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Mini Airport Lounge Review – Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) in 8 Photos

AA logo on glass and airplane model, Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA)

This article is part of our Trip Report – Adventures with Edventure in Nashville.

Having access to AA’s Admirals Clubs definitely makes travel a little more comfortable. We’re happy to have access and be able to share it with the Middle Age Miles kids through Philly holding the Citi AA Executive card and adding the rest of us as authorized users.

The Admirals Club at the Nashville airport (BNA) is fairly standard, but we wanted to provide Middle Age Miles readers with a short review and a few pictures so you’ll know what to expect there. The Admirals Club is located smack in the middle of Concourse C, just in the elbow where the concourse makes a 90-degree turn, across from gates C10, C11 and C12. Take the elevator up one level to get to the Club.

Once there, you’ll find a relatively small Admirals Club with standard amenities. Agents greet you in an entryway once you exit the elevator. The entryway lobby has an arrivals and departures board so you can check your flights. Entering the main part of the Club finds you in the middle of a long, slender room. The bar, snack stations and restrooms are all the way down to your left. Immediately in front of you is a computer station with a couple of machines and a printer. An open room with padded-chair seating is to your right and comprises the rest of the room. And in front of you is a long bank of windows with a runway view, which also provides plenty of natural light.

As usual with Admirals Clubs, power outlets are available for charging, and WiFi is available with a code, which you can pick up at the front desk. When we visited early on a Sunday afternoon, the Club wasn’t crowded at all. Most of the people in the Club were clustered at the bar watching the early NFL games and grabbing a pre-flight drink.

The pictures below should give you a pretty good idea what the BNA Admirals Club is like:

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – looking down the length of the Club, toward the bar (entryway is to the left of this picture, and outside-facing windows are to the right) – there’s actually some more seating behind me and to my left, so the Club is a bit larger than it appears in this photo

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – bar area

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – standard cheese, veggie and fruit snacks

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – cookies, brownies, soup and snack towers

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – coffee station

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – computer stations and printer

Admirals Club, Nashville (BNA) – runway view

Have you been to the Admirals Club in BNA airport? What do you have to add to our mini review? Please let us know in the Comments!

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