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Our Summer Holiday in Dubrovnik and Beyond – Our Itinerary

View of Dubrovnik Old Town and city wall, from the viewpoint at the Stone Cross atop Mt. Srd

This article is part of our Trip Report – Our Summer Holiday in Dubrovnik and Beyond!

On our major trips, particularly ones with Middle Age Miles kids, I like to prepare itineraries with details about our travel, our accommodations, and our activities. It takes a while to pull these together, but they serve two great purposes – One, preparing the itinerary helps me focus on making sure we’ve made all the necessary preparations for the trip and advance arrangements such as airport transfers. And two, it gets everyone engaged in what’s about to come, sparks some curiosity, and generally gets everyone excited about the upcoming trip. And in our book, the anticipation of a trip is a huge part of the fun of travel!

Here are a couple of things to notice about our itineraries that may be helpful in your own travel planning:

  • We generally try to plan for one major activity per day. This helps keep us from getting overwhelmed and stressed. If there’s additional time aside from our major activity, we can fill in the extra time with things we see along the way that look interesting.
  • On our day trips, we tend to identify possible activities that are more than we could actually do. This helps us have options, when invariably something doesn’t turn out to be what we expected. And also, I’ve often put together the itineraries without detailed input from my travel companions, and this gives them a few options to choose from.

And one last thing about itineraries – The itinerary is just a framework. It gives us enough structure to the trip so that we make sure we hit the high points and don’t fritter away our valuable vacation time. But I want it to be more like a game plan, and we can call specific plays from the game plan along the way depending on what we need or what suits us at the time. There are a few things that you *must* do on a trip, like get to the airport on time for your flights. But beyond that, we try to stay flexible to enjoy whatever catches our interest along the way.

With that, here is our itinerary for Our Summer Holiday in Dubrovnik and Beyond:

Dubrovnik itinerary page 1
Dubrovnik itinerary page 2
Dubrovnik itinerary page 3
Dubrovnik itinerary page 4
Dubrovnik itinerary page 5
Dubrovnik itinerary page 6
Dubrovnik itinerary page 7
Dubrovnik itinerary page 8
Dubrovnik itinerary page 9
Dubrovnik itinerary page 10

What do you think about our itinerary for this trip and our planning style? What tricks do you use and what tips do you have for travel planning and preparing itineraries? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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