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It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!

It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!

With all of its glitzy casinos, high-roller gambling and fabulous shows, Las Vegas is one of America’s top travel destinations. We’ve been there a few times ourselves over the past few years and always have a great time, even though we’re not big casino gamblers.

Most recently, Middle Age Miles has had the good fortune to travel to Las Vegas twice in the past few weeks.

Our first trip, in mid-December, was mostly planned in advance. It was a belated 21st birthday treat for some of the Middle Age Miles kids, at the conclusion of their college semesters. The trip originally started with 4 of us – Philly, me, Middle Age Miles daughter Maria, and her friend Alicia. Later, we learned that, by fortunate coincidence, our great friends Jason_Voorhees_13 (JV13) and his wife would also be in Vegas and overlap with us by a day. And finally, Middle Age Miles daughter and son Katie and Andrew were able to join the trip as well. On this trip, we did some hotel-hopping to get great deals and took in some tourist sites along the way.

Our second trip, this past weekend (January 11-13), was totally last-minute. Philly and I were already planning to go out to a nice dinner over the weekend to celebrate a relationship milestone. As we brainstormed (dangerous, I know!), the idea arose to do date night out of town instead. Our first thought was to use a Hilton Free Weekend Night Certificate at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills to run back our very fun Date Night in Beverly Hills from about this time last year. But with the Cowboys and Rams having a playoff game in Los Angeles, flights back from LA on Sunday were virtually impossible. Undeterred, we shifted our sights to Vegas, and the trip was on.

These recent trips were our first to Vegas since we launched Middle Age Miles. Thus, we were watching and planning everything a little differently, through the eyes of travel bloggers. We learned a few new tricks, and we were able to stay at 4 different Las Vegas hotels. We wanted to share all of this with our readers, so this week, we’re going to do Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!

Here are the articles we have planned, at least for now, for Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles:

In addition, we have another article from a few months ago that we want to re-highlight here as it fits right into Vegas Week – Vegas Prep and Tips – Maximizing Mlife and World of Hyatt Benefits.

We hope you enjoy these articles, and we hope you can use them to save money, earn points and elite status, and have a great time on your next trips to Vegas!

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