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Will I Ever Receive My AA Miles from AAdvantage eShopping for My Marriott Stay? [Update from Article on 2/15]

Will we get our AA miles from the AAdvantage eShopping promo?
We’re still waiting for our AA miles from our stay at the Westin Seattle – but the recently-renovated lobby bar there is quite nice!

Last Friday, we reported on an issue with miles from AAdvantage eShopping not posting to our AAdvantage account. We’ve included the full text of last week’s article for context. We promised we’d update you when we got more information.

The AAdvantage eShopping representative had asked us to wait patiently until 2/21/19 to see if the 6,500+ AA miles we should earn under this promotion would post properly. The miles are worth more than $80 at our baseline value of 1.25 cents per AA mile, so it’s worth some effort to get them credited. We waited through yesterday – and, not surprisingly, the miles did not post.

We followed up today with AAdvantage eShopping (AAeS) customer service, by replying to their email from last week. We told them that the miles had still not posted, gave them more details about our transaction, and attached our check-out folio showing that we had actually completed our stay. The AAeS rep wrote back quickly, clarifying that she needed the confirmation email we received from Marriott when we made our reservation. We replied with a copy of the confirmation email.

Unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue. Now I’m told that they’re going to investigate with the merchant, and we should wait 4-8 weeks for resolution. Their email is pleasant, responsive and timely – but bottom line, we still don’t have our AA miles and probably won’t have them any time soon.

Here’s the full response from AAeS customer service (slightly cut and pasted to cut out irrelevant info and fit better into this article, but this is the complete response):

Will we ever get our miles from AA eShopping? We’ll see. This seemed like a great promotion. But it’s already been a lot more work than ever should have been necessary. If you have any predictions or insight, please share with us in the Comments.

Here is our article from last Friday, for the complete story and context:

On January 14, we tweeted about a one-day AAdvantage eShopping promotion to earn extra miles on Marriott stays. If you clicked through from AAdvantage eShopping to Marriott on that day and made a booking, you’d earn a fantastic 10 AA miles per dollar of spend on your room rate at Marriott!

This great AAdvantage eShopping portal Marriott promo was available only on 1/14/2019

This was an all-time best return on Marriott bookings through AAdvantage eShopping (as far as we know) and a great deal. It was also nice because it was the first time to our knowledge that we’d be able to earn AA miles for booking the former SPG properties and Ritz-Carlton properties by accessing Marriott through the AA portal.

We went through the portal to book some upcoming stays that we’d need and felt very good about the deal. At the same time, we had a nagging suspicion that the miles might not post smoothly. For whatever reason, it always seems to be hit-or-miss as to whether hotel stays will post correctly on shopping portals. And, with this fabulous bonus rate, I wondered whether it might even be a bit more hit-or-miss than usual.

We recently completed the first stay we’d booked using this promotion – a 3-night stay at the Westin Seattle on February 3 through 6. Our total room rate for the 3-night stay was $651.16 (excluding all taxes), so we were expecting to earn 6,511 AA miles. At our baseline value of 1.25 cents per AA mile, we’re talking about $81 in value here – definitely worth following up on! (And also, we want to make sure we can help any Middle Age Miles readers who might be experiencing the same issue if they followed the advice from our tweet to use this great-looking promo!)

After our stay, I watched and waited for a week. No miles posted. And, not only did no miles actually post, when I logged in to my AAdvantage eShopping account to see if anything had tracked, I saw this:

AAdvantage eShopping had logged my Marriott store visits through the portal, but it hadn’t tracked any Orders or Order amounts from my click-throughs. Uh-oh – Where are my AA miles???

Yesterday, I used the AAdvantage eShopping “Contact us” portal (available by clicking the “Contact us” link at the bottom of the AAdvantage eShopping home page) to send an inquiry. I selected “Order inquiry/missing miles” as the reason for my inquiry and wrote a message containing my details and asking for credit for the AA miles. Note that, for AA mileage issues, they include a bullet-point list of the details you should provide. You can see the full text of my message below, as it was copied and pasted into the response I received from AAdvantage eShopping.

I received an email response from AAdvantage eShopping immediately, confirming that they had received my inquiry and telling me that they would review it and respond “as soon as possible.”

And much to my surprise, 3 hours later I received another email from AAdvantage eShopping with a response. The gist of the response was that miles from Marriott stays will be credited after 15 days from the date our stay ended.

Here is the complete response, which includes the full text of my original message to them:

I was actually pretty impressed with the timing of the response, and the fact that the customer service representative had actually read my inquiry and provided an appropriate, truly responsive reply. [If only we could get the same thing from AA in its other customer service operations! Don’t get me started…]

So, there you have it. The official word is that we need to wait 15 days after the end of our Marriott stays to get our miles.

We’ll set a calendar reminder for February 22 (next Friday), and we’ll update this article and report back then!

In the meantime, if you’re brave, there’s still a very solid promo rate for Marriott stays on AAdvantage eShopping today (and probably throughout the rest of the President’s Day weekend), for 6x AA miles per dollar …

Today’s AAdvantage eShopping 6x promo rate for Marriott

What’s your experience with receiving AA miles for Marriott stays booked after clicking through from the AAdvantage eShopping portal? Do you think we’ll get our AA miles automatically by next Friday, or not? Please let us know what you think in the Comments!

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