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Nice Golden Circle (Shangri-La) Promotion Gives Double Points Plus Bonuses

Shangri-La Hotel, Syndey, Australia

Golden Circle, the loyalty program of Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts (as well as Kerry hotels, Hotel Jen, and Traders hotels), has a nice promotion that runs through January 18, 2019. It’s called the “You Deserve” promotion. Golden Circle is a bit of a niche program, but this promotion is a very good one if you stay at Shangri-La properties or any of the other hotels in the Golden Circle program.

Details of the Promotion

  • Earn double Golden Circle (GC) award points when you stay, dine or purchase spa services
  • Participating hotels: Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Kerry hotels, Hotel Jen, and Traders hotels
  • You must register in advance
  • Registration deadine is November 18, 2018
  • Your stay (or other charge) must be between now and January 18, 2019
  • The promotion only applies to room reservations made from September 18, 2018, through November 18, 2018
  • Earn 250 additional GC award points with your first stay booked via the Shangri-La mobile app during the promotion
  • Plus, earn additional GC award points if you hit certain thresholds:
    • 350 GC award points when you stay at 2 different brands (Shangri-La, Kerry, Hotel Jen or Traders)
    • 500 GC award points when you stay 5 nights or more (can be a single stay or multiple stays)
    • 888 GC award points when you stay at 3 different GC hotels worldwide
  • You must elect to earn GC award points during your stay – not airline miles or other partners’ points
  • Points should post 2 to 5 weeks after check-out

Relevant Links

Here are the links to register for this GC promotion and see the full terms and conditions:

Register for the Golden Circle “You Deserve” promotion

Full terms and conditions of the Golden Circle “You Deserve” promotion

And if you’re not already a member of Golden Circle, here’s the link to sign up:

Sign-up link for the Golden Circle loyalty program

Landing page for Golden Circle “You Deserve” promotion

Analysis and Info about Golden Circle

As we mentioned, Golden Circle is the loyalty program of Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. It also includes three other brands, Kerry hotels, Hotel Jen, and Traders hotels. I’m not personally familiar with the other brands, but Shangri-La hotels and resorts are high-end, luxury, aspirational properties.

There are a little over 100 properties in Golden Circle, most of which are Shangri-La branded.  The vast majority of properties are in Asia, with about half being located in China. There are no locations in the United States, but there are 2 in Canada – Toronto & Vancouver. European locations include Paris and London, and Australian locations include Sydney and Cairns. Shangri-La also has resort properties in Fiji, Mauritius, and the Maldives.

You can see the entire list of Golden Circle properties here.

Unlike some of the other smaller hotel loyalty programs, it appears that the Golden Circle program could actually be pretty valuable. We did a quick review to assign a value to GC points, focusing primarily on the most accessible properties in Toronto & Vancouver, and at this point we’re tentatively assigning a baseline value of 7.5 cents per GC point. It looks like it’s not hard to redeem 6,500 points for a room that would cost $500 or more per night at the Toronto & Vancouver Shangri-La hotels. In addition, it appears that the standard 6,500-point redemption doesn’t just get you a base room; it also seems to book into the room class one level above the base room.

Basic earnings in Golden Circle are 1 GC point per dollar spent (exclusive of taxes). Thus, using our baseline value, you’re looking at a 7.5% rebate on spend, even before any promotions or bonuses apply. With double points under the “You Deserve” promotion, at becomes a 15% rebate. And the return can go even higher if you hit some or all of the bonus thresholds.

Golden Circle also has elite status levels that give you bonus points earning. Mid-level Jade members receive 25% more GC award points for their spend, and top-tier Diamond members receive a 50% GC point bonus. Unfortunately, the thresholds for earning status are fairly high (for a relatively inaccessible program), 10 stays/20 nights for Jade, and 25 stays/50 nights for Diamond. We are not aware of any status-match opportunities with Golden Circle, although we understand that some Asian-issued Amex cards may come with a mid-level Jade status benefit.

Golden Circle benefits, including elite status level benefits, are available here. The benefits for Jade and Diamond members look solid, including free breakfast, welcome amenities, and early check-in/late check-out.

You can also see the Golden Circle redemption charts here. Each hotel is placed into a “Collection,” A through G, and redemption rates are based on the hotel’s “Collection” category. GC also has awards for room upgrades.


In short, this is a good promotion if you stay at Shangri-La or other Golden Circle properties. The challenge is, the hotels are far away if you live in the US. This promotion also caused us to take a closer look at the Golden Circle loyalty program as a whole, and we’re impressed. If there were just any way we could garner elite status in GC and get away to one of their luxury destinations …

Are you a member of Golden Circle? What do you think of the program and this promotion? Please share with other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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