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Celebrating a Great Launch Week for Middle Age Miles – And What’s Coming Next!

Cheers for a great launch week at Middle Age Miles! Thank you!!!

At Middle Age Miles, we’re very excited about our launch week.  We really appreciate the tremendous support we’ve gotten from family and friends, and we’re incredibly happy with the number of views, likes, follows and shares you’ve given us.  We hope you’re getting to know us, and that we’re starting to inspire you to travel as well as educate you about credit cards, points and miles.  Thank you all for a terrific launch week!

Looking ahead to next week, here’s what to expect:

(1) We’ll continue our Trip Report, A Summer Holiday in Ireland & Scotland, with some articles on some wonderful places, including Skellig Michael (Luke Skywalker’s reclusive island home in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi), the Ring of Kerry, and Blarney Castle, where we kissed the Blarney Stone!

(2) We’ll publish our “How to Get Started” articles one-by-one, to give them greater visibility.  We hope that you will find these articles to be great and accurate resources for learning about credit cards, points and miles.

(3) We’ll get you up to date on the latest hotel promotions.  We’ll make sure you have sign-up links and reminders so that it’s easy to get registered and maximize your points earnings at the hotel chains over the coming months.

(4) We’ll also get you up to date on the latest Amex Offers from American Express.  There are some recent Offers that we’re running a little late in covering due to all the activity around our launch.

(5) And we’ll start our continuing stream of articles with news, notes and tips from the credit card and travel world.  We’re very excited to get into the groove of providing you with time-sensitive and helpful posts!

Thank you again for a wonderful launch week.  Much more to come on Middle Age Miles.  Cheers!


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