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New Amex Offer – Earn Bonus MR Points for Buying Gas!


Yesterday we received a new Amex Offer, for 500 Amex Membership Rewards (MR) points when you spend $35 or more on gas.  The Offer can be used up to 3 times, and it doesn’t expire until the end of the year, 12/31/2018.  You must add this Amex Offer to your card before it can be redeemed.

Details & Analysis

For more information on Amex Offers, please see our “Resources” article, Amex Offers Explained.

To redeem the Amex Offer for gas, spend at least $35 at a gas station in the United States, and receive 500 MR points.  This Offer expires on 12/31/2018.  It may be used up to 3 times.

The offer defines “gas stations” as “merchant[s] that is n the primary business of selling gasoline to consumers. Gas stations may sell other convenience items, but its primary business must be selling gasoline to consumers.”

We found this Offer on two Authorized User cards on our Amex EveryDay card.  This is a somewhat unusual place to find unique offers, especially for MR points rather than statement credit.  We have not seen any “statement credit” version of this Offer.

The bonus MR points you will receive under this Offer are in addition to normal points earning.  For the EveryDay card, the purchases will earn 1 MR point per dollar of spend (which may increase by 20% if we make at least 20 purchases during our statement cycle).

Our baseline valuation of Amex MR points depends on what Amex cards you hold.  But in general, we believe they are worth at least 1.5 cents per point.  At that valuation, the bonus points from this offer would be worth $7.50, which would be an effective 21.4% rebate if you purchase exactly $35 in gas.  Combined with the 35 MR points you’d normally earn, the total of 535 MR points would be worth about $8.02, for a total effective rebate of 22.9%.  The total number of points isn’t huge, but that’s a nice return.

When we redeem this Offer, we’ll probably try to stack it with ExxonMobil’s current Speedpass promotion of 5 cents per gallon off through the end of December and Dosh’s 3% cash back rebate (at least at the moment; this one comes and goes, it seems), for even greater savings.

We may also wait until December to focus on this particular offer, as we’re currently getting 10% statement credit at ExxonMobil stations through the end of November, under a different Amex Offer that appeared on several of our Amex business cards recently.  That said, this new offer is a little better than the 10% statement credit offer, so we’ll try to maximize this deal.

And as a reminder, we love accumulating Amex MR points to use for travel!  They are very valuable for transfers to Amex’s airline partners as well as for redeeming directly for travel through the Amex Travel Portal.  We purchased our airfare for our recent flights to Prague using Amex MR points!

Middle Age Miles in Prague – we bought our recent flights from DFW to Prague entirely with Amex MR points!

Full terms and conditions of the Amex Offer for gas stations are:


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