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New American AAdvantage 5k Promo – Earn Up to 5,000 Bonus Miles

Executive Summary

American has a new promotion where you can earn a tiered bonus of 50 to 5,000 bonus AAdvantage miles by completing from one to five activities from now through September 30.  Registration is required.


This morning I received an email from American AAdvantage with information regarding a new bonus promotion – “Take the 5K Challenge for 5K miles.”

This is a clever and easily-understandable tiered promotion where you can earn more AAdvantage miles, the more program-related activities you complete between the time you register and September 30.  There are 5 “activities” in the promotion, you can complete them in any order, and you will earn from 50 to 5,000 bonus AAdvantage miles depending on how many you complete.  It’s a nice incentive to engage with the AAdvantage program.

The 5 activities are:

  • Shop: Make a purchase with AAdvantage eShopping
  • Eat: Dine in or carry out with AAdvantage Dining
  • Stay: Book and stay at a hotel through bookaahotels.com
  • Drive: Rent and drive a car through aa.com/cars
  • Fly: Fly on an American Airlines marketed and operated flight

The earning tiers are:

  • Complete 1 activity – Earn 50 AAdvantage miles
  • Compete 2 activities – Earn a total of 250 AAdvantage miles
  • Complete 3 activities – Earn a total of 1,000 AAdvantage miles
  • Complete 4 activities – Earn a total of 2,500 AAdvantage miles
  • Complete 5 activities – Earn a total of 5,000 AAdvantage miles

Here’s how the email described the promotion:


To register for the promotion, I had to log in to my AAdvantage account.  I have not yet found a direct link to register.  When I logged in to my account (which had a new look and interface, by the way), the promotion was prominently displayed:

When I clicked on the “Registration details” button, it took me to the Rules of the promotion, and the registration link appeared at the bottom, underneath the “American Airlines flight” section:

Value and Strategies

As you can see, each additional activity has an incremental in terms of mileage earning, as follows (including our baseline value at 0.0125 cents per AA mile):

  • The first activity is worth 50 miles (baselline value of $0.62)
  • The second activity is worth an additional 200 miles (baseline value $2.50)
  • The third activity is worth an additional 750 miles (baseline value $9.37)
  • The fourth activity is worth an additional 1,500 miles (baseline value $18.75)
  • And the fifth activity is worth an additional 2,500 miles (baseline value $31.25)
  • [Total baseline value if you complete all 5 activities would be 5,000 * 0.0125 = $62.50]

For me, there are three activities that should come easily, in the normal course.  I will certainly take an AA flight before September 30.  I’m sure I’ll use AA Dining at least once by Sept 30.  I’m also pretty likely to use the AAdvantage eShopping portal at least once by Sept 30 (especially if I have a 750-mile incentive to do so).

That leaves hotels and rental cars, neither of which I normally book through AA.  Is there enough incentive to motivate me to book a hotel and/or rental car?

As for the rental car, an $18.75-value incentive to book through AA may be enough.  We will have at least 3 rentals during the promotional period, maybe more, and it could make sense to shift one of them over to AA if I can get a comparable price.  It’s not like I’d be giving up substantial elite benefits (if any) by booking the rental car through the AA portal.  So that one’s a real possibility.

The tougher one is the hotel.  I haven’t spent much time on the AA hotel booking portal, so I don’t have a good feel for how comparable rates might be.  I would earn a few AA miles by booking through AA (in addition to the bonus miles from the promotion), so that would go into my calculation.  Even with the bonus promotional miles (baseline value $31.25) and the miles earned by booking through the AA portal though, I’m not sure whether that would be enough to offset (a) the fact that I wouldn’t receive elite benefits on the stay, and (b) the fact that I have access to a number of discounted hotel rates that may be far better than what is offered through the AA portal.  On this one, we’ll just have to see how the details play out on our hotel stays over the next 3 months.

[UPDATE: Philly’s online AA account is now updated to the new interface.  I clicked on “Promotions” at the bottom of the header with her account summary, the 5k promotion offer appeared, and I was able to register her.  I believe that the promotion is not targeted; it just appears whenever the new interface rolls out to each AAdvantage account holder.] Finally, I should note that this promotion may be targeted.  It was not on Philly’s AAdvantage account when I logged in earlier this morning.  However, her account still had the old look and interface; it’s possible that AA is rolling out the new look over time and the promotion could show up later once her account is converted to the new interface.


Have you received the new AAdvantage 5k promotion?  What is your strategy?  Let us know in the comments!

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