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Alaska Airlines Discount Code for First Class Fare [Targeted]

Today, Middle Age Miles received a targeted email from Alaska Airlines with a code for a 25% discount on first class flights.  The promotion and the dates for the discount are limited, but if they fit for you, this is a very nice deal.

Details of the Alaska Airlines Discount Code

To promote and celebrate its 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award, Alaska has sent out emails to Mileage Plan members that contain a code for a 25% discount on first class flights.  You must:

  • Purchase your ticket by October 31, 2018 (tomorrow!); and
  • Fly during the 9-day window of Thursday, November 15, through Friday, November 23, 2018 (Black Friday)


The code for the promotion is READERSCHOICE2018.  [NOTE: The promotional email that I received had an incorrect code (it left off the “2018” at the end).]  You’ll enter the promo code in the “Discount or companion fare code” box when you search for flights, like so:


Disclaimers for this promo, as provided by Alaska, are as follows:

The disclaimers say that the promotion is valid only for Mileage Plan members who received the promotional email directly from Alaska.  But there’s no harm in trying even if you weren’t directly targeted.  I tried a dummy booking without logging in to my Alaska Mileage Plan account, using the READERSCHOICE2018 code.  I was able to get all the way through to the payment screen with no errors.

You can access the landing page for this promotion at the following link:

Alaska Airlines First Class flight sale landing page

As we mentioned, this promotion is fairly narrow, as it’s targeted, first-class only, limited to only 9 days (which won’t let you stay at your destination very long after Thanksgiving!), and restricted to bookings made today or tomorrow.  But if you can use the promotion within these limitations, 25% off is quite valuable!

Do you have a use for this promotion?  Do you know any other tips and tricks for it?  Please let us know in the Comments!

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