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Enjoy a Third, Fourth, or Fifth Night Free with Preferred Hotels and Amex

Executive Summary

Preferred Hotels and Amex are running a promotion through the end of the year where participating Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties are offering a third, fourth, or fifth night free when you pay with an Amex card.

Relevant Link

Here is the link to the landing page for the Preferred Hotels / Amex promotion:

Preferred Hotels & Resorts / American Express Extra Night landing page

Details of the Promotion

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is a worldwide affiliation of independent hotels that are grouped together for marketing and loyalty program purposes.  iPrefer is the loyalty program of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.  If you’re not already a member, you can join the iPrefer rewards program through this link.  We had a very nice stay at a Preferred Hotels property on the Amalfi Coast of Italy earlier this year, at the Covo Dei Saraceni in Positano.  In general, Preferred Hotels & Resorts are higher-end, although because of the nature of the affiliation, you’re going to see variation and individual character in the properties, not a cohesive brand look and feel.

Craig & Philly on our terrace balcony at the Covo Dei Saraceni, Positano (Amalfi Coast), Italy

Here are the details of the current Preferred Hotels / Amex Extra Night promotion:

  • Get an extra night when you book two, three, or four consecutive nights and pay with an American Express card
  • Book now through November 30, 2018
  • Complete your stay by December 31, 2018
  • Book through the promotional landing page linked above, or call 866-990-9491
  • Promo code:  MKTAMX
  • Extra night varies by property
  • Offer only valid at participating properties
  • It appears that 353 Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties are participating in the promotion, worldwide

To get some additional information about this promotion, we spent a little time on the Preferred Hotels & Resorts site.  When you pull up the landing page, it appears that 353 hotels are participating in this promotion.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find a way to easily sort by which properties offered third/fourth/fifth night free.  We had to click through to an individual hotel and search for a potential booking.  Obviously, that’s clunky and inefficient.  You can, however, filter the participating properties by location, average price per night, and other characteristics.  To do this, click the “Show Filters” button on the landing page, make your choices, and then click “Apply Filters.”

To give you some idea of the span of hotels and scope of the promotion, here are the highest- and lowest-priced hotels listed on the landing page:

Highest-priced hotels in the Preferred Hotels / Amex Extra Night promotion

Lowest-priced hotels in the Preferred Hotels / Amex Extra Night promotion

We also took a screen shot of some cool-looking Preferred Hotels properties in Switzerland, in case you’d like to head over for an early ski season and Christmas market holiday.  I see a few places on this list where I wouldn’t mind staying!  How about the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa in Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, or the Alpina Gstaad preferred residences?  Count me in!

Is It a Good Deal?

To get a data point on whether this promotion is a good deal or not, we ran a search for a stay in early December in London.  From among the participating Preferred Hotels properties in London, we semi-randomly chose the Bentley London.  It looks like a very nice place, and its price point was neither the highest nor the lowest of the London properties.

First, we learned that the promotion at the Bentley is for a fifth night free.  So, you’ll have to be making a pretty long stay in order to use this promotion at the Bentley.

Next, we checked the rates for a 5-night stay on December 3-8, using the promotion with the fifth night free.  Here’s what we found:

The Deluxe King Room on a cancelable reservation would have been 319 GBP per night.  But when the fifth night free was taken into account, the rate dropped to an average of 255.20 GBP per night (about $327), for a total of 1,276 GBP (about $1,633) for the 5-night stay (inclusive of taxes and fees, which is nice).  Without knowing the details of this particular property, this feels like a decent rate for a nice London hotel, despite the season.

Then, to compare whether the Preferred Hotels / Amex Extra Night promotion really saved us any money, we logged in and checked the iPrefer discounted member rate.  This was also a cancelable reservation, to make sure we were comparing apples to apples.  Here’s what we found with this search:

As you can see, the Deluxe King Room is now 287.10 GBP per night (about $367), with an all-in total of 1,435.50 GBP (about $1,837).  So, if we were staying 5 nights, the 5th-night-free promotion would save us a little over $200 (about 11%).  This isn’t earth-shattering, but we’d be quite happy to save an extra 11% over the already-discounted iPrefer member rate.

Based on this single data point, we’d say that it’s worth exploring this promotion further if you have a stay before the end of the year where a Preferred Hotels & Resorts property might be the right fit for you.

Final Middle Age Miles Musings

I have to say, I love analyzing promotions like this.  Even if I’m probably not going to be able to use the promotion myself, I love checking out the beautiful hotels and spectacular destinations they reveal, like the Royal Savoy in Lausanne and the Bentley in London.  They get me excited on an otherwise dreary afternoon in North Texas and fuel my desire to get back out there and explore more of the world.  And of course, I love being able to help Middle Age Miles readers travel in style for less and have their own fabulous experiences seeing the world.

Hat Tip to Miles to Memories for the heads-up on this promotion.

Which Preferred Hotels & Resorts property would you like to visit? Will you be able to take advantage of this promotion before the end of the year? Please share with us in the Comments!

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