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How to Successfully Status Match to Hertz President’s Circle and National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status

Hertz status match to President's Circle

At Middle Age Miles, we’re largely rental car free agents. Generally, we’re going to go for the lowest-cost / reasonable-convenience option that suits us best for any particular car rental need.

[That said, we often prefer Hertz or Sixt domestically, and Sixt internationally. Domestically, Hertz has generally provided us with solid service and we have earned lots of United miles by renting with Hertz (see our recent article, Use the Hertz-United Partnership to Earn Lots of Miles on Your Car Rentals). With Sixt, we have often found them to have the best rates on premium and specialty vehicles, which we sometimes need. Also, internationally, we usually prefer Sixt based on price and positive experiences in Europe (by contrast, Hertz has been awful in Europe).]

Given that we’re free agents, we’re unlikely to ever have enough rentals with one company to reach elite status organically. However, it can be nice to have elite benefits with the car rental companies – and particularly, top-tier elite status when we can get it. Also, it helps to maintain the highest elite status possible with various car rental companies, because there are often opportunities to status match between companies. (As an example, see our article, How to Successfully Status Match to Avis Preferred Plus.)

We’ve previously held President’s Circle status with Hertz, which we obtained in late 2017 through a promotion. However, we recently received an email from Hertz informing us that we had not met the required number of rentals to retain President’s Circle status, and thus we’d been downgraded to Five Star status. We have at least one Hertz rental coming up soon, so this made us think, how could we re-gain President’s Circle status with Hertz?

Our answer: Use the Hertz “status match request” email address to get a status match from National Emerald Club Executive Elite status to Hertz President’s Circle.

Step 1 – Get National Emerald Club Executive Elite status – and there are lots of Status Match opportunities!

I actually already held top-tier Executive Elite status with National Emerald Club. I had obtained this status by doing a status match request through National’s “status match” web page from American Airlines Platinum, back in 2017. And I’ve continued to hold National Executive Elite status to this day, even though we haven’t rented a car from National during that time.

[This is not a criticism of National. They have generous promotions, and the ability to choose the car of your choice off the lot can be pretty cool. Many people swear by National. They just haven’t happened to have the right deal for any of our particular rental needs.]

But if you didn’t already have Executive Elite status from National, it continues to be pretty easy to get it. National has a generous status match policy – including matching to hotel and airline elite status – and it has a dedicated page on its website for status matches.

National status match to Executive Elite

Simply go to the National Status Match web page, enter your name, Emerald Club number, and email address, and submit proof of your elite status with your chosen program according to the directions on the page. It couldn’t be easier.

Most people have reported success in being matched within 1 week, and sometimes as quickly as one day. [Hat tip to the StatusMatcher website for data points.]

A number of hotel and airline elite status qualify for a status match to Executive Elite status with National. As we mentioned, we status matched to Executive Elite from AA Platinum.

What works? We see data points of successful status matches to National Executive Elite within the past 6-8 months from the following programs and status levels:

  • Marriott Gold, Platinum & Titanium
  • Hilton Gold & Diamond
  • IHG Platinum & Spire
  • Le Club Accor Platinum
  • American Airlines Platinum (and it seems certain that Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum would also work if Platinum does)
  • Qantas Platinum
  • Hertz President’s Circle
  • Sixt Gold & Platinum

This list means that a very broad range of people can be eligible for a status match to Executive Elite. Hilton Gold & Diamond are benefits of the Amex Hilton Ascend and Aspire cards, respectively. It’s also not tough to have Marriott Gold from credit card benefits. Likewise, it’s pretty easy to get Sixt Platinum status, particularly if you hold certain credit cards.

One commenter on the StatusMatcher site also said that he or she was directly granted National Executive Elite status with registration of a Citi Prestige card in a National Emerald Club profile.

Also, given this list, it seems likely that at least mid-tier elite status with Delta, United or an international airline would work. We’d also guess that top-tier and perhaps mid-tier elite status with other hotel chains might work.

National Executive Elite status has some good benefits in and of itself, including a free rental day for every 5 credits earned, guaranteed upgrades, and no second-driver fees.

Step 2 – Use National Executive Elite status to match to Hertz President’s Circle status

Hertz has a dedicated email address for status match requests:

  • hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com

Simply send an email to this address, asking Hertz to match you to President’s Circle status, and include the following information:

  • Your full name on your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account;
  • Your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account number;
  • Your address, phone number and email address as they appear on your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account; and
  • Proof of your National Emerald Club Executive Elite status
    • I sent screenshots from the National Emerald Club web page after I had logged in
[Hat tip to Points Yak for some helpful information about Hertz.]

Here is the email I sent to Hertz Status Match, if you’d like to use it as an example:

Hi, this is Charles Tadlock, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member # XXXXXXXX. My address, phone number and email are:


Can you please match my National Emerald Club Executive Elite status to Hertz President’s Circle status?

I have attached screenshots from my National Emerald Club account confirming my Executive Elite status.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information from me. I appreciate your help.

Many thanks,

Charles Tadlock

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member # XXXXXXXX

I sent my status match email request to Hertz on February 13, and I received a response confirming that I had been matched to Hertz President’s Circle status the very next day, on February 14. Success! And that was fast!

Here is the email I received from Hertz to confirm my status match to President’s Circle status:

And sure enough, when I logged in to my online account, I could see that it correctly showed President’s Circle status as well:

It also appears that you can match directly from Marriott Bonvoy top-tier Ambassador status into Hertz President’s Circle, according to this article from Dave at MilesTalk. That said, there can’t be too many Ambassador elites who could do this, given the $20k/year spend requirement with Marriott to reach Ambassador.

We like having Hertz President’s Circle status and will certainly enjoy this as long as it lasts. Here is a chart summarizing the benefits of Hertz elite status, including President’s Circle:

In addition, here are links to the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards FAQs and the web page where Hertz summarizes changes to the program for 2019:

We’ll certainly look forward to the “guaranteed” upgrades (frankly, this hasn’t been consistently delivered during the time we’ve held President’s Circle status) and the points bonuses.

We were also interested to learn that Hertz is rolling out a partnership with CLEAR, the same program that you see in the airport security lines. Hertz says that there is a free version of CLEAR that will eventually allow you to exit Hertz lots within 30 seconds, using facial recognition technology. It appears that this capability is already in place in Atlanta, and it’s coming later this year to LAX, SFO and JFK. President’s Circle status would also get you a free 4-month trial to the CLEAR airport program. At the end of your trial, you can purchase a one-year membership to CLEAR for $129 (but note that you can get this for less if you’re a Delta SkyMiles member, even if you’re non-elite with Delta).

We hope you enjoy your top-tier status with Hertz and National to get great value for your travels and enjoy seeing the world even more!

Do you have other data points on status matches to Hertz President’s Circle and/or National Executive Elite? If so, please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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21 thoughts on “How to Successfully Status Match to Hertz President’s Circle and National Emerald Club Executive Elite Status

  1. Miles

    I have National Executive Elite status, but no rentals needed until July. Is there a way to determine when my EE status will expire?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Miles – Thanks for checking out Middle Age Miles. I’ve seen your question pop up in other places, and honestly, I don’t know of any way to tell when your National Executive Elite status might expire. I have certainly read several reports of people keeping the status for a long time without re-qualifying through rentals, so it may last for a while. I wouldn’t sweat it. If your status drops at some point, there are lots of avenues to re-match, as we discussed in the article. Good luck, and I hope you continue to enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  2. LeoM

    Hi Craig,
    Question about Hertz. Would you rather earn Hertz points or Airline miles every time you rent?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Leo – Thanks for reading Middle Age Miles, and good question. Personally, we’re totally flexible and it depends on where we get the highest total value of points/miles (assuming that the rate we can get is the same). For reference, we value Hertz points at around 6 cents per point. Depending on which airline, we generally value airline miles at 1.2 to 1.5 cents each (our airline-specific values are on the site under the Valuation drop-down on the main menu.

      Again, assuming that the rates are equal, our “default” is to use the United-Hertz partnership to earn United miles. We published an article on that recently, which you should be able to locate easily by using the Search or Search-by-Category functions on Middle Age Niles. Just search for Hertz and it should come up easily.

      Let me know if you have any follow up questions. ~Craig

  3. DaveC

    What are the guaranteed upgrades? I need a rental next month and will need a small SUV foe the family. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but needs to be able to fit a stroller and car seat as well as a couple large bags. What car do I need to book?
    Great blog, BTW

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Dave – Thanks for the comment and the very nice compliment. As for your question – honestly, I’ve found that rental car upgrades are about the most YMMV thing in all of travel. If you have very specific needs (and it sounds like you do), I would straight-up book exactly what you need and not rely on an upgrade. Some places have better chances of upgrades than others. Some examples – at Chicago O’Hare where they have Presidents Circle Gold Choice, I’d think you could book a standard car and then find a small SUV in the PC lot. At other places like Denver, sometimes we are upgraded and sometimes not. At smaller airports we don’t get upgrades at all, like in Little Rock. Be sure to check all the rates – Corp discount if you have one, CSR or Amex Plat cc discounts, Chase portal, Costco travel, AAA, Autoslash, etc. Apologies for the delayed response while we’re traveling, and I hope you continue to enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  4. Mark

    I successfully did a status match from National to Hertz, but I received this message. Any tips on how to make use of my President’s Circle Gold even when it’s my first rental? Can’t I just go to Hertz to verify my credit card and driver’s license?

    “FYI: Our records verify your Gold Service has not yet been activated. To activate Gold Service, customers are required to book a reservation using their Gold number and the primary credit card in their profile. At the time of rental, the credit card and driver’s license will need to be shown for verification. Once the rental is returned and paid for using the primary credit card, Gold Service and President’s Circle Gold benefits will be activated for future rentals at participating locations. This policy is in place to protect our customers from fraud since most Hertz profiles are set up on Hertz.com. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes.”

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Mark – Thanks for the comment and info. This is very interesting, as I’ve never seen this type of message before. I do understand why Hertz would do this. I’m sorry I don’t have more experience with this. But in your situation, if PC benefits are going to be really important to you on your first rental, I’d do exactly as you suggest – go to a local Hertz place and try to do the verification in advance.

      I’d be very interested to hear how this turns out, if you’re willing to share after you visit a Hertz place. This could be useful info for other Middle Age Miles readers. Thanks! ~Craig

        1. Steve

          Hi Mark,

          Have you found a way to verify without a reservation? I have the same issue for this upcoming holiday. I am thinking to do a one day rental before holiday, just for the verification.

          1. Mark van der Kruit

            No, unfortunately I haven’t. So if you want to be sure you have to do the rental before holiday. I’m not to do that though and try to get it verified at the lot when I pickup my first rental.

  5. Kat

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this article. I just got matched to National Executive Elite through my Hilton Gold today. Do you know if I can just screen shot the email I got from National saying I had been status matched and email it to Hertz, or do I have to wait for it to actually show up on my account (says up to 7 business days)?


    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Kat – I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Congratulations on the National Executive Elite match. We don’t know the answer to your specific question about whether a screenshot of the confirmation email from National will be sufficient for Hertz. If you’re not in a huge hurry, I’d just wait and screenshot your actual account. In our experience, it hasn’t taken 7 business days to show up; more like next-day (or perhaps even same-day).

      I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  6. Manuel

    Hello, how long did Hertz match your status for? I was thinking of doing today but want to have status still active by April next year when i have more rentals coming up.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Manuel – I did my status match to Hertz PC in mid-Feb 2019, and I still have the status. My Hertz profile does not show an expiration date.

      Prior to that, I did a previous status-match to Hertz PC quite a while ago. I can’t recall when, but I had the matched status for much longer than 1 year. It expired in mid-February 2019, without warning, and that’s when I re-matched from National Executive Elite as I wrote about in the article.

      Based on last February’s activity, it seems possible that Hertz may now be expiring status in early to mid-February each year. (At least that’s one conclusion you could reach, based on one year’s data points.) If so, you wouldn’t still have the matched status in April. But you can re-match to get the status back for your April 2020 rentals.

      Hope that helps! Good luck!!! ~Craig

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Alex – Good question. Yes, you can status match more than once with Hertz. Thanks for reading Middle Age Miles, and I hope you continue to enjoy it! ~Craig

  7. Jim Casterton

    Hello-any good reverse matching opportunities, i.e. Emerald Executive to hotel ‘xyz’, besides the auto renta matches? Thanks

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