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We’re Home From London! We’re Making a Few Tweaks to Middle Age Miles, and Here’s What to Expect Next

Middle Age Miles in London, at the Millennium Bridge with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background

Well, Philly and I made it home safely after a very nice trip to London. We appreciate the patience of Middle Age Miles’ readers while we enjoyed our holiday time and took a break from blogging for a few days. We stayed in 2 high-end London hotels (with very different experiences), we took day trips to Leicester, Windsor and Cambridge, we walked many miles through London to see the sites and visit Christmas markets, and we even dressed like Santa for the “Santa in the City” 5k fun run.

We also had an exciting event for Middle Age Miles during our trip, when our recent article on Amex Offers was featured in Doctor of Credit’s “Recap” article on November 30. That publicity from such a respected and popular blogger spiked readership for a couple of days, and we look forward to sustaining that growth long-term. We want to reach more readers, to fulfill our mission of helping people live their dreams through travel and points.

While we were traveling, I took some time to think about our 3 months since the launch of Middle Age Miles. One of the biggest challenges for me has been that there are so many things I want to write about and convey to Middle Age Miles readers, but there is only so much time in my days. I want to be able to get more information out, but I don’t want to compromise on the depth and quality of our analysis. In other words, I want to deliver the most value possible to Middle Age Miles readers within the time I have.

To achieve that goal, I’m going to make some tweaks to Middle Age Miles and our approach.

Tweaks to Middle Age Miles

In thinking about the posts we’ve done in our first 3 months, I’ve noticed that we’ve had a number of full posts where little to no analysis is required and/or the content is repetitive. I’m thinking, for example, of posts about Southwest fare sales and Ebates promos for increased cash back for bookings at Marriott and IHG hotels. I do want to get that information out to Middle Age Miles readers, but a full post probably doesn’t add much.

Thus, for short-term deals like these, and for news and promotions that don’t require a full-blown post or analysis, we’ll simply post these in our Twitter account. (I’m still deciding whether to post them to Facebook as well.)

I know and appreciate that many of our early readers are friends and family who like seeing these deals, who are very happy to be notified of these easy opportunities to travel for less. So I do want to get these tweets as much visibility as possible.

Therefore, to make our Twitter feed more accessible, we’ve added it to the sidebar on the right side of our home page. You should be able to see our 3-4 most recent tweets right away, and you will be able to scroll down to see our other recent tweets.

In addition, we would be very happy if you will follow Middle Age Miles on Twitter. You can find us at @MiddleAgeMiles1.

With that, we will focus our blog articles and posts on the Middle Age Miles website on things that require more attention or detail. We’ll continue to have full articles on points, miles, and credit cards – the strategy and analysis, data points & experiments, and guidance on how to maximize your points earning and use your points and miles for great travel value. We’ll also continue to write our trip reports, with detailed articles on destinations, hotels, interesting sights, and other travel tips and information.

Addition of Ads on a Trial Basis

We’re also going to do a trial run of adding ads to the Middle Age Miles website. Our first mission is to help you live your dreams through travel and points, by providing an informative blog and an engaging website. For us, content quality comes first and foremost, and our goal is truly to help our readers.

My hope is that we can include ads in the website to generate a bit of revenue, without compromising our mission. We’re going to give this a try and see how it goes. We will closely monitor the ads and whether they distract from the content. We hope they can stay long-term, but if they’re problematic, we’ll pull them down.

What’s Coming Next on Middle Age Miles?

We’re excited about some of our upcoming articles. On the credit card/points-and-miles front, we’ll soon publish articles on What’s in Our Wallet? and Why We Hold Each Card. We’re also looking forward to publishing a couple of articles on Our Points Balances and How We’ve Obtained and Used Them. We hope that these series of articles will provide you with insight into our credit card strategies and how we’ve approached things to get maximum travel value. And hopefully, they’ll give you ideas on how you can do the same!

On the travel side, we’re going to roll into our Dubrovnik trip report. Dubrovnik itself was spectacular, and this terrific trip from last August also included time in Prague as well as day trips to Kotor, Montenegro & Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ll cover it all in our report! After that, we expect to move into a report on the London trip that we just concluded. These trip reports and articles require a lot of work, but I love writing them and sharing travel tips that I hope will help you and make your own travels more enjoyable.

In addition, we need to catch you up on a couple of developments while we were away, and of course we’ll continue to provide our ongoing analysis of any news that impacts our points-and-miles strategies.

Thank you for your patience while Philly and I enjoyed our London holiday! We’re excited to serve you even better through Middle Age Miles with these tweaks going forward.


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