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Ritz-Carlton Charges Qualify for $300 Marriott/SPG Credit on Amex SPG Luxury Card (Data Point)

The American Express SPG Luxury card comes with a $300 credit at Marriott/SPG properties


Charges at a Ritz-Carlton hotel qualify for the $300 Marriott/SPG credit benefit on the Amex SPG Luxury card.  Our credit posted 2 days after our stay was completed.

Data Point Details

The new Amex SPG Luxury credit card includes an annual $300 credit at Marriott/SPG properties as a card benefit.  This is one of the primary benefits of the card, as it substantially offsets the card’s hefty $450 annual fee.  The credit resets each cardmember year.

Because this is a new card and new benefit, we haven’t been entirely sure how this credit would be applied.  Thus, we wanted to share our recent data point.  Everything we learned is good news.

On the Amex website’s application page for the SPG Luxury card, the benefit is described in general terms, as follows:

If you have the Amex SPG Luxury card, the “Benefits” page of your online account contains a bit more detail:

On our recent stay at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner (Washington DC area), we paid with our new Amex SPG Luxury card.  All of our charges were for the room rate (plus applicable taxes); there were no incidental charges on this stay.  We were very happy to see that the $300 credit was applied, and the credit posted only 2 days after we completed our stay.

So, from this data point, we learned a few things:

(1) The card benefit language does not specifically mention Ritz-Carlton.  And historically, Ritz-Carlton has had its own separate rewards program, and has not been included among the group of “Marriott Rewards” properties eligible for Marriott Rewards promotions.  However, given that the credit did apply to our Ritz-Carlton charge, it appears that Ritz-Carlton is an eligible property for this benefit.  In addition, we can make an educated guess that, going forward, Ritz-Carlton will now be a “participating Marriott Rewards property” when Amex uses this phrase to describe card benefits and offers.

(2) The official terms and conditions say that we should allow 8-12 weeks for the statement credit to post.  However, we received our credit only 2 days after our stay concluded and our charge posted.  (And in our case, the 2 days were a Saturday-Sunday, to boot.)  Hopefully we can expect this benefit’s statement credits to post equally quickly in the future.

(3) I have seen some questions in online forums, wondering if the credit applied to room rates, or only to incidental charges.  I always thought it was pretty clear that it would apply to room rates and any incidental charges that were charged to a room during a stay.  And this data point confirms that the $300 credit benefit applies to room rates.

All in all, this isn’t a major data point, but we thought it would be helpful to share given that this is a new card with few known data points.  Also, application of this benefit is important, because the $300 Marriott/SPG property credit is a major benefit.  Using it is critical to justify and offset the card’s $450 annual fee.

Do you have other data points about the new Amex SPG Luxury card or its benefits?  If so, please share them in the Comments!

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