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How to Successfully Status Match to Avis Preferred Plus (Data Point & Experiment)

Avis Preferred Plus card

For the most part, we are rental car free agents – that is, we simply look for the low-cost / reasonable-convenience option that suits us best for any particular car rental need.  That said, we do have some general preferences amongst rental car companies.  Domestically, we generally prefer either Hertz or Sixt.  With Hertz, I currently have President’s Circle status, plus the recurring promotions to earn generous amounts of United miles through Hertz rentals have been very valuable.  With Sixt, I have often found them to have the best rates on premium and specialty vehicles, which we sometimes need, plus Philly and I also currently have Sixt Platinum elite status.  Internationally (in Europe at least), we generally prefer Sixt based on price and positive experiences (whereas in Europe we have had bad experiences with Hertz and have vowed never to rent from Hertz in Europe ever again!).

I have an upcoming car rental need where Avis was the best cost/convenience option.  Currently, I have no elite status with Avis, so I investigated status match options.  Although elite status with rental car companies can be hit-or-miss in terms of generating any real benefits, I always figure it’s better to have elite status than not.  Fortunately, I found an option that worked to match me to the Avis Preferred Plus elite status level.

The status match process was simple and quick.  I sent the following email to profile.update@avisbudget.com:

Hi, my name is Charles Craig Tadlock.  My Avis Wizard number is XXXXXX.  My Avis profile is under my middle name, Craig Tadlock.


I am currently a Hertz President’s Circle member.  Would you be willing to status match me to Avis President’s Circle, please?


Here is a screenshot of my Hertz online profile showing President’s Circle status, which I took today:


[Screenshot attached]


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your consideration.


Best regards,

Charles Craig Tadlock

The next morning, I received the following message from a representative from Preferred & Fastbreak Processing for the Avis Budget Group, in the Office of the CFO, Virginia Beach, VA:

Your Status Match has been processed.

You have been upgraded to Avis Preferred Plus Premium status.


For consideration to President’s Club status, please contact our Sales Dept. at 1-800-525-7521 as it is based on your company’s sponsorship of the program.


Thank you for choosing Avis!

Although I wasn’t approved for President’s Club status, I considered this a total victory.  My new Preferred Plus status posted that same day to my Avis online profile:

Screenshot of Avis Preferred Plus status from Avis mobile app

And the next business day, I received an email welcoming me to Avis Preferred Plus status:

My email welcome to Avis Preferred Plus status

Avis Preferred Plus benefits include a complimentary upgrade and increased points earning in the Avis Preferred program:

Avis Preferred Plus benefits

Avis Preferred points earning and rewards

My welcome email confirmed that I had been upgraded into the Preferred Plus level with the 50% points enhancement benefit (not just 25%):

Email with my Avis Preferred Plus elite benefits

I actually found a place on the Avis website, on the Avis AARP partner page, that says that Avis will match elite status with Hertz or National; however, I could not get the “Contact Us” link to work:

Avis Status Match link from Avis AARP partner page (link did not work)

Based on the above link, my experience, and my research, I believe that Avis will match elite status with at least Hertz, National and Sixt, using the email process I outlined above.  Please share your data points in the Comments section.

Once I received confirmation of my Preferred Plus status match, I made my Avis rental car reservation.  I expect to add a follow-up post in a few weeks after my rental is complete.

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