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More Info on How to Use Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Score Great Deals in Vegas – Data Points & Observations from Another Stay at Aria (a MGM/MLife Hotel)

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Middle Age Miles returned to the Aria and learned even more about using the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Program for good deals at MGM/MLife properties

This article supplements our Trip Report – It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles


In January, Middle Age Miles spent a weekend at the beautiful Aria resort & casino in Las Vegas. We got a great deal, learned a ton of useful information, and shared that with our readers in How to Use the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Program to Score Great Deals in Vegas (and earn points & status too)! We also reviewed our stay at the Aria in Hotel Review – Aria Las Vegas.

We recently went back to Las Vegas with friends, and again stayed at the Aria, booking our rooms through the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection (LHRC). We took some of our lessons learned from last time and used them to again have a great stay in this gorgeous hotel. We also learned even more about how the Chase LHRC program works at MGM/MLife properties and the Aria in particular. Having two stays so close together allows us to confirm some data points with much more certainty than a one-time stay permits.

In this article, we’ll supplement our previous posts with more lessons learned (or confirmed) from our Aria stays using Chase LHRC. We’ll also plan a follow-up article with a review of the 920-square-foot corner suite we received as an upgrade. And we’ll add both of these articles to our previous Trip Report on Las Vegas, so people who come to Middle Age Miles later can find everything packaged in one place.

Scoring Great Deals in Vegas with the Chase LHRC Program

As we previously reported, you can score some great Vegas hotel deals using the Chase LHRC program. Let’s do a quick recap:

  • You receive elite-type benefits on all Chase LHRC stays, including:
    • Daily breakfast for two
    • A Room Upgrade, if available
    • Early Check-in and late Check-out, if available
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi
    • A “special benefit unique to each property” – this may be a food & beverage credit, a spa credit, or welcome amenities such as champagne or fruit baskets
  • You have access to the Chase LHRC program by holding certain Chase credit cards. Most Chase cards are eligible, including: (1) Sapphire Reserve; (2) Sapphire Preferred; (3) Freedom Unlimited; (4) Freedom; (5) Ink Preferred; (6) Ink Cash; (7) Ritz-Carlton Visa; (8) Marriott Bonvoy Boundless; (9) United MileagePlus Explorer; or (10) United MileagePlus Club.
  • 15 Vegas hotels participate in Chase LHRC, including most of the large casino hotels on the Strip.
  • If you stay at a MGM/MLife hotel (Aria, Bellagio, Delano, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Park MGM, Skylofts at MGM Grand, or The Signature at MGM Grand), you can earn MLife Tier Credits and World of Hyatt points and elite night credits on your stay.
  • At some MGM/MLife hotels (Aria, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and Park MGM (formerly Monte Carlo)), you can get an additional 4% statement credit discount by paying with a Chase Ink Preferred or Chase Ink Cash card enrolled in the Visa SavingsEdge program.

The rate you’ll pay using Chase LHRC will probably be higher than a discounted rate you could find using a MLife discount or other MGM/MLife promotion. But most of the time, the benefits will easily justify the higher rate, and then some. At Caesars properties, the Chase LHRC deal may or may not be better than other discount avenues such as through Caesars Rewards.

At the Aria in particular, the benefits attached to a Chase LHRC stay include:

  • Daily breakfast credit up to $60 per day ($30 per person)
  • Food & beverage credit of $100 per stay
  • A one-category upgrade, subject to availability at check-in (maximum upgrade is to a Corner Suite)
  • Guaranteed 4:00 pm late check-out
  • Early check-in, as early as Noon, subject to availability at check-in

On our January visit to Aria, our 2-night stay cost us a total of $404.08, all-in. With that, we received $200 in F&B credits, $120 in breakfast credits, an upgrade to a Strip View room, a 4% statement credit through Visa SavingsEdge, 3x Chase Ultimate Rewards points by paying with our CIP card; 5.5x Hyatt points (we were Discoverist at the time), and enough MLife tier credits to push us over the threshold for MLife Gold, which we then matched to Hyatt Explorist.

Data Points, Observations & Lessons Learned

With that background, let’s work our way through our data points, observations, lessons learned and strategies for Chase LHRC stays at MGM/MLife properties in general and at the Aria in particular:

Back-to-Back Reservations Alternating Between Two People Work to Get Multiple F&B “Per-Stay” Credits

As you can see from the benefits list, the $100 food & beverage credit is per stay, not per day. Thus, it seems an obvious strategy to try to line up back-to-back stays, alternating between two people. Our first Aria stay was for 2 nights. We booked one night under Philly’s name and one night under mine, and we indeed received the $100 food & beverage credit for each night. This time was more complicated, as we had a 4-night stay. We booked a 2-night stay under my name, then a 1-night stay under Philly’s name, and finally another 1-night stay under my name. [We had several reasons for doing it this way as opposed to four 1-night stays, one being that we arrived late on our first night and simply wouldn’t have any opportunity to use the F&B credit on night 1, so we weren’t really losing anything.]

Making these three back-to-back-to-back reservations worked to get three $100 F&B credits, one for each of our 3 “stays.”

Having the three back-to-back-to-back reservations also “worked” in the sense that the check-in agent was able to link the 3 reservations together so that we could stay in the same room for our entire stay. We didn’t have to go back down to the front desk to check-out/check-in each day, and we didn’t have to get new keys each day. This was very convenient.

Our Previous Agent’s “Pro Tip” Worked – By Booking a Deluxe Strip View Room, We Were Able to Get Upgraded to a Corner Suite

Aria Corner Suite – living room

When we checked in for our January stay, our check-in agent helpfully gave us a “pro tip” for Chase LHRC bookings at the Aria. (Quick Note: At the Aria, they refer to Chase LHRC as the “Signature Travel” program) On that visit, we had booked the base-level Deluxe Room, and we were upgraded to a Deluxe Strip View Room. But, she said, the real play is to pay a few extra dollars to book one level up – that is, book the Deluxe Strip View Room – and the one-level upgrade will then move you into a 920-square-foot Corner Suite.

On this trip, we decided to go for it on this “pro tip” and indeed booked a Deluxe Strip View Room. It cost a little more – $20 for each of the first 3 nights, and an extra $50 for our last night. So, we paid an extra $110, which became about $125 all-in with taxes.

The “pro tip” worked. We were upgraded to a Corner Suite, with plenty of room to spread out. This was particularly helpful to us because our first full day in Vegas was really a work day. Philly and I were able to both have plenty of space to work. And it was fun to have all of the extra space for the entire long weekend. We’ll review the Corner Suite room in a follow-up article soon.

Aria Corner Suite – looking from the entryway into the room

That said, remember that the room upgrade is subject to availability at check-in. If you’ll be staying on a really busy weekend, understand that the Corner Suites may be sold out and you’ll end up in the class of room that you actually booked.

An upgrade to a spacious Corner Suite and receiving three $100 food & beverages were great upsides to this stay. Now, let’s look at a few things that weren’t so positive:

Having 3 Back-to-Back-to-Back Stays Created a Long Delay at Check-In

When we checked in, the agent told us that the Aria/MGM system handled 2 back-to-back stays pretty easily, but it was difficult to get it to do 3 back-to-back-to-back stays. This resulted in a long delay at check-in, as it took her at least 15 minutes to get everything done.

As it turns out, having back-to-back stays (either 2 or 3) also causes other issues.

On Back-to-Back Stays, the System Automatically Checks You Out Too Early, Which Messes Up Breakfast Credits

This has been consistent across both of our stays, so we’re confident in reporting it as a solid data point. When you have back-to-back stays at the Aria (and perhaps at other MGM/MLife properties as well?), the system automatically checks you out of your previous night’s stay and charges your card. This is all well and good, in and of itself, as it allows you to keep the same room and not have to visit the front desk to check out and back in.

However, the auto-checkout happens too early. On our January stay, the auto-checkout occurred at 8:24 am. On this stay, our first auto-checkout occurred at 7:44 am, and the second one was about the same time (we actually didn’t receive an email about that one). If you eat breakfast after the auto-checkout time (which we did every day), the breakfast charge then goes onto the next day’s folio.

The result is that your first day’s folio won’t show any breakfast at all, while your last day’s will show two. This is obviously problematic. On both of our visits, we were able to sort through this at check-out, but it took a lot of time and seemed wholly unnecessary.

We really don’t have any insight on how to prevent this from occurring, aside from not booking back-to-back stays. But that would prevent us from getting multiple food & beverage credits and would cost us money. So, if you have back-to-back stays using Chase LHRC at the Aria (and probably at other MGM/MLife properties), we want you to be aware of this issue and be prepared to have to spend extra time at checkout to sort it out.

Food & Beverage Credits Didn’t Auto-Apply

On our recent Aria stay, the Chase LHRC/Signature Travel F&B credits didn’t automatically apply to any night of our stay. Thus, at check-out, we had to go through each of the three folios from each of our “stays” and have the check-out agent apply the credits. The check-out agent was able to manually apply the credits so that the final balance and charges were correct. This was nice. But as you might imagine, it took some time. And, this is surely a source of frustration for any hotel guests with the same issue.

This issue is exacerbated because of the way the MGM/MLife systems work with respect to F&B credits. You would expect the folio to show the full amount of the charge, and then show the credit. For example, if you have a $300 meal that uses a $100 F&B credit, you’d expect to see one line item for a $300 charge and a second line item showing a $100 credit. However, the way the MGM/MLife systems work, in this situation you would only see a $200 charge. This causes confusion for everyone at check-out. And of course, when we pointed out that our credits hadn’t been applied, the check-out agent’s first reaction was to say that we just couldn’t “see” the credits.

On our January stay, the F&B credits auto-applied to one of our back-to-back stays, but not the other. We think it’s safe to say that this is a recurring problem. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what could be done to deal with this issue in advance to help the credits auto-process correctly.

Thus, for now, our lesson learned and advice to you is to be sure to check your folios carefully to make sure credits are applied, and leave plenty of time at check-out to review the folio and get the agent to make any necessary corrections.

MLife and World of Hyatt Numbers Weren’t Properly Attached to Our Reservations

Based on past experience, I know that it’s a recurring problem at MGM/MLife hotels to get MLife and World of Hyatt numbers properly attached to reservations so that charges get auto-credited. We’re usually able to get our MLife number successfully attached. But on almost every single stay, Hyatt nights and credits don’t automatically process, and we have to request retroactive credits later.

This time, I thought I was ready. Before we arrived at the Aria, I prepared a single sheet of paper that listed each reservation, the dates, the confirmation number, the person whose name the reservation was under, and the MLife and World of Hyatt numbers for each person:

I handed this paper to the agent at the Invited Guest desk when we started the check-in process. And I asked 3 times during the 15-20 minute check-in process to make sure she had attached the MLife and Hyatt numbers to each stay. She confirmed that she had done this.

During our stay at the Aria, however, I noticed that my MLife tier credit balance wasn’t increasing. Despite my efforts, I was pretty sure that the numbers had not been attached.

At check-out, I asked the agent whether the numbers were attached – and as I suspected, they were not. We watched him manually enter the numbers into the record for each of our three “stays” (or at least that’s what he said he was doing; we couldn’t see the screen, but he orally described what he was doing and we could see him typing the numbers).

Three days later, we still don’t have any MLife tier credits from the stay, and we don’t have any Hyatt points or elite night credits. I called MLife Rewards customer service (866-761-7111). The rep there said that he would submit each of our 3 “stays” to Hyatt. Unfortunately, when we called, the MLife reservations system was down, so he asked that we email copies of our folios to memberservices@mgmresorts.com to ask for manual credit.

Unfortunately, I know from prior experience that we face one more challenge with this. You don’t get MLife tier credits on amounts paid for taxes. But when the check-out agent manually adjusted our folios to apply F&B credits, the revised line items say that the remaining charges are for “tax.” For example, on one night, we had a restaurant charge totaling $239.59. After the agent manually applied our $100 F&B credit to that charge, it now shows up as “ARIA Restaurant Tax – $139.59.” I’ll flag this when I send my email to MLife Member Services, but I’m afraid there’s a good chance we won’t get the correct number of tier credits. Needless to say, I’m concerned we won’t get the proper amount of Hyatt points, either.

We take 2 lessons from this part of the experience:

  • One, before your stay, you should take your reservation number from the Chase LHRC confirmation email, go into your online MLife account, and link the reservation to your MLife number. If that doesn’t work, call the hotel or MLife before your stay to get them to link the reservation to your MLife number. (With respect to the Hyatt number, there’s no place to do this online. I’m not sure if a phone agent could add a Hyatt number in advance, but it would be worth a try.)
  • Two, keep trying at check-in. MLife numbers have almost always worked when we provided them at check-in, and Hyatt numbers have sometimes worked.

Visa SavingsEdge Credits Don’t Automatically Apply to Deposits

When you make a Chase LHRC reservation at a MGM/MLife property, the confirmation says you don’t pay anything in advance. It turns out, however, that the hotel charges you the first night’s room rate plus tax as a refundable deposit, when you make the reservation. At the Aria, the charge shows up as “ARIA – ADV SALES.” By contrast, when you check out, the additional charges show up as “ARIA – FRONT DESK.”

The “ARIA – ADV SALES” charges for the deposits did not automatically earn Visa SavingsEdge 4% statement credits.

By comparison, for check-out charges shown as “ARIA – FRONT DESK” from our January stay, we received Visa SavingsEdge 4% statement credits within 2-3 days after check-out. That said, we haven’t yet received the credits from our most recent stay, even though it’s now 5 days after we checked out of the hotel.

We’re going to have to reach out to Visa SavingsEdge to request the credits, at least for the deposits and perhaps for our entire recent stay. From the FAQs on the Visa SavingsEdge site, it looks like the way to do this is to call Visa Global Customer Care Services at 888-466-9227.

This will take even more time, and it seems entirely unnecessary. I suspect that Visa Global Customer Care Services doesn’t get many calls about missing Visa SavingsEdge credits, so I won’t be surprised if it’s a challenge to get the agent to even know what I’m talking about. It’s worth enough money to make the call, though, plus we want to get the data point to share with Middle Age Miles readers.

We don’t know of any way to proactively prevent this issue. All we can do is make you aware of it and let you know how to request the credits through Visa Global Customer Care Services.


We’ve really had great stays at the Aria, which is an absolute gem of a hotel. And we’ve gotten some outstanding deals there using the Chase LHRC program. It’s really unfortunate, though, that the MGM/MLife and Visa SavingsEdge systems don’t work correctly to automatically provide benefits that are promised.

We hope that we’ve shown you the excellent deals to be had using Chase LHRC at Vegas hotels, how to prepare as best you can, what to look out for, and how to follow up to actually receive all of the promised benefits.

What are your experiences with using Chase LHRC rates and benefits in Vegas? Do you have other tips or lessons that would help? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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14 thoughts on “More Info on How to Use Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Score Great Deals in Vegas – Data Points & Observations from Another Stay at Aria (a MGM/MLife Hotel)

  1. Soluto

    Another great article Craig! Finding your site was very well timed for me as I am organizing as my family is going to Vegas from 7/7-7/9 to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday, my brother’s first wedding anniversary, and my sister’s birthday as well.

    I had a couple of questions. 1.) If I am staying for two nights and I want to get the $100 F&B twice, can I not just book two individual nights in my own name? Do I have to book it in someone else’s name?

    2.) Is it possible to book multiple rooms (for my different family members) with my LHC account? (I have the CSR)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Soluto! – Many thanks for the comment and great compliment. I’m very glad to hear that our articles have helped you out. I hope you and your family have an awesome trip to Vegas for your dad’s birthday and the other major life events! That should be a very special celebration.

      Turning to your questions: #1 is very interesting. We’ve always just ping-ponged back and forth between Philly and me as needed. In most hotel programs, there’s a specific provision in the T&Cs that says that a “stay” is consecutive nights in the same hotel, regardless of check-in and check-out activity. We kind of assumed, I guess, that the same rule would apply with Chase LHRC. But since I saw your question, I’ve read every place on the LHRC website where I thought such a term might appear, and I don’t see a limitation or definition like this. That said, it feels like this is asking for trouble (or disappointment at least). I’m not aware of any Chase LHRC data points on this exact issue.

      As for your second question, the Chase LHRC terms & conditions say that you can book up to 9 rooms for the same hotel/date using Chase LHRC.

      Thanks again for commenting, I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles, and most importantly have a fantastic trip to Vegas!!! ~Craig

      1. Soluto

        Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I will take your advice and not press my luck with separate bookings under the same name lol.

  2. Stephen

    Excellent writeup. Just what I needed to book my stay. Would you recommend doing the online pre checkin at Aria? In the email I received, it said dont stand online until you get an email your room is ready.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Stephen – Many thanks for the comment and compliment. Very interesting about online check-in at the Aria. We haven’t been given that option during our stays there and weren’t aware of it. I’d say that my preference would be talk with an agent in person for all check-in-related matters. If you book through LHRC, you’ll be able to use the Invited Guest line, so there’s little chance you’d have to wait in line for more than 10 minutes or so in any event. And speaking with an agent might get you into a room faster. At that desk, they’re going to have a lot of discretion. I suspect that they can get you into a room faster. In addition, you’re going to want to speak with an agent about possible upgrades (complimentary one-level with LHRC, or possibly a paid upgrade to an even higher-level room) before you’re assigned to a room. We’ve also found that the MLife properties’ computer systems are, let’s say nicely, maybe not the most efficient. My educated guess would be that the automated room assignment system will not take into account your LHRC benefit of early check-in (based on availability).

      Anyway, all that’s a long-winded way of saying I probably wouldn’t bother with the online pre check-in, especially if you’re staying through LHRC.

      Have fun in Vegas and have a great Memorial Day! ~Craig

  3. Beechy

    Great article !! Hoping to plan a Vegas trip soon.
    What credit card do you link to Visa Savings Edge ? It needs to be a business card, correct ?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Beechy – Many thanks for reading and commenting. Correct, cards to link to VSE need to be business cards, and of course they need to be Visa cards. For Las Vegas opportunities, the best card is Chase Ink Preferred, which earns 3x UR points on travel (including hotels) and also qualifies for 4% statement credit at several of the MGM/MLife properties in Las Vegas.

      [One nuance that we’ve learned about VSE & the MGM/MLife hotels is that the first-night deposit that MGM charges to your card does not automatically earn VSE credits. I’ve been meaning to call in to try to get them to apply the credit manually, but I just haven’t gotten that done yet.]

      Good luck on your Vegas trip and let us know how it goes! Maybe we’ll see you out there 🙂 ~Craig

  4. Beechy

    Did you find it worth the hassle to book the 4 day trip under 3 reservations ? I am all in, but trying to convince hubby as we are doing 4 nights as well.

    Did you use your celebration dinner and show tickets from Caesars match ? If so, any recommendations ?


    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Beechy! This is a great question. I’d say that it depends on the balance of your personal tolerance level for spending extra energy versus how much you like getting the extra benefits (that is, getting the $100 credit multiple times). You need to plan that it will take you an extra 10-15 minutes to check in, and perhaps as much as an extra 20 minutes to check out. Some people hate this so much that the extra benefit is not worth the hassle. I personally don’t mind the extra time, but I blog about this stuff and I’m kind of fascinated by the process and learning how their systems work (and how they don’t). There also can be a frustration factor – as in you wondering why their systems don’t work to actually provide the benefits that they promise when they sell to you?

      The price delta also matters, right? We have an upcoming Aria stay where I booked the last 2 nights using my MLife Gold discount rather than the program, because the Chase LHRC rate was substantially higher (and our flight will be too early for us to have breakfast at the hotel on our last day anyway).

      Yes, we’ve both used our celebration dinner credit. There are many good choices for this. Our favorite is Mr. Chow at Caesars. Pro Tip for Mr. Chow – Social Hour from 5 to 7 pm in the bar & patio lounge (I’m not sure you can use your dinner credit for this, but you can get some awesome food for substantially less than menu price, plus half off wine and cocktails). I think a lot of people also like to use it at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, just outside the front of Caesars.

      We haven’t actually used the free show tickets yet. But if I was picking, I’d go for Penn & Teller or Mat Franco (if you like magic shows).

      Hope this helps – I’m looking forward to hearing what you choose and how much you enjoy the trip. ~Craig

  5. Beechy


    Wow !! You are a wealth of knowledge and I am so glad that I found your blog !!!

    Rates are a little steep for our stay, but we don’t have a lot of flexibility this time. We are going to make it work.
    Penn & Teller would be our choice if we can get tickets.

    Curious if you can add on a Club Access award at the Aria ?

    I tried adding my reservation to my Mlife account and it couldn’t be found. Do I need to call in and get a different confirmation number different than the LHRC one ?

    I will definitely let you know how we make out 🙂

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      And I’m very glad you’re reading and finding it helpful 🙂

      If you’re talking about the Hyatt Milestone Club Access Awards, no, you can’t use them at Aria. If you want Club access and are willing to pay for it, you can ask about that at check-in. Or if you book or get upgraded to a Corner Suite (or higher), you’ll have access to the small lounge adjacent to the lobby that we talked about in our Hotel Review of the Aria.

      The MGM confirmation number should be in your LHRC confirmation email. It’s a 9-digit number (may have 1 or more letters) that’s in the “Hotel” section of your LHRC confirmation email. If you just made the reservation, wait a day or two for it to show up. If you can’t access it then (and you might not be able to since the reservation was made through an agency), you can call them and they should be able to attach it to your account. ~Craig

      1. Beechy

        Thank you again for all the info. We did get to Vegas and had a great time. We ended up staying at the Waldorf since we had a couple of free night certificates to use and didn’t have another use for them. The hotel was in a great location but I thought the elevator situation was confusing. Especially after a few cocktails 🙂

        We went out to see Eric Clapton, so our dates were locked in. Fantastic show !! We also did our status match to Caesars Diamond and saw Penn & Teller as well as the Mac King show – both were a lot of fun. As for dining we went to Hell’s Kitchen for lunch since there weren’t any reservations to be had and we also ate at Rao’s. It was a whirlwind weekend. We enjoyed walking around the Aria and if we go again I would like to stay there. We are not gamblers, but enjoyed walking around the glamorous properties. I had read about the myVegas Slots app and that if you play the game you earn points for rewards at MGM properties. So, prior to getting to Vegas I earned enough points for us to get a free cocktail at ALBI, free beer with our pizza and a free Sage Absinthe Experience 🙂 Not bad for playing a game before we travelled.

        Thank you again for all the advice. I am now trying to figure out our strategy for downgrading one of our Hilton Aspire cards 🙂

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Hi Beechy – Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear you had such a great time in Vegas. I had the opportunity to see Clapton up-close here in Dallas about 10 years ago, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience.

          You guys definitely had an incredible points-and-miles experience out there. Great scores with the Hilton free night certificates at the WA and using your Caesars Diamond benefits so well. I’ve always wondered if myVegas was worth the time and effort – you’re inspiring me to maybe give it a try.

          If you downgrade an Aspire now (assuming that you’ve had it for at least a year since you were approved or upgraded; otherwise don’t downgrade), then you still have a couple of months to hit $15k spend in 2019 calendar year if you’re interested in doing that to earn another Free Weekend Night certificate. We’re in the process of doing that on an Aspire-to-Surpass downgraded card as we speak.

          You’ll enjoy staying at the Aria sometime. It’s now our favorite place to stay out there. You guys are like us – not big gamblers (save for a handful of sports & horse racing bets here and there) but love all the eating, drinking, and enjoying the scene.

          Thanks again for the great follow-up comment, and have a good week! ~Craig

  6. Beechy

    PS – As for the myVegas slot game. I started using it with the app on my phone, but someone commented somewhere that points accrued quicker if you played through Facebook. I found that to be true 🙂

    Our Hilton Aspire where upgraded with 150K bonus over a year ago. We haven’t had much spend on them. I will have to consider if it is worth doing so.

    Thanks 🙂

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