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IHG Sent Me an Offer for My Birthday

Yesterday I received an email from IHG with the subject line, “Getaway on your birthday.” The email contained an interesting offer – stay a weekend (Friday & Saturday, or Saturday & Sunday) in the next 90 days and earn 3,000 IHG bonus points

Registration was required prior to the qualifying stay, so I clicked on the “Get Started” button. This took me to an award registration landing page, where I could enter my email or IHG Rewards Club number. I did, and my registration was immediately confirmed.

Simple enough. I also received an email confirming my registration.

I’m not sure it matters for the Birthday Bonus, but I have low-level Gold Elite status with IHG. Also, for what it’s worth, my birthday is March 1, so the email arrived 39 days before my birthday.

Next, I logged in to my IHG Rewards Club account to make sure the birthday offer showed up there. There, I made an interesting find:

It looks like last year’s Birthday Bonus offer is still showing up in my account, with an end date of 3/31/2019. In addition, the new/current Birthday Bonus offer is there, with an end date of 3/31/2020. This end date conflicts with the terms and conditions in my offer email, which indicated that I must complete my qualifying weekend stay by 4/20/2019.

I’m not sure if I could still earn the 2018 Birthday Bonus. Frankly, I don’t remember the terms at all. The only IHG stays on my account from last year were (a) after April 2018; (b) not weekend stays; and (c) had AA airline miles selected as my earning preference because of a promo that IHG ran last summer for bonus AA miles. So I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had any activity that would have qualified for the 2018 Bonus.

Perhaps there’s some hope that the 2018 Bonus would still be in effect. Other IHG Offers that I had registered for but for which the dates have passed (like 2018 Accelerate promotions) do not show up in my IHG account. So if the 2018 Birthday Bonus is still there, perhaps it’s still active.

Anyway, back to the 2019 bonus – At our baseline value of 0.5 cents per IHG point, the 3,000-point bonus amounts to an extra points rebate worth about $15 if we make a qualifying stay. That’s not enough by itself to fully incentivize an IHG stay. But recall that we had a decent individualized bonus offer in IHG’s current “Reward Nights Faster” promotion. The Birthday Bonus would spruce that offer up even further.

I don’t think we have any obvious opportunities to book IHG stays in the near future, but if something arises we’ll have to give it some more thought. At the moment, we’re focused on getting enough Marriott stays to re-qualify for Platinum or Platinum Premier (soon to be Titanium) status. And we also have at least a passing interest in trying to qualify for Hyatt Globalist status, given that we recently earned some Hyatt Club Lounge Access Awards, if we think we can find enough nights and/or credit card spend.

Have you received a Birthday Bonus offer from IHG? Can you shed any insight to help with my confusion about the end dates for the Bonuses? Please let us know in the Comments!

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