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How to Easily Status Match to Caesars Rewards Diamond Status – New Opportunity

Caesars Palace Las Vegas [featured image courtesy Caesars Palace]

This article is part of our Trip Report – It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!

As of February 1, the Caesars Total Rewards loyalty program changed its name to Caesars Rewards – and they’ve introduced a new opportunity to reward you with Diamond elite status!

Background: The Previously-Existing Opportunity – It’s a Great Way to Match, and It’s Still Alive

For the past several months, there’s been an opportunity to status match your way to Caesars Diamond status by way of Wyndham Rewards. This was a two-step process – first, use your status from another hotel loyalty program to match to a temporary 90-day Wyndham Diamond status, then use the Wyndham-Caesars partnership to match your new Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Diamond status.

The best and easiest thing about this program is the fact that Wyndham is very generous in matching Hilton and Marriott elite status to Wyndham Diamond. Hilton Gold and Diamond members can match to Wyndham Diamond, and Marriott Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Premier members can also match to Wyndham Diamond. Hilton Gold/Diamond and Marriott Gold status are easy to obtain just through holding a credit card, so many, many people are eligible to match to Wyndham Diamond using this method.

I learned everything I needed to know about this status match path through Dave at MilesTalk, so I’ll enthusiastically hat tip to him and link to his excellent article – Easy Status Match to Wyndham Diamond (and possibly Total Rewards Diamond, Hyatt Explorist and Mlife Gold).

This morning, I confirmed that this method still works, as I went through the process, successfully matched my Hilton Diamond status to Wyndham Diamond, and seemingly successfully matched Wyndham Diamond over to Caesars Rewards Diamond.

I started at this Wyndham Rewards Status Match page. From there, I signed in to my Wyndham Rewards account, then submitted a screenshot showing my Hilton Diamond status.

The Wyndham website instantly confirmed my submission. I also received an immediate email from Wyndham Rewards telling me that they’ll get back to me within 24-48 hours. But within 10 minutes, I received a second email from Wyndham Rewards telling me that my profile had been updated. I logged back in to my Wyndham Rewards account, and sure enough, I had Diamond status (for 90 days through May 3, 2019):

Next, I went to the Caesars Rewards web page where you can match Wyndham Rewards status over to Caesars Rewards status. I input my Wyndham Rewards number and clicked the “Request Matching Status” button. Caesars immediately confirmed that I was matched, and that my Caesars Rewards status will be updated to Diamond within 7 business days:

This was all very easy. And presumably, I will be able to keep Diamond status with both Wyndham and Caesars by matching back and forth between the programs when one status runs out. For starters, I’ll have to use my Caesars Diamond status to match back to Wyndham Diamond on or after May 4 when my Wyndham Diamond temporary status runs out.

UPDATE: I submitted my match from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond on Saturday, February 2. My Diamond status reflected on my account two business days later, on Tuesday, February 5:

New Opportunity – Use Other Casino Rewards Programs, including MLife Gold, to Match to Caesars Diamond

This morning, I received an email with a new opportunity to status match to Caesars Diamond status. Caesars is inviting people with certain elite status in a number of casino loyalty programs across the country to match to Caesars Diamond.

The good news in this new opportunity is that offers new avenues to match – most notably, you can match from MLife Gold to Caesars Diamond. And remember, if you have Hyatt Explorist status, that will match to MLife Gold if you link your Hyatt and MLife accounts.

Another piece of good news is that you can do this match any time between now and December 31, 2019, and Caesars will upgrade you to Diamond status through January 31, 2020.

The bad news? You must request this status match in-person at a Caesars Rewards Center. These are found throughout Las Vegas, of course, but also at several Harrah’s and Horseshoe locations across the country, including Phoenix; Harrah’s Resort Southern California (about 50 miles from San Diego); Joliet, IL (outer suburb of Chicago); Horseshoe Hammond, IN (very close to Chicago); New Orleans; Bossier City, LA (adjacent to Shreveport); Baltimore; Tunica, MS; Biloxi, MS; North Kansas City, MO; Atlantic City; and Philadelphia. Caesars also says that it may take up to 30 days to process your upgrade request.

Here’s a link to the landing page with all of the information about this new Caesars Diamond status match opportunity:

This page will let you know all of the different loyalty programs and elite tiers that Caesars will match to Diamond status, as well as the nearest Caesars Rewards Center location.

Once you receive your match to Caesars Diamond status through this method, be sure to match it to Wyndham Rewards Diamond, and then keep matching back and forth between them when one runs out, as long as this merry-go-round continues.

What Will Caesars Diamond Status Get Me?

First, as we’ve mentioned, Caesars Diamond status can be matched to Wyndham Rewards Diamond. You can see the complete list of Wyndham Rewards Diamond benefits here. Some of the key Diamond benefits include suite upgrades (including on award nights) and a welcome amenity of a complimentary snack or beverage.

The complete listing of Caesars Diamond benefits is available here. Key benefits include:

Note that there are certain other Caesars Diamond benefits that do not apply for matched status – access to VIP lounges and 2 free nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai. For these Diamond benefits, you must accrue a certain number of Tier Credits to actually earn them.

We hope this information, particularly about the new Caesars Diamond status match opportunity, is helpful to you and can save you money on trips to Las Vegas or your other favorite Harrah’s or Horseshoe destination!

Have you used Caesars Diamond elite status on trips to Las Vegas to get comped or discounted rooms, or other benefits? What has your experience been like? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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23 thoughts on “How to Easily Status Match to Caesars Rewards Diamond Status – New Opportunity

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  4. Wanda I Melendez

    From you article it looks like you can get Total Reward Diamond with the Mlife Gold or Wyndham. I don’t have Wyndham status, but I have Mlife status. So I would have to go to Ceasars to actually get it matched. Then once get matched how long is it good for? Also, I am interested in the Atlantis in the Bahamas, but once you get the Diamond status how long do you have for visiting the Atlantis. Do you need to make sure it is before the period is over? I assume it probably is not easy get hotel nights there. Also, is there requirements to keep you Diamond status for that time period or it is just based on a date? We are planing a trip to Vegas, so we can do this but just not sure when. We can stay at one of the properties and get the status matched.


  6. Toys Samurai

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Caesars Diamond to status match other hotel’s elite status?


    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Mike – Thanks for reading Middle Age Miles. Glad the match worked! Have a great time in Vegas!!! ~Craig

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi David – Congrats on getting Globalist! You can status match to MLife Gold by linking your Hyatt and MLife accounts. You can also use the method described in this article to status match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond and then to Caesars Diamond. Hyatt Globalists also usually have the opportunity to do status-match challenges with American Airlines. Beyond that, you can probably find some more with additional research. Enjoy your Globalist status! ~Craig

  8. Michelle Archer

    I status matched my IHG to Wyndham and then to Caesars earlier this year (2019) and was very happy with the process. Free perks are always welcome!!! The $100 celebration dinner and 2 free show tickets were very tangible and appreciated perks.

    I plan to apply for Caesars status match for 2020. I see from your article update that I must do that in person at a Caesars desk. Any idea how long the status match takes once you’ve applied for it in person. I plan to do the match in Las Vegas in January 2020. I am only there for 4 days so I’m wondering if it will become in effect while I’m there. Any idea?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Michelle – Congrats on matching and getting the celebration dinner and show ticket perks with Caesars Diamond! I completely agree; that’s really a valuable program.

      As for matching for 2020 – I don’t think you’ll need to go to a Caesars desk. Process should go like this: On 1/1/2020, your Wyndham Diamond status will expire. On or after 1/1/2020 (but before the end of Jan for sure!), use your Caesars Diamond status, to re-match to Wyndham Diamond. You should be able to do this online. Then, your Caesars Diamond status will expire as of 2/1/2020. On or after 2/1/2020, use your Wyndham Diamond status to re-match to Caesars Diamond. Once you do the re-match to Caesars Diamond, your celebration dinner credit should reset so that you’ll have another $100 credit to use sometime between 2/1/20 and 1/31/21.

      Good luck, have fun on your Jan trip (we literally just flew back home from Vegas this afternoon!), and please let me know if you have any other questions about the process! ~Craig

  9. Kelly

    Hi I will be going to Vegas this coming Monday and submitted my Wyndham to Caesars status match. As it will take a few days, do you know if they will accept the status match in person at the Caesars rewards desk? Also, do you know if I check in to a Caesars property without status, and then get matched during the week, would I be able to get the parking and resort fees waived at checkout? Thank you!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Kelly – Good questions. I don’t have good answers, but I think you’re on the right track. If the match hasn’t cleared by Monday when you get there, talk it through with the front desk agent when you arrive to check in. I’d think it’s very likely that they’ll direct you to the Caesars Rewards desk as you surmise in your Comment.

      As long as your match clears before check-out, my best guess is that it’s very likely they’ll waive your parking and resort fees at check-out. For the most part, they are pretty good about helping customers.

      Note that even after the match clears, it takes some time for the Diamond offers ($100 celebration dinner credit and free show tickets) to be loaded to your account. It can take up to 30 days, although most people report it happening in a shorter time period. Given your current timing, there’s a decent chance that these benefits won’t be available to you during your stay next week. Not sure if you’re staying at Caesars Palace or a different Caesars property, but we’ve found the best and most helpful service at the Caesars Rewards desk at Caesars Palace. If you need them to lean in for you, our advice is not to bother going to any of the Rewards desks at any of the other properties.

      Fingers crossed that things go smoothly for you. Good luck in Vegas and I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  10. Mark Kelly

    Thanks for the great advice, I have just matched to Caesars diamond so that should be done within a week.
    I am heading out to Caesars Palace start of March and wondered how the $100 celebration dinner works? and the show tickets – I dont see those on the Caesars rewards page

    Also I see you can access the Laurel Lounge for $10 in tier points, since I wont have any tier points until I go can we pay $10 and is it worth it?


    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Mark – Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad the match worked for you.

      On the celebration dinner, there is a list online of places you can use it. I’m remote on my phone at the moment but you should be able to find it with a Google search. To use it, just go to a participating restaurant, and when you first see your server, give them your Caesars Diamond card and let them know you want to use your $100 celebration dinner credit. I’ve also usually been able to find a list of eligible shoes for the current month. Failing that, just go to a Caesars Rewards desk when you arrive into Vegas and ask for the show list.

      Good luck and have fun on your March trip! ~Craig

      1. Mark Kelly

        Great stuff – thanks Craig.

        Ive also just booked for an April trip but not staying in a Caesars property – would I be able to get some show tickets then also or do you need to be in a property?

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Hi Mark – You don’t have to be staying at a Caesars property to get the show tickets. Just go to a Caesars Rewards desk and you’ll be able to use the benefit.

          You’re getting to spend a lot of time in Vegas – nice! ~Craig

    2. Lonnell

      If you matched status Caesars before Feb 1, I think you will have to rematch on Feb 1. I matched Wyndham mid January, but waited until Feb 1 to match CR.

  11. Frida Pedersen

    States Veterans and active duty military who sign up for Caesars Rewards® and show their Military ID, will automatically receive SALUTE, our new military Caesars Rewards card with an automatic upgrade to Platinum level benefits. If you are curious about promotions that have recently concluded, including when a drawing will take place or when credits will post by, this page will give you the overview.

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