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Merry Christmas from Middle Age Miles!

Middle Age Miles getting ready for London’s Santa in the City 5k race, with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background

Merry Christmas from Middle Age Miles!!! Philly and I send everyone our very best wishes of the season, and we wish everyone who’s traveling a safe, smooth and happy journey.

It’s been a busy December for Middle Age Miles, with trips to London, Seattle, Las Vegas and New Mexico – and I had a quick Seattle-to-Phoenix-and-back mileage run to get the last few miles needed to re-qualify for Executive Platinum on AA. Next up, it’s big game week for Philly’s beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame – Go Irish! We’re very happy to have the game in the Dallas area so we can stay home and organize the tailgate for our friends and family who’ll be visiting.

With all that travel, we’ve been much quieter in December than we would have liked – and thanks for bearing with us. But we look forward to getting back in the groove for 2019. We have a lot of information and tips to share with you!

Merry Christmas again to all!

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