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The Chase Sapphire Double-Dip Appears to Be Dead

Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit and Reddit Churning (especially duffcalifornia) for the data points:

Dating back to last year, Chase instituted a “one Sapphire card” rule that limits cardholders to holding only one card from its Sapphire family at a time – generally either the Sapphire Reserve (CSR) or the Sapphire Preferred (CSP).  Notwithstanding this rule, however, there were numerous data points of cardholders being approved for both the Sapphire Reserve and the Sapphire Preferred if they applied for both cards on the same day.  This loophole came to be known as the “double dip.”

The “double dip” was extremely valuable, as it became the only way to collect generous sign-up bonuses from Chase on both the CSR and the CSP (generally, 50,000 or more Chase UR points on each card).  We had written about and recommended the “double dip” as an aggressive-but-valuable strategy, in our “How to Get Started” series article, What Card Should I Get FIrst? A Getting-Started Points-and-Miles Strategy with Chase.  We had warned, though, that this appeared to be a loophole and that Chase could close it at any time.

And now, unfortunately, it appears that Chase has indeed closed this loophole so that the “double dip” is no longer available.  Beginning last week, cardholders began reporting that even though they had been initially approved for the “double dip,” Chase was then closing one of the two cards. Subsequent data points through the weekend seem to be consistent in confirming the death of the double dip, as seen in this Reddit Churning thread: Chase Double Dip Demise Data Point Thread.

We have edited our What Card Should I Get First? article to account for this change.  We still believe that getting two Chase credit cards off-the-bat is the best strategy if you’re starting out in points and miles, and a great way to hit the ground running – we just needed to remove the “double dip” as a potential strategy and suggest a new alternative that, while not quite as generous, is clearly in-bounds with Chase’s approval rules.

Do you have any data points on the presumed death of the “double dip” or strategies in response to this changed landscape?  Let us know in the comments!

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