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Check Your Marriott Rewards Account for a Special Promo!

Everyone should check your Marriott Rewards account now, to see if you have a special promotional offer!

My “Exclusively for You” Offer

I received a great offer that you can see in the image above – earn up to 22,500 bonus Marriott Rewards points on stays from now through May 31, 2019. I can earn:

  • 6,000 Marriott Rewards points (worth about $45 at our current baseline value of 0.75 cents per point) after my first paid stay
  • 7,500 more points ($56.25) after my second paid stay
  • 9,000 more points ($67.50) after my third paid stay

Registration was required for this promotion, and stays prior to enrollment do not count. I must stay between now and 5/31/2019. There is no minimum stay requirement on this offer. Award nights don’t count.

Here are the full terms and conditions for my offer:

Philly’s “Exclusively for You” Offer

Nothing. No offer at all.

For comparison purposes, I am a Platinum Premier elite member with more than 100 elite nights in 2018 (roughly 60 actual nights and 50 from credit cards or rollover) and 5 nights during January 2019. Philly is a Gold member who had 9 elite nights in 2018 (4 actual nights and 5 from a credit card) and none during January 2019.

What Other Offers Have People Received?

There’s an interesting thread on the Marriott Rewards Insider forum that you can access through this link.

Individualized offers referenced in the Marriott Rewards Insider forum thread include:

  • The same 22,500-point offer that we received
  • Double Marriott Rewards points on stays of 2 nights or more through 4/30/2019
  • Double elite night credits
  • An offer for a maximum of 9,000 points – 1,500 after one stay; another 3,000 after the second stay; and another 4,500 after the third stay
  • 10 additional elite night credits with 2 stays – first stay earns 5 bonus elite night credits; second stay earns another 5 bonus elite night credits
  • 2 free nights at hotels 35,000 points or less, after 2 stays (this would be an incredible offer!)

How Do I Check to See If I Have an Offer?

Log in to your Marriott Rewards account online. In the upper right corner, click on your name. This should bring up a menu on the right side of your screen, where you should see “Promotions” (for us, it’s the 5th menu item down the list). Clicking on “Promotions” will take you to the “Promotions Central” page, and if you have an “Exclusively for You” offer, you should see it there.

Some people in the Marriott Rewards Insider forum thread mentioned that they received an email from Marriott with their promotion. I haven’t received any email, but my “Exclusively for You” offer was on my “Promotions Central” page last night.

Check your Marriott Rewards account today – and best of luck!!!

Did you receive a Marriott Rewards “Exclusively for You” offer? What did you get? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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