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Middle Age Miles Will Be Returning to Ireland in 2020!

Well, no sooner did we complete our Trip Report on Ireland than we learned that Middle Age Miles will return to Ireland in 2020!

Late last week, Notre Dame announced that the Fighting Irish will return to the Emerald Isle in 2020 for its traditional game with Navy.  The game will be played on Saturday, August 29, 2020, at Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Notre Dame last played in Dublin in the first game of the 2012 season, and it was historic.  Reports were that 35,000 or more people traveled for the game, the highest number of Americans ever to visit Ireland at once.  In fact, the game is memorialized in the international terminal at Dublin Airport with a large photograph on one of the walls.

If you’ve flown through Dublin airport, you might have seen this large photo on the terminal wall

Middle Age Miles made the trip in 2012, long before we knew much of anything about points, miles or international travel.  We visited Killarney, Dingle and Belfast, as well as Dublin.  We had a great time everywhere we went.  It’ll be fun to see what we can do on our return trip, knowing a lot more than we used to about getting great value for our travels!

We’re very much looking forward to returning to Ireland, as it’s been one of our favorite places to visit.  I expect that at least one of the Middle Age Miles kids will go with us, and hopefully we’ll be able to coordinate activities with some other friends too.

We certainly hope that our Trip Report will help some Notre Dame and Navy fans plan and enjoy their trip in 2020!

Notre Dame vs Navy, at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, September 1, 2012

Here come the Irish! At Aviva Stadium, Dublin, September 1, 2012


Middle Age Miles at Aviva Stadium, Dublin

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