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A Nice Goodie from the Amex SPG Luxury Card

Amex SPG Luxury Card

In August 2018, I applied and was approved for the Amex SPG Luxury card, during the 3-day window when the card was released and before the more onerous eligibility restrictions kicked in. I was quite glad to be approved for the card, notwithstanding that it was my 7th Amex credit card (the typical limit is 5 Amex credit cards per person).

Since then, I’ve hit the $5,000 minimum spend requirement, collected the sign-up bonus of 100,000 Marriott Rewards points, and captured the $300 Marriott credit. But I’ve done little else with the card as it’s not top-of-wallet for any spend categories (other than perhaps at Marriott/SPG properties).

Today, though, I received a small-but-nice surprise in my mail – a Beagle 2.0 bluetooth tile tracker, courtesy of the Amex SPG Luxury card. I was pleasantly surprised, and I look forward to trying out this nice goodie to see if has any practical use for me. Maybe I’ll use it as a key ring, or slip it into my travel backpack.

It looks like the Beagle trackers are primarily marketed to companies as a promotional item, just like with my gift from Amex. They seem to be priced in the $25-30 range. They appear to be similar to Tile trackers that retail for $15-20. In any event, it’s a cute little gift – and it’s always fun to get unexpected presents!

In a little follow-up research, I found that Doctor of Credit had reported back in September that some new Amex SPG Luxury cardmembers previously received this gift. It’s not clear what triggers the gift. Perhaps all Amex SPG cardmembers will receive one eventually.

Here is the package that I received with the tracker:

And here are some shots of the promotional brochure included with the tracker:

Amex SPG Luxury card promotional brochure
Amex SPG Luxury card promotional brochure

In case you’re wondering, in the “Additional Disclosures” document included in the package, Amex says that it “will not track your location or collect any personal information through the Beagle Bluetooth Tracker.” Of course, that’s what I’d say too, if I *were* actually planning to track you ☺

Did you receive a Beagle Bluetooth Tracker from Amex? What do you think of it? Please let us know in the Comments!


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