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United Shopping Portal Bonus – 500 bonus miles for $150 or 1,500 bonus miles for $350


United MileagePlus Shopping has a new two-tiered promotion for earning bonus miles on spend through its shopping portal.  The bonuses and spend requirements are:

  • 500 bonus miles when you spend $150
  • 1,500 bonus miles when you spend $350

The bonus miles are in addition to your regular United shopping portal earning.  However, you will receive only one of the bonus tiers.  That is, the offers are either/or, not additive, so the maximum number of bonus miles you can earn through this promotion is 1,500.  The promotion runs for 2 weeks from today (October 1) through October 15.

Quick Analysis

Shopping portals can be valuable tools in maximizing our points-and-miles earning.  Middle Age Miles has published a guide, Our Step-by-Step Guide – How to Use a Shopping Portal to Earn MIles or Cash Back.  United’s shopping portal is one that we use somewhat regularly, as it often has competitive earning rates and also runs periodic good promotions like this one.

The earning rates on this promotion are:

  • An extra 3.3 miles per dollar of spend, if you spend exactly $150
  • An extra 4.3 miles per dollar of spend, if you spend exactly $350
  • If you’ve already spent $150 and you’re deciding whether to spend the additional $200 to get to the $350 level, you are earning an incremental 1,000 bonus miles for that $200 in spend; that is, incrementally it’s an extra 5 miles per dollar of spend (if you spend exactly $350)

Our baseline value for United miles is 1.4 cents per mile, so if we convert the bonus mileage earning to cents per dollar of spend, we get:

  • 500 bonus miles would be worth about $7.00, which is 4.67 cents per dollar of spend
  • 1,500 bonus miles would be worth about $21.00, which is 6 cents per dollar of spend

The promotion doesn’t earn a huge number of miles, but these are solid returns on purchases you were going to make anyway – especially since these bonus miles are in addition to the regular portal earning.

We’re noticing today that United also has some “extra miles” earnings for the regular portal, such as 10 miles/$ at JC Penney (through 10/3), 10 miles/$ at Bloomingdale’s (through 10/8), and 20 miles/$ at eBags (through 10/8).  If you can combine these with the promotion’s bonus miles, you can get some really juicy returns.

If you’re not a member of Mileage Plus Shopping already, you can sign up by clicking the link on our Shopping Portals & Cash-Back Apps sign-up link page.

As always, be sure to check earning rates at Cashback Monitor to make sure you’re getting the best portal rates.  Remember that earnings from this promotion are in addition to the rates you see on Cashback Monitor for United Mileage Plus.

Here are the full terms and conditions of this promotion:

Finally, please note that all of these shopping portal promotions take a while to pay the bonus miles.  The terms and conditions of this offer say to allow 8-10 weeks after the promotion ends for the bonus miles to post to your Mileage Plus account.  This is always a bit frustrating to us, but we do understand that the portals are trying to wait a while so that they can account for returns and minimize gaming of the system.

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