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Nice Citi Cards Promotion for Amazon Can Get You 33% Off – and Here’s How to Easily Use It [Targeted]

At Middle Age Miles, we typically focus on travel, points and miles, so we don’t often post about cash-back or statement credit deals that don’t involve travel. But yesterday, we received an email from Citi that was so good, and so easy to take advantage of, that we didn’t want anyone to miss it.

Details of the Deal

  • Make three purchases of $30 or more on Amazon.com, using your Citi card
  • Must make purchases between 11/14/2018 and 12/31/2018
  • And receive a one-time $30 statement credit on your Citi card
  • The statement credit will be applied to your account within 2 billing cycles after the eligible purchases are posted

The offer is targeted. I received this offer on my Citi Premier card.

Here are the subject line and the main content of the email I received:

We understand that other people have received this offer on different CIti cards, including at least the Prestige card. We also understand that other people have received a similar offer, but with the spend requirement being on PayPal rather than Amazon.com.

Tips to Easily Take Advantage of This Offer

Obviously, this is a great offer – $30 statement credit on $90 of goodies on Amazon (if you were to spend exactly $30 all 3 times) means that you’re getting a 33% discount that can apply to the very wide selection of products available through Amazon.

But the key to taking advantage of this promotion and maximizing it very easily is this – you can simply purchase 3 Amazon gift cards of $30 each, or reload your Amazon balance 3 times with $30 each time! Gift cards and reloads are not excluded under the terms of the offer, and they show up on your Citi credit card statement just like a regular purchase on Amazon. In addition, our experience is that Amazon GCs and reloads do trigger most offers that require purchases on Amazon.

We think that reloading your Amazon balance 3 times with $30 each time is the way to go. Within about 5 minutes, you can be done with this promotion and never have to think about it again. And that’s exactly what we did this morning:

Note that I made the 3 purchases for slightly different amounts. I always try to do this when I run into a situation where I’m making multiple similar charges from the same vendor. That way the credit card company doesn’t think there are duplicate charges, plus I can more readily identify the exact transaction at issue in case there’s a problem.

Relevant Links

We don’t have Amazon affiliate links, so we’re going to support our very good fellow blogger Doctor of Credit by including his links (and we did our own Amazon gift card reload using DoC’s link):

Use this link to purchase Amazon gift cards (DoC affiliate link)

Use this link to reload your Amazon balance (DoC affiliate link)

I have to say, I really appreciate when the big card issuers come through with valuable promotions like this. I hope you received this offer, and I hope you’ll utilize it as easily and effectively as we did!

Hat Tip to Doctor of Credit, and to Travel with Grant‘s comment on the DoC article

Did you receive this offer or a different one from Citi recently? What were the terms and how do you plan to use it? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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