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Did I Get an Awesome Retention Offer on My Citi AT&T Access More Card? Why yes. Yes, I did.

Citi AT&T Access More Mastercard

Executive Summary

On my recent retention call to Citi on my AT&T Access More Mastercard, I received an awesome offer of 2 additional ThankYou Points (TYPs) for all purchases within the next 6 months, up to a maximum of 35,000 (TYPs). I very happily accepted the offer. I paid the $95 annual fee and will keep the card and continue to earn lots of TYPs with it in 2019.

Background Info About My Citi AT&T Access More Card

I product changed from an unneeded Citi AA Platinum card to the Citi AT&T Access More card in September 2017. This card had intrigued me for some time, primarily because of its unique bonus category – 3x TYPs on online retail and travel purchases. For us, prior to that time, many online retail purchases were simply unbonused spend, at best earning 1.5x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points on Philly’s Chase Freedom Unlimited card (if they weren’t being used to meet a minimum spend requirement or a big-spend bonus threshold). I was also interested in the potential to use the AT&T Access More card for “strategic spend” opportunities.

After my product change, it took Citi a couple of months to post my $95 annual fee for the AT&T Access More card. When the fee posted, I took a flyer and called Citi to fish for a retention offer. Much to my surprise, I received a fantastic offer – 2 additional TYPs for all purchases within the next 6 months, up to a maximum of 35,000 TYPs (actually, the same offer as I received this year). I was ecstatic, and I quickly set about making charges on the card to collect the bonus points.

During 2018, I experimented freely with my AT&T Access More card, and I found some nice spend opportunities that worked to earn 3x TYPs. (We’re planning a new article soon to provide the results of all of our experiments on this card.)

As a result, we had high spend on this card during 2018 – much of it “strategic” – and we earned a lot of TYPs!

  • 2018 Spend = $68,500
  • 2018 TYPs Earned = 207,000
    • Worth $2,587.50 toward airfare at 1.25 cents per TYP, booking through the Citi ThankYou travel portal
    • This total includes 35,000 TYPs from last year’s retention bonus and 10,000 TYPs from the AT&T Access More card’s annual bonus for spending $10,000 during a cardholder year

We’ll cover our spend categories and patterns in our follow-up article on one year of experimenting and earning with the AT&T Access More card.

In 2017, Middle Age Miles flew to St. Thomas using Citi ThankYou Points!

Details of My Retention Call

For starters, let me say that I was going to keep the AT&T Access More card whether I got a retention offer or not. This card is far too valuable for us to cancel it!

A few days after my annual fee posted on my mid-December statement, I called the customer service number on the back of my card. As usual for retention calls, I said that I had recently received a statement where my annual fee posted, that I am considering whether to keep the card or cancel it, and that I was wondering whether there were any retention offers that would help me choose to pay the fee and keep the card for another year. I did not mention how much I had spend or make any other “pitch” as to why I should receive a retention bonus.

The first agent checked my account and said that she needed to transfer me to another department, as is standard when a retention offer will be forthcoming.

I then spoke with a pleasant agent who identified herself as a Senior Account Specialist. She said that she could not waive the annual fee, but that Citi did not want to lose me as a customer, so she had something more valuable to offer me. She did mention that she could see that I had spent a lot on the card and that I was putting recurring payments on the card.

At that point, she went straight into the “special offer” for retention – as described above, 2 additional TYPs on all eligible purchases within the next 6 months, up to a maximum of 35,000 TYPs. I accepted, and she activated the offer. She mentioned that the offer would be active either same-day or within 1 business day later, and the 6-month period would begin when the offer became active.

This was the easiest and one of the most pleasant retention calls I’ve ever made. Total time on the call, including both agents, was 10 minutes, 8 seconds.

I’m elated to get this awesome offer again, and I’m already tearing through the spend requirement with a mixture of “strategic” and organic spend. All of the spend is in 3x categories, so in essence we’re earning 5x TYPs per dollar for our next $17,500 in spend (not to mention the fact that this will also ensure that we hit the $10,000 threshold for another 10,000 bonus TYPs sometime during 2019).

I often use ThankYou Points to fly to Seattle – this summer, Philly, Maria & I visited the Amazon Spheres!

How Can You Get This Card?

The short answer is – Right now, I’m not sure. You cannot apply directly for this card.

As I mentioned above, I got my AT&T Access More card by product changing directly from a Citi AA Platinum card in Septmeber 2017. I’m not sure whether this is still possible. I’ve seen conflicting reports.

Travel With Grant posted an article a year ago (January 25, 2018) wherein he concluded that direct product changes were no longer possible, but it might be possible to indirectly product change into the AT&T Access More card. He suggested a first product change to the no-annual-fee Citi AT&T Access card, letting that process, then making a second product change to the AT&T Access More card. (Grant started from a Citi Dividend card.)

Grant later posted a follow-up comment in June 2018 that he was able to directly convert a Citi Premier card into an AT&T Access More card.

One theme that seems to be consistent among my experience, Grant’s article, and the ensuing comments is that Citi was willing to convert cards with annual fees directly to AT&T Access More, but not no-fee cards other than the AT&T Access card. But admittedly, that’s a very small sample size and we certainly can’t reach any firm conclusions from this data.

I have another Citi AA Platinum card where the annual fee will come due within the next couple of months. When that happens, I’ll ask about product-changing to get another AT&T Access More card. We’ll see how that plays out, and I’ll report back then.

What’s your experience with the Citi AT&T Access More card and retention offers? How do you use your AT&T Access More card? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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11 thoughts on “Did I Get an Awesome Retention Offer on My Citi AT&T Access More Card? Why yes. Yes, I did.

  1. Grant

    Thanks for linking to my Citi AT&T Access More post. I originally applied for 1 card and then product changed 2 other cards, and now I have 3 of these cards. I spent a little more than $10k on each card to earn the 10k bonus TYPs. I never get great retention offers, but you spent way more on your 1 card than I did on each of my cards.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Grant – Many thanks for the comment and update. Here’s hoping I have as much good luck as you had in converting multiple cards! I also hope you enjoy my follow-up article on earning with the AT&T Access More card. It’ll give at least one idea that does not seem to be widely known that I use to profitably increase spend on the card. I’m planning to post it sometime next week.

      I very much enjoy your blog, and I really appreciate you reading and commenting here. Have a great weekend!


  2. Grant

    Hi Craig, greetings from the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul. I will definitely check out your upcoming post about earning with the AT&T Access More Credit Card. Have a great weekend too!

    1. Craig Post author

      Ok, now I’m really jealous! And even more flattered that you read Middle Age Miles from there 🙂 Enjoy, and safe travels!

  3. Brett

    Hi Craig. I am really glad that you wrote this article. I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to product change my AA card to the AT&T access more card. My AA Platinum Select card’s annual fee came due about one month ago so I product changed it to the AA Miles Up card. In the midst of that product change I called Citi and told them I really wanted the AT&T access more card. The rep told me it was possible but I should wait til the AA card was finished with it’s product change. I have called back since and multiple reps have told me that the AT&T access more card is not available to product change into. I asked the rep if any of my other Citi cards (my former AA Plat Select, TY Preferred, Double Cash) were eligible for the product change. He said no. He and another rep told me that AT&T access more card was not eligible for product transfers but it is eligible for new sign ups (sounds fishy). I asked him to send me a link. He is sending me a paper application but I will not apply as I am waiting to get below 5/24. I went ahead and product changed to the AT&T access card hoping to get an offer to move up to the AT&T access more card later on. Since my information does not all line up I will call again and see if I can push it through. I will keep you posted.

    1. Craig Post author

      Hi Brett – Many thanks for the comment and your data point. This is very interesting info. I suppose in some sense your experience is consistent with our theory in that the MileUp card is no-fee card and Citi wouldn’t let you product change from it to AT&T Access More (ATTAM). But if they told you that a product change from AA Platinum to ATTAM is not possible, that would be inconsistent with Grant’s data points as well as my admittedly old DP. I will be surprised if the direct paper app can actually be done – but if so, please let us know as that would be a great DP for many people to see. I like your strategy to PC to the no-fee AT&T Access card as a hopeful stepping stone to ATTAM. Please do keep us posted as yours is an interesting situation and you seem to understand the lay of the land well. ~Craig

  4. Craig at Middle Age Miles

    I’m adding a Comment here so that Grant, Brett, and other people who see this article will know – We just posted (1/10/2019) our article on One Year of Experimenting and Earning with the Citi AT&T Access More – What Earns 3x TYPs as Online Retail & Travel? I hope you enjoy the new article, and I hope it helps you earn buckets of TYPs for travel! ~Craig

      1. Craig Post author

        You’re most welcome, Grant. I hope it’s helpful to you. And many thanks to you for making sure Doc and FM saw the new article! It was very nice to wake up and see that we were included in Doc’s Recap article this morning!

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