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Register Now for Hyatt’s Fall 2018 Bonus Points Promotion

Summary of the Deal

Earn bonus World of Hyatt points if you have at least 5 nights at Hyatt during the promotion period of September 1 through November 30, 2018.  You must register by October 15.  Bonus points thresholds are:

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Register for the World of Hyatt Bonus Promotion

Quick Analysis

Hyatt’s bonus points promotion is great for business road warriors but not impactful for much anyone else.  You’ll have to stay a lot of nights to earn a meaningful amount of bonus points.  And if you stay fewer than 5 nights, you won’t earn any bonus points at all.

Using Middle Age Miles’ baseline value of 1.5 cents per World of Hyatt point, the value of your bonus earning under this promo would be:

  • 5 nights:  $37.50 value of bonus points / $7.50 per night
  • 10 nights:  $112.50 total value of bonus points / $11.25 per night
  • 20 nights:  $262.50 total value of bonus points / $13.13 per night
  • 30 nights:  $525.00 total value of bonus points / $17.50 per night
  • 40 nights:  $900.00 total value of bonus points / $22.50 per night

Moreover, incrementally, the bonus values are good if you are hitting the higher thresholds.  The problem with this promotion, however, is: Who stays at Hyatt hotels that much??? The entire promotion period lasts only 91 days.  To hit even the 10-night threshold, you have to be spending more than 10% of all nights during this period in a Hyatt hotel.  And to hit the most valuable 40-night threshold?  Prepare to spend 3 nights in a Hyatt hotel each week for all 13 weeks of this promotion … plus 1 additional night to hit 40! No one does this except for the true road-warrior Hyatt loyalist.

Our own personal situation is instructive.  We actually have 4 Hyatt nights organically scheduled during the promotion period.  What will we get out of this promotion?  Zilch.  Adding a 5th night would get us 2,500 bonus points that we value at about $37.50 – but that’s not enough to incentivize us for a single mattress run night, and it’s probably not going to tip the balance to cause us to move a night from a different hotel to a Hyatt (especially considering that we currently don’t expect to have any one-night hotel stays before the end of November.  Promotion-wise, we strongly prefer the current Hilton double/triple points promotion.

All that said – register for this Hyatt promotion, and enjoy the bonus points if you’re staying 5 nights or more in Hyatt hotels by the end of November.

What do you think of this World of Hyatt promotion?  Let us know in the comments!

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