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Earn Extra Miles for Your Post-Holiday eShopping with Bonuses from American, Alaska & United

AA eShopping portal bonus

The American, Alaska and United eShopping portals all have identical promotions that started today. Earn some extra miles with your post-holiday shopping!

Details of the eShopping Portal Bonus Offers

Each bonus offer period runs from now through January 10. Each offer has 2 tiers, which are the same for each airline. The spend level for each program is cumulative – that is, you can have multiple purchases within a portal to add up to a bonus threshold level. But, of course, only spend through a particular program’s portal counts toward the bonus for that portal. You can only receive one bonus per airline; however, you can receive up to one bonus from each airline. No registration is required for any of these bonus offers. Bonus miles should post a few weeks after the promotions end.

Here are the bonuses and spend thresholds for each airline portal:


AS eShopping portal bonus
  • $150 spend = 500 bonus miles
  • $300 spend = 1,000 bonus miles


AA eShopping portal bonus
  • $150 spend = 500 bonus miles
  • $300 spend = 1,000 bonus miles


UA eShopping portal bonus
  • $150 spend = 500 bonus miles
  • $300 spend = 1,000 bonus miles

Analysis of the eShopping Portal Bonus Offers

All of these offers can put some extra miles in your account if you have some post-holiday shopping to do online. For us, they’re all about the same – we’d determine which one to use based on which portal gave us the most miles for the particular merchant we’re buying from. Be sure to check CashbackMonitor to compare the portal earnings for the various portals and merchants.

Each of the offers will put an extra 3.3 miles in your account if you hit the spend thresholds exactly (above and beyond what you earn on your individual purchases). We roughly value the different miles in the order: Alaska (1.5 cents per mile); United (1.4 cpm); American (1.25 cpm). But these differences are so small that we recommend you simply focus on the program where you get the most use and/or highest value.

If you’d like to learn more about using shopping portals to collect miles for your travel, see our guide, How to Use a Shopping Portal to Earn Miles or Cash Back.

Will you take advantage of these airline portal shopping bonuses? What’s your strategy? Please let us know in the Comments!

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