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How to Combine Your Marriott Rewards and SPG Accounts


As a result of the recent Marriott-SPG integration, each member must manually merge his or her Marriott and SPG accounts.  This has been a point of confusion, since we previously “linked” our Marriott and SPG accounts pre-integration.  Regardless of previous “linking” of accounts, now we are required to go through this second “conbining” or “merging” process.

Earlier this week, after my SPG account finally (after 19 days) showed my account nights and balance correctly, I went through the process to manually combine my Marriott and SPG accounts.  Although I still wondered why this process was necessary, thankfully it was easy.

Combining Accounts – Relevant Links

You can combine your accounts into either your existing Marriott Rewards account, or your existing SPG account.  It really doesn’t matter which one you choose.  But your combined account will retain the account number and profile of the account you combine into, so you may find some benefit in keeping one over the other.

I combined into my Marriott Rewards account since that account had a number I was more familiar with, and I had some pending reservations that were already associated with my Marriott Rewards number.  I figured there was less chance of the reservations being messed up if I kept my Marriott Rewards number.

There are separate links for this process, depending on whether you want to retain your Marriott Rewards account number or your SPG account number.

If you want to keep your Marriott Rewards account number, here is the link:

Combine Marriott & SPG accounts – keep Marriott Rewards account

If you want to keep your SPG account number, here is the link to combine accounts:

Combine Marriott & SPG accounts – keep SPG account

Process for Combining Accounts

As we mentioned above, once you click the link to combine accounts, the combination/merger process is straightforward and simple.

At the link, the site reassures you that you’ll get the same benefits regardless of which account profile you keep:

After you click “Start Now” (and remember, I did this from my Marriott account), you’re asked to verify your account with the other program (thus, I had to sign in to verify my SPG account):

Next, the site showed me the details of my SPG and Marriott Rewards account, pre-merger, and once again assured me that my earnings and reservations in the two programs would be added together into one account:

At the next step, the site reminded me of my Marriott Rewards profile information, presumably so that I’d know if I needed to update or correct anything:

Next, the site set expectations for me going forward, telling me what should happen instantly and what I might have to wait up to 72 hours to see in my combined account:

And finally, the site confirmed that my account merger was successful and gave me my combined totals of year-to-date elite nights and point balance:

Within minutes, I had received emails from Marriott Rewards and SPG confirming my account merger:

Email from Marriott Rewards confirming account merger

Email from SPG confirming account merger

When I logged back in to my Marriott Rewards account, it again confirmed that I had successfully combined my accounts:

My Marriott Rewards account also confirmed that I was eligible for a “Benefit of Choice” and that I had achieved Lifetime Gold Elite status (which was achieved only by virtue of my combined nights and years):

Last, I signed in to the Marriott Rewards app on my phone to make sure that it looked good as well.  Everything was in order there, too, with the elite status level and number of nights showing correctly:

All in all, putting this article together took at least three times as long as the account combination process.  Thankfully, amongst the rocky parts of the Marriott-SPG integration process over the past few weeks, this one was easy.

How was your experience in combining your Marriott and SPG accounts?  Let us know in the Comments!

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