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Adventures with Edventure in Nashville – Overview

Middle Age Miles with 2 of the few remaining giant guitars in Nashville

This article is part of our Trip Report – Adventures with Edventure in Nashville.

In October 2018, Philly and I met our good friends Ed & Marilyn from Calgary for a long weekend in Nashville.  We meet up with Ed & Marilyn about once a year and thoroughly enjoy it each time.  This tradition started back in 2014 when they were generous enough to let us interrupt their St. Lucia vacation with our wedding, and from there we’ve kept the good times rolling with meet-ups in Dana Point (Laguna Niguel), California; Northern California (San Francisco/Mendocino/Sonoma County); their home base of Calgary for the extravaganza that is the Calgary Stampede; and now, Nashville.

But before we dive in to the Nashville trip, I’d like to take a moment to look back and reflect.  It never ceases to amaze me how the most remarkable coincidences can have the most profound impacts on our lives.  Sometimes, like with this story, there’s a near-miss involved – change one thing by just a hair, and life may have been dramatically different.  Whether it’s Divine Providence, the Fates, some other universal force, or just sheer luck, it’s remarkable.

I’m the kind of person who knows plenty of people but has only a very few closest friends.  And the ones I have go back many, many years.  Ed and I met about 12-13 years ago, and I think it’s fair to say he’s literally the closest friend in my life who I met after the age of 30.  That said, the circumstances of how we met (and almost missed) astound me to this day.

At the time, I was working at a small law firm in Dallas.  One of our clients was a very large energy company based in Calgary.  [And I’ll leave out the parts of this story whereby (a) I connected with and joined this law firm; and (b) our small Texas firm came to represent one of the largest companies in Canada – those coincidences are pretty remarkable in themselves.]  Anyway, my senior partner and I were at the end of a visit to our client’s offices in Calgary, a trip we made maybe twice a year on average.  We were literally packing our briefcases, minutes away from leaving to get a bite to eat and head out to the airport.  At that time, our client received a call from his fishing buddy, who also happens to be a prominent Calgary corporate lawyer.  The call goes something like this:

Fishing Buddy:  Hey, I have a client here in Calgary who has an issue in Dallas. I know it’s a longshot, but do you happen to know any attorneys in Dallas who might be able to help him?

Our Client:  You will never believe this.  Not only do I know good lawyers in Dallas, they are in my office at this very moment.  They’re about to leave for the airport.  But if you can get here within the next hour, you can meet them.

At that, somehow the Fishing Buddy (i.e., top corporate lawyer in Calgary) and Ed (the president of an energy company) dropped everything they were doing, and rushed across downtown Calgary to our client’s office.  My senior partner and I ditched our plans to eat, tempted fate and customs pre-clearance on whether we’d catch or miss our flight home, and met with them.  We hit it off, we were indeed willing and able to help Ed’s company with its legal matter, and my senior partner asked me to take the lead on the case.

And by that remarkable coincidence – and near-miss – I met one of my very closest friends, who I will treasure for life.

Craig of Middle Age Miles & Ed of Edventure at Florida Georgia Line House, Nashville

Fast forward to 2018 – Our brides have joined the friendship, and along the way Ed even presented the rings at the ceremony when Philly and I married.  And this is the year when both of us transitioned.  I wound down my legal practice and started Middle Age Miles.  And Ed moved out of his long-time role running the energy company.  He has moved on to new interests including his travel-body-mind-and-soul blog, Edventure (Ed would call this “graduating to Life 3.0“).

Thus, Nashville became our first “Life 3.0” trip with Edventure.  We set up the trip several months in advance, on a holiday weekend that worked well for everyone (Columbus Day for the Americans; Thanksgiving for the Canadians).  We didn’t do a ton of advance planning; rather, we just wanted to stay in the heart of town, do whatever we were feeling at the time, and enjoy the city and whatever we happened to find there.

We landed in Nashville on a Thursday afternoon, stayed at the Hilton Downtown Nashville, and flew out early afternoon on Sunday.  This gave us 72 hours (almost) of Middle Age Miles and Edventure in Nashville.  It turns out that Nashville is a great place to go without having to make a lot of plans in advance, as there are dozens of places to just drop in for live music and a lively scene.

As usual on our trips with Edventure, we had a great time in Nashville, full of activities.  We’re happy to share our trip with the readers of Middle Age Miles.

The rest of the articles in our Trip Report – Adventures with Edventure in Nashville, will include:

We look forward to publishing these articles and hope you enjoy them.  Here we go – or as the many bachelorette crews in Nashville would say … Wooooooooo!!!!!

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