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Happy Thanksgiving 2018 from Middle Age Miles! (and some special “thank yous”)

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 2018! I hope everyone is taking a break from the craziness of life to have an enjoyable day doing whatever suits you – feasting on a great meal, spending quality time with family, running an early-morning Turkey Trot, watching some football, or doing something else to enjoy the holiday. We also send a special thank you to those in the service and travel industries who are working today (like Middle Age Miles daughter KB!), to help others enjoy the holiday. And we send yet another special thank you to those serving in the US military who are away from their families on this holiday.

I’m also taking some time to reflect today. It’s been a good 2½ months since we launched Middle Age Miles. I hope we’ve provided some valuable travel advice and maybe even some entertainment to our readers. We’ve managed to post more than 120 articles since our launch – some on travel destinations, some on great travel deals, and some on credit card benefits on strategies.

I’m very thankful for everyone who has helped spread the word about Middle Age Miles. We’re seeing some gradual increases in readership and engagement, which I very much appreciate. At the end of the day, our goal is to help people – as our tag line at the top of the Middle Age Miles home page says, “Helping you live your dreams through travel and points.” The more people we help, the better we feel.

Special Middle Age Miles “Thank Yous”

I’d also like to send Middle Age Miles “thank yous” to some special people who have truly helped us along our blogging and website journey so far:

To my dear bride and sweetheart Philly, who has been incredibly supportive and walks hand-in-hand with me every day

To the Middle Age Miles kids – Zack, Dylan, Katie Beth (KB), Maria and Andrew – first, for letting me talk about you guys on the website; and second, for your support and advice along the way on technical issues, how to use social media, and how to connect with your generation – and finally, with a special call-out to Maria for her Guest Trip Report on visiting the Amazon jungles in Ecuador!

To my close friends JBTx and Kevin F. (sometimes referred to on Middle Age Miles as Jason Voorhies 13, or JV13 for short), for all of your support, insights, ideas, and feedback

To my Aunt Carolyn, who shares our Facebook posts with love, like clockwork

To my childhood friend Kevin H., who was the very first person to use a referral link on Middle Age Miles – I hope the new cards are treating you well, and I can’t wait to hear about where you and Karen go with the points!

To my great friend Edventure, for so generously sharing your time, insights and resources – and for letting me write an entire Trip Report about our Nashville trip!

To my friends Heather B. and Kevin C., for your great website and marketing advice – I  promise that I listened, and I think you’ll see even more of your suggestions implemented in the future

To my new friend John T., for your spot-on help to solve some technical issues that bedeviled me

To another new friend, Pavel M., who I connected with through the MilesTalk Facebook group, for your engagement and support

To everyone who has Liked or Followed Middle Age Miles on social media or shared any of our posts or tweets

And to everyone who has read any or all of our articles

Thank you for everything.

And Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to all!!!

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