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Marriott Finally Got My SPG Account Right – After 19 Days (Data Point)

My SPG account – finally – correctly shows my year-to-date nights

Executive Summary

19 days after Marriott’s integration of Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts, my SPG account is finally correct.  Brutal IT execution by Marriott.  Check your own SPG account now.  If it’s correct, combine your SPG account with your Marriott Rewards account.  If it’s wrong, follow up with Marriott/SPG customer service.

Details, Analysis, and What to Do Next

The IT integration of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) accounts, which started back on August 18, has been very rocky – to say the least!  Many account holders have reported that their accounts have continued to be wrong as we stretched one, two weeks and more after the integration date.  There has definitely been a sense of frustration about the integration.  Clearly, Marriott was not fully prepared on August 18, and they have been struggling ever since.

My own account has been impacted by Marriott’s problems.  Immediately after the integration, my account showed some different erroneous numbers.  But after a couple of days, it settled on a number of year-to-date nights that was 17 nights short.  I sent Marriott/SPG customer service an email with a detailed breakdown of the dates and hotels for each of my stays this year, plus my credit card nights from the Amex SPG cards.  I never received any response at all from Marriott/SPG.  I understand that they are busy, but a complete non-response from customer service is entirely unacceptable, even during a difficult transition.

In addition, I did not want to combine my Marriott and SPG accounts until the lingering error in my SPG account was resolved. I feared that the error would be masked once the accounts were combined.  I also feared that the Marriott systems would not give me full credit for nights I had earned under the SPG rules.  For example, I had several instances where I had more than one room on a single night – the “extra” rooms would receive a “night” credit under the SPG rules (up to 3 rooms per night), but under Marriott’s rules, the extra rooms would not earn night credits.  In addition, I had earned 5 elite night credits under two different Amex SPG credit cards, and I worried that those nights would not be correctly recognized by the Marriott systems.

Not being in a comfortable spot to combine my accounts also cost me some points.  We had a stay where we would have gotten a 75% bonus as Platinum Premier (under my Marriott Rewards account), but we only received a 50% bonus as Platinum in SPG.  It’s “only” about 2,000 points, and I’m still deliberating whether to invest the effort to try to get Marriott to award the additional points.  The points would be worth about $15 at Middle Age Miles’ baseline value of 0.75 cents per point for Marriott Rewards points.  However, I’m guessing it’ll take a fair bit of time and effort to try to get the points, and there’s no guarantee that Marriott will accept my complaint.

But finally, some good news.  As of Thursday (Sept 6) – 19 days after the integration – my SPG account accurately shows me as having 44 elite night credits for this year.  Thank goodness.

I’m providing this data point to possibly give some hope to SPG members who still have errors in their accounts, and to alert you to check your account again now if you have lingering problems.  I’d also recommend that, as of today (now 3 full weeks after the integration), you follow up (again) with Marriott/SPG about any lingering errors.

The next step will be to combine my Marriott and SPG accounts.  (This is yet another issue with the integration – Marriott created a ton of confusion by forcing members to manually combine their Marriott and SPG accounts, even if the accounts were previously linked in their systems.)  I sure hope the account combination goes more smoothly than the rest of the integration!

Do you have any lingering errors or other helpful data points from the Marriott/SPG integration?  Let us know in the Comments!


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