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Philly & Craig at Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

This article is part of our “About Middle Age Miles” series.

As we launch Middle Age Miles, I’m reflective about what inspired us to create this site and establish its mission.  One, of course, was the love that Philly and I have developed for travel and the great experiences we’ve had over the past several years traveling the world together (and sometimes with our grown kids!).  Another was my personal fascination with points-and-miles, loyalty programs, and credit card benefits that could both enhance our travel and reduce our out-of-pocket costs.

As I began to grow weary of the constant conflict inherent in my professional life as a civil trial lawyer, where all participants are unhappy to one degree or another, I found that I wanted to focus my energy and creativity on something that could actually make people happy.  I knew that traveling had made me very happy, and I hoped I could inspire others to find the same joy.  I knew that I had acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in the points-and-miles world, and that sharing it might also help people achieve their travel dreams.

I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I’ve had with people over the years that went something like this:  the topic of “What do you want to do with your life?” comes up (or “What do you want to be doing in x number of years?” or “When do you want to retire and what will you do then?”).  Invariably, the answer is something to the effect of, “I want to work enough to provide for family and have some financial security, and I want to retire early and travel the world.”  As I surveyed the Internet landscape for travel blogging and points-and-miles sites, I didn’t find anything truly focused on these people – people like Philly and me.  There are lots of general travel sites, blogs written by young(-ish) single people (men, mostly), sites focused on family travel, and blogs about points and miles.  But nothing for what I’m calling the Middle Age Miler – people who have worked hard and have some money (presumably mostly couples), and now want to travel the world and get great value while they’re doing it.  I believe that we can help this group, which happens to be large and also happens to have some money and hopefully some time to travel and experience the world.

This inspires us at Middle Age Miles – to help everyone see the world and fulfill their travel dreams.  This certainly includes Middle Age Milers, but it’s not nearly so limited.  We want to help everyone get great value, de-stress their travel experience, and help them truly enjoy traveling the world.

Also, having read innumerable blog articles over the past few years, I think Middle Age Miles has something to contribute to the points-and-miles hobbyist world.  We are inspired to elevate the points-and-miles discussion by sharing our thoughts, analysis and data points.  We’ll also experiment and let you know what we learn about maximizing points and miles for great travel.

I have learned much over the past few years to help me on this new venture, and there are a few people I should especially thank for that.  I’ll start with my good friend JBTx, who sparked my interest in points and miles through his boundless enthusiasm and curiosity.  There are also many people to thank who I have never personally met, but whose writing and insights have educated and entertained me:

And most importantly, I’m inspired by my dear bride Philly and our five terrific kiddos, all of whom are well on their way to becoming seasoned world travelers and are all delightful travel companions.

Thank you for allowing me to share my inspiration.  I hope that Middle Age Miles will help inspire all of you to reach your travel dreams!  We look forward to hearing from all of you about your journeys.

Best wishes, and safe and happy travels to all!


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