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Welcome to Middle Age Miles!!! – A Tour of Our Website

Middle Age Miles at Villa Cimbrone, Ravello (Amalfi Coast), Italy

Welcome to Middle Age Miles!!!

Philly and I are very excited that our official launch date of September 5 has finally arrived!  We are very happy to begin fulfilling our mission to help you live your dreams through travel and points.  We hope to provide an informative blog and engaging website that will keep you interested and coming back, and that will help you get great value for your travel.

To help you get the most out of Middle Age Miles, here’s a tour of our site:

Top Banner Pictures

This is one of our favorite features of the site.  We have more than 30 top banner pictures loaded.  They change from click-to-click, so you’ll likely get a different one each time you click on a new article.  We’re happy to have captured some beautiful images during our travels and we love sharing them.

About MAM

Next is the Menu Bar just underneath the top banner pictures.  Let’s skip the “Home” button and then work our way across:

Under “About MAM” you will find a few articles that will help you get to know us, our mission, and our inspiration for Middle Age Miles.  We especially had a lot of fun putting together the article on our travel style, so we hope you’ll enjoy that one a lot.  If you’d like to get a jump-start on meeting us, here are the links:

We also plan to add a few more articles to this section soon, to give you insights into our points-and-miles strategies, such as articles about “What’s in Our Wallet?”, our points balances and how we earned them, and what credit cards we use for which types of purchases (our points-earning matrix, if you will).

Trip & Event Reports

Next are our Trip & Event Reports.  As you’ll see, we’ve taken more than a dozen trips over the past 2 years where we will be writing reports to share our travel tips and experience.  We hope that the reports will entertain you, inspire you to travel, make your travel planning easier, and de-stress your travel.

One thing we hope you’ll like about our Trip Reports is that each report will include a “How We Did It” article that highlights how we’ve achieved good value in our travels and our travel planning strategies in general.  This could be by using points and miles, through other special deals, or some other strategy.  You’ll see our tips, tricks and thought processes.  Another thing we’ll try to do in our Trip Reports is provide a level of detail beyond what is typically found on most website blogs.  We’ve found that we’re often frustrated reading articles that stop short of giving us the detailed information we really need to help us plan our trips, and at Middle Age Miles we want to do better.

We’ve pre-posted one Trip Report for you, Date Night in Beverly Hills.  This was a quick-and-fun trip to the new Waldorf Astoria hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, motivated by the ability to use a Free Weekend Night Certificate that we received as a credit card perk.  It’s the sort of thing we never would or could have done without points and miles!  Here are links to the articles in our “Date Night in Beverly Hills” trip report:

Our next Trip Report will be a 21-article report, A Summer Holiday in Ireland and Scotland, which we’re really looking forward to sharing.  We’ll post the Overview article this morning, and the rest of the articles will stream out over the next couple of weeks.  After that, we plan to post our Trip Report about Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Beyond, and after that one, probably Italy – Rome and the spectacularly beautiful Amalfi Coast.  We have even more trip reports to come, including Maui, Paris, Switzerland/Germany, St. Thomas, Prague, Geneva, and Ecuador!

Point Values & Transfer Partners

In this area, we have several articles – mostly charts – about the baseline value of the various types of points and miles in different loyalty programs, and where you can transfer your credit card points.  These are important resources for using points and miles to get cheap or free travel!

How to Get Started

In this area, we have prepared several detailed articles on how to get started with using credit cards and points-and-miles loyalty programs to maximize the return you get on your normal spend and help you get great value for your travels.  Please understand that this subject matter can be quite nuanced and complicated – but we’ve tried to simplify as best we can, and provide many examples to help illustrate what we’re talking about.

We have articles on credit card basics, the basics of points-and-miles programs, and about earning and redeeming points.  We illustrate a basic two-card strategy if you prefer cash-back to points-and-miles, and we also start to teach you how you can get even better rewards for travel by focusing on points and miles.  Finally, we make some recommendations on what card(s) to get if you’re just getting started with points and miles (spoiler alert: start with Chase credit cards!).


In this section, we’ve started to compile articles that we believe are good resources, such as details on credit card limits and velocity rules (how quickly you can apply and be approved for credit cards from the major issuers), and how to use online shopping portals to maximize points earning and/or cash back on your everyday purchases.  We’ll continue to add to this section over time as we write additional articles that we believe are good reference resources.

Sign-Up Links

For your convenience, we’ve prepared some charts so you can easily sign up for credit cards and points-and-miles loyalty programs.  Some of our sign-up links are referral links, and we have labeled them as such.  We work hard here at Middle Age Miles, so please support us by using our referral links!  We truly appreciate it.  Also, we will never knowingly post a referral link that gives you a worse deal than you would get through a publicly available offer.

Blog Posts

Below the Menu Bar on the left are our blog posts.  They are in reverse chronological order – so, the newest article will always go on the top and push everything else down.  The 10 most recent articles display on the home page, and you can access earlier articles by scrolling down and pressing the “Previous” button near the bottom of the page.

We have pre-written about three dozen blog posts, so you can see the type of content we’ll be posting on Middle Age Miles.

Also, each blog article has a “Comments” feature at the bottom.  Please use this to add your own detail or data points on the subject of the post, or to ask questions (which we’ll try to answer as best we can).  We hope that the Comments will help us create an active and engaging forum on Middle Age Miles.

Social Media Links

Below the Menu Bar on the right are links to our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and our Instagram account.  It’s very important to us to grow our social media following, so we can help as many travelers as possible – so, please “Like” and Follow us at:

Also, please share and re-tweet our posts and tell all of your friends about Middle Age Miles!  Thank you so much!

Search Box

Below our social media links is a Search box, which we hope will help you find relevant content on Middle Age Miles when you have a question.

Posts by Category

Next is our “Posts by Category” box.  This can be extremely useful in finding relevant content on Middle Age Miles.  We assign categories to each post we write so that they’re easy to find later.  Click the drop-down menu to see all of the categories and select the one you’re looking for.  For example, this feature makes it incredibly easy for you to find everything we’ve written about American Airlines, or about the American Express Hilton Ascend credit card, or about California.

Thank you again for visiting Middle Age Miles!  We hope this welcome message and tour has been helpful – and most importantly, we hope you enjoy our site, become a regular reader, and let us help you live your dreams through travel and points!

~Craig & Philly



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