlife accounts. Doing so allows each of you to earn tier credits toward a combined total. Elite status is based off of your combined total, and both people will get the benefit of the combined amount. For example, if a 2 spouses with linked accounts combine to earn 75,000 tier credits, both of you will get Mlife Gold status – and both of you can use Mlife Gold status to match to Explorist status with World of Hyatt!

Earning Points and Elite Status

Your hotel charges (including everything charged to your room) earn 5 points per dollar in the World of Hyatt program.

Your hotel charges (including everything charged to your room) also earn 25 tier credits per dollar in the Mlife program.  You also get tier credits for certain gambling play.  More details on earning tier credits and free play through gambling are provided in this article.

It takes 25,000 Mlife tier credits to achieve “Pearl” status.  Given that each dollar of room spend and charges generates 25 tier credits, it only takes $1,000 of room spend/charges to achieve “Pearl” status.  For most people spending a weekend in Vegas, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be able to achieve “Pearl” status, between room rates and charging food, drinks and show tickets to their room.

Beyond that, 75,000 Mlife tier credits will get you “Gold” status with Mlife, which will match to a higher WOH level, “Explorist,” which comes with additional benefits on Hyatt stays.  $3,000 in room spend/charges alone would reach this threshold, or a lesser amount combined with some gambling play might reach it too.

Mlife elite status level benefits are discussed here. I’ve found that I get emails for some nice MGM hotel discounts with merely “Pearl” status.

WOH elite status level benefits are discussed here.  Even at the lowest elite level, “Discoverist,” members receive 10% bonus points on their Hyatt stays (earning 5.5 WOH points per dollar instead of 5), a complimentary bottle of water daily, late check-out until 2:00 pm at participating Hyatt properties, and a preferred room within the type of room booked during Hyatt stays.  “Explorist” members do even better, receiving 20% bonus points, an upgrade to the best room available at check-in (excluding suites), and 4 Hyatt Club lounge access passes.

After You Get Home from Vegas

Once you get home, if you’ve achieved “Pearl” or “Gold” (or higher) status with Mlife, you’ll want to match your new status to World of Hyatt.  As I’ve previously discussed, Pearl status with Mlife matches to Discoverist status with WOH, and Gold (or higher) status with Mlife matches to Explorist status with WOH.

Here’s how to match your Mlife status to WOH:

  • Go to mlife.com and log in to your account
  • Click “Mlife Rewards” in the upper right menu
  • Scroll down until you see World of Hyatt Featured Partner, and click the “Learn More” button
  • On the right side, there should be a button you can click that says “Click Here to Opt In”
  • This should take you to a World of Hyatt page where you can enter your WOH credentials, and this should complete the linking of your accounts.

The reverse, a match of WOH status to Mlife status, can be done using the “Opt In” button here.

The affiliation between MGM and Hyatt is not well-known, and I think it can benefit a lot of Middle Age Miles readers who are traveling to Las Vegas.  I hope you can take advantage of this and enjoy some enhanced status!

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