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Don’t Dilly-Dally on Enrolling in Amex Offers! – Lesson Learned

Don’t delay in enrolling in good Amex Offers!

I learned an important lesson this week that I wanted to be sure to pass along to Middle Age Miles readers – Don’t delay in enrolling in good Amex Offers!

[UPDATE as of 1/9/2019 – This lesson had a happy ending after all. The good Amex Offers for Lowe’s and Staples re-appeared in our business card accounts earlier this week, and we were able to successfully add them (subject to the 1-Offer-per-person limit, of course)!]

Here’s what happened:

When I woke up early Wednesday morning (January 2), I noticed some very nice Amex Offers available on several accounts of mine and other family members. The Offers were:

  • 10% back at Staples, $50 limit
  • 10% back at Lowe’s, $100 limit
  • 10% back at Boxed, $100 limit
  • 10% back at Dell.com, $1,500 limit

You can see more information on the Offers at this Doctor of Credit article and through his links in that article.

For more information on Amex Offers and how they work, see our Resource article, Amex Offers Explained.

The Offer for Lowe’s was very valuable to us, as we have historically used similar offers to purchase Amazon gift cards at Lowe’s to get a discount on our many Amazon purchases. The Offer at Staples could also be helpful for us; Boxed and Dell.com less so, but those were still potentially useful.

I didn’t immediately enroll in the Offers. The main reasons were: (1) I had the Offers on multiple cards, and given Amex’s one-Offer-per-person limitation, I wanted to think a bit about which cards to enroll to get the most benefit; and (2) there was a little confusion about the Offers, as they seemed to be intended for businesses, but the Offers were showing on both business and personal cards. So, rather than immediately enrolling, I got ready for my day, then went to work to make Middle Age Miles the preeminent travel and points-and-miles blog in the world. The Amex Offers were out of my mind for the rest of the day.

On Wednesday evening, I went back to enroll in the Amex Offers. But they were gone!

Some/many/most/all Amex Offers have a limit on how many people can enroll in them. These particular Offers must have hit their enrollment limit during the day on Wednesday, and now I was shut out.

It’s not a horrible mistake – we can always pick up our Amazon GCs at Office Depot/Max using our Chase Ink Cash card and earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points – but it would have been nice to have these 10%-back Offers available to us.

Lesson learned – don’t delay in enrolling in good Amex Offers; they might not last long!

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