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Use the Hertz-United Partnership to Earn Lots of Miles on Your Car Rentals

Through the Hertz-United partnership, you can earn lots of United miles when
you rent from Hertz – and we’ll teach you how [featured image courtesy Hertz]

Hertz and United have a long-running partnership where you can earn a lot of United miles on your car rentals with Hertz, if you know what you’re doing. We were reminded of this deal when making a weekend car rental reservation recently, and we wanted to highlight it for Middle Age Miles readers so you can utilize this partnership too!

Details of the Hertz-United Partnership and Current Promotion

There are many opportunities to earn a few frequent flyer miles on your car rentals by entering your loyalty program number into your rental car profile and choosing to earn miles. But the Hertz-United program is different. This is a long-standing partnership between Hertz and United to cross-promote. And most importantly for us, it has historically offered very good and consistent promotions to earn substantial amounts of United miles on your Hertz rentals.

To take advantage of the Hertz-United partnership and the current promotion, you should book your Hertz rental car through the special United portal: https://cars.united.com/

Using the portal will automatically apply the proper Discount Code (CDP) 62455 and Promotional Coupon (PC) 204508 to your booking. You’ll also have to log in to your United MileagePlus account during the booking process. Thus, using the portal will ensure that your MileagePlus account is correctly linked to your reservation so that you’ll automatically receive the miles for the promotion. In addition, using this CDP and PC combination will give you a discount on the rental rate, which the terms and conditions say are “exclusive savings of up to 40% on the base rate.”

The current promotion from Hertz and United allows you to earn a minimum of 2,000 United miles on a Hertz rental of a mid-size or larger car for two days or longer. At our baseline value of 1.4 cents per United mile, that represents a very solid points rebate of $28 per qualifying rental. For this promotion, the actual price of the rental does not matter; you’ll earn the same number of miles regardless of the price.

United MileagePlus members with elite status will earn even more miles, as will cardholders of Chase’s United co-branded credit cards:

  • Primary cardholders of a Chase United MileagePlus card will earn at least 2,250 United miles (worth about $31.50)
  • MileagePlus Silver and Gold members will earn 2,500 United miles (worth about $35)
  • MileagePlus Platinum and higher members will earn 2,750 United miles (worth about $38.50)

The current promotion is valid from now through March 31, 2019; however, Hertz and United have had similar or even more lucrative promotions running consistently for at least the past 2-3 years, so I think we can reasonably guess that the Hertz-United promotions will continue in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

Once you’ve made your car rental reservation through the portal, you should soon receive a confirmation email from United Cars. Once you have the confirmation number, you can link the reservation to your Hertz account. Go into the Hertz mobile app, go to “Lookup Reservation” and enter your confirmation number, then add it to your Hertz account and link it to your profile. That way you should also receive any benefits you may have as a result of holding elite status with Hertz. Plus, you’ll be able to get notifications about your rental through the app.

United miles earned through this promotion should post to your MileagePlus account within a few weeks after the rental. The official terms and conditions say to allow 6 to 8 weeks; our typical timing has been in the 2-to-4 week range.

In addition, the miles may appear as separate entries posting at different times. The official T&Cs say that one entry for 500 miles will credit, and a second entry for any additional miles will post 5-10 business days later. We have sometimes received bonus points from a single rental in more than two postings. So, don’t worry if all of your miles don’t post immediately; give it a little time to see if they fully post later.

Other Information About the Hertz-United Partnership and Promotions

We believe that you can book direct through Hertz and still receive the benefits of the promotion, but you’re going to need to get everything exactly right, including:

  • Entering the correct CDP, 62455;
  • Entering the correct PC, 204508;
  • Making sure that you’re logged in to your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account;
  • Making sure that you’ve selected United MileagePlus as your preferred frequent flyer program; and
  • Making sure that you’ve elected to receive miles and not Hertz points

That’s a lot of things that have to line up correctly, which is why we recommend booking through the United portal. If you want to give it a go by booking direct through Hertz, though, you may also be able to stack this promotion with cash back through a shopping portal. Our normal portals, Top Cashback and Ebates are offering 3% and 2.5%, respectively, on Hertz rentals as of today (1/29/2019). But to us, we don’t want to take any risk of jeopardizing $28 or more in United miles by trying to squeeze an extra 2 or 3 bucks out of a cashback portal.

Also note that you can earn a solid number of bonus miles through United even if you don’t qualify for the promotion (for example, if you book for one day only and/or if you book a small compact or economy car). As you can see from the chart we inserted above, even without the promotion everyone would earn at least 500 United miles (worth about $7); Chase United cardholders would earn at least 750 United miles ($10.50); United Silver and Gold members 1,000 miles ($14); and United Platinum and up 1,250 miles ($17.50).

As always, you need to check this rate to make sure it’s competitive and makes sense even including the bonus earning. On our recent rental reservation, we found that the Hertz rates through this promotion were very good compared to other rental car companies – but that may or may not be the case on any particular rental. Also on our recent reservation, we were able to find a AAA rate that would have been $5 less all-in – but we’ll happily pay an extra $5 to earn 2,500 United miles (we have United Silver status) worth about $35!

At times in the past couple of years, the promotion has been even better. There have been several months where we earned as many as 5,500 United miles from Hertz rentals (worth about $77). Here’s a great story from The Points Guy website (authored by the outstanding points-and-miles guru Richard Kerr) about a guy in Las Vegas who earned more than 1 million United miles through a Hertz-United promotion!

Sample Booking Using the Hertz-United Promotion

The rentals using this Hertz-United promotion don’t have to be expensive. Here’s an example we chose semi-randomly, renting a vehicle from the Memphis airport (MEM) Hertz station for an upcoming Saturday-Sunday two-day rental on February 23-24, 2019:

Here were the results of our search – an Intermediate car for $54 all-in, or a Standard car for $57 all-in:

I wasn’t logged in to my United account yet during this search, so the results show my MileagePlus earning at 2,000 miles. If I proceeded to log in to the site with my United number, the results would update to show that I’d earn 2,500 MileagePlus miles (as a result of United Silver status).

A rental car for 2 days from Hertz for less than $60, with a points rebate of 2,500 United miles worth about $35? That’s an excellent deal!

We hope you can take advantage of the Hertz-United partnership and promotions to get good deals on car rentals and earn lots of United miles to travel to your dream destinations!

What’s your experience with the Hertz-United partnership and promotions? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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