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Register Now! New Hyatt “Earn Points Faster” Promo Gives Bonus Points Through May 15

Hyatt promo - Earn Points Faster through May 15

Hyatt is finally back in the promotion game – this time, with a very solid promotion for nights from now through May 15, starting with your second stay. Here are the details and our analysis:

Details of the Hyatt Earn Points Faster Promotion

  • Earn bonus Hyatt points for each night you spend between now and May 15, starting with your second stay
    • 1,500 bonus Hyatt points for each night at a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House
    • 1,000 bonus Hyatt points for all other Hyatt brands and other qualifying properties
  • Points earning is capped at 50 nights
    • Maximum total would be 50,000 points if you don’t stay at any Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties
    • Maximum total could be as high as 75,000 points if you stayed all 50 nights at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties
  • Stays at MGM/MLife properties count for the promotion
  • Stays at Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) properties that are booked through Hyatt count for the promotion
  • Nights spent using a free night award count for the promotion
  • If you check in on or before May 15 and check out after May 15, all nights on or before May 15 count for the promotion
  • You will receive your normal Hyatt points earning (5 Hyatt points per dollar of spend, plus any elite bonus) in addition to the bonus points from this promotion
  • Bonus points will post as you complete the promotion criteria, within 2-3 weeks after completing your stay
  • You must register for the promotion on or before March 31

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Hyatt Earn Points Faster registration confirmation – we’re all set to earn bonus points!

Analysis of the Hyatt Earn Points Faster Promotion

We weren’t particularly thrilled with the last Hyatt promotion, which required spending a ton of nights and hitting certain number-of-night thresholds to earn bonus points. But Hyatt has recovered nicely, and we really like this new “Earn Points Faster” promotion. In fact, the only thing we don’t like here is the fact that you don’t earn bonus points until your second stay.

The true sweet spot of this promotion lies in stays at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties. These brands are on the lower end of the Hyatt scale in terms of pricing, but they earn the most points from this promotion – 1,500 bonus points per night.

In our experience, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House properties tend to be very solid for stays – clean, spacious and reasonably comfortable, plus they include a decent hot breakfast spread.

Let’s assume for the moment a Hyatt Place/House stay with a base rate of $120 per night. Even for a non-elite member, each night would earn:

  • 5x Hyatt points per dollar = 600 (worth about $9 at our baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point); plus
  • 1,500 bonus points (worth about $22.50)
  • This gives you a total points rebate worth about $31.50, more than 26% of your base rate

Elite members would earn even more:

  • Discoverist: 10% bonus on the base points (total of 660 / $9.90)
  • Explorist: 20% bonus (total of 720 / $10.80)
  • Globalist: 30% bonus (total of 780 / $11.70)

Thus, a Globalist’s return would be $11.70 + $22.50 = $34.20 (28.5% points rebate on the base rate)

In addition, if you pay with a Hyatt credit card, you’ll earn an additional 4 Hyatt points per dollar of spend. In our example with a base rate of $120, that equates to 480 extra points (before you consider taxes). [If you don’t have a Hyatt card, you could alternatively pay with a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Ink Preferred to earn 3x Ultimate Rewards points or Citi Prestige or Premier to earn 3x ThankYou Points.]

At the top end, a Globalist who paid with a Hyatt credit card at our example base rate would earn 780 + 1,500 + 480 = 2,760 Hyatt points for this one-night stay (considering the base rate only, not taxes), worth about $41.40, for a fabulous points rebate of 34.5% on the base room rate!

The regular bonus of 1,000 Hyatt points for other properties is very solid as well, representing about $15 worth of value per night, just from the promotion. As with our example above, add that to the normal Hyatt earning rate and points you can earn from paying with a Hyatt card or another card that earns a bonus for hotel spend, and you’ve got a very solid return.


We really like this new promotion from Hyatt, and we plan to take advantage of it with multiple Hyatt stays between now and May 15.

We especially like the way this promotion dovetails with our newly-minted Explorist status gained by way of a status match from MLife Gold. It’s also helpful in connection with a very interesting potential play for us to make a run at earning full Hyatt Globalist status during 2019 – we expect to have an article about that soon!

What do you think of Hyatt’s new Earn Points Faster promotion? Will you be taking advantage of it? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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