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Convert Your La Quinta Returns Points Into Wyndham Rewards by March 31

convert la quinta returns points wyndham rewards how to transfer instructions
The La Quinta Chicago Downtown is the only LQ property where I’ve stayed in the past 10 years – but I had a good stay there!

Introduction & Reminder

This post is a quick reminder to everyone with a balance of La Quinta Returns points to transfer them over to Wyndham Rewards before March 31.

Technically, LQ Returns Gold and Elite members don’t need to transfer, as their points would convert automatically at a 1:1 ratio on April 3 – but it still seems best to do the transfer manually to make sure your points move over correctly.

LQ Returns Silver/non-elite members definitely want to manually transfer their points. For manual transfers done this month, LQ Returns points will convert to Wyndham Rewards points at a 1:1 ratio. However, if you don’t do the manual transfer and your points are automatically converted, you’ll receive only 1 Wyndham Rewards point for every 2 LQ Returns points.

Instructions on How to Transfer Your LQ Returns Points to Wyndham Rewards

The process of transferring LQ Returns points to Wyndham Rewards is straightforward.

First, log in to your LQ Returns account. Then scroll down and click on the “Learn More” button for Wyndham Returns + La Quinta, as shown here:

This page contains some information about the La Quinta Returns-to-Wyndham Rewards integration and conversion:

Scroll down to the section for La Quinta Returns Members: Transfer Your Points, and click the “Transfer Your Points” button:

The system should auto-populate your email address, last name and full balance of LQ Returns points. You’ll need to enter your Wyndham Rewards number and click “Submit”:

Note that your email addresses in your LQ Returns and Wyndham Rewards accounts will need to match in order for your transfer to be successful.

We only had a small balance of 1,500 LQ Returns points, from a promotion last summer – but we didn’t want to lose them!

Also note that, although until recently LQ Returns only allowed transfers in increments of 1,000 points, the system now allows transfers in any increment. This allows you to make sure that you sweep all of your LQ Returns points over to Wyndham Rewards. (Hat Tip to Stefan at Rapid Travel Chai for this tip.)

The LQ system confirmed that we had successfully transferred our LQ Returns points.

The LQ message said to allow up to 24 hours for the points to appear in our Wyndham Rewards account – but in fact, the transfer was instant and the points were immediately available in Wyndham Rewards.

One Additional Small Data Point

When we first logged in to our LQ Returns account this morning, it showed a zero balance. This was strange, as we had earned 1,500 points from a promotion in July 2018. LQ Returns points expire in 18 months if you don’t have any stays, but our point-earning was well within the 18-month period.

We called the LQ Returns customer service line at 800-783-8767, and our points were reinstated after a 5-minute call. The 1,500 points were immediately back in our account, and we immediately transferred them to Wyndham Rewards with no problem, as described above.

The LQ Returns agent also mentioned to us that if you had points that expired due to 18 months of inactivity, they could be reinstated as a goodwill gesture, if you made a La Quinta stay.

We never want to leave points on the table or lose them inadvertently! We hope this article helps you take advantage of your rightfully-earned La Quinta points by moving them to the Wyndham Rewards program.

And remember, Wyndham Rewards is undergoing significant changes on April 3. Check out this comprehensive Frequent Miler article for details on the Wyndham Rewards changes. And if you want to make award bookings at Wyndham’s top hotels at the current 15,000 point-per-night rate, you’ll want to make them as soon as possible – and definitely before April 3!

Do you have any additional information, advice or data points on the LQ-to-Wyndham conversion or the upcoming changes to Wyndham Rewards? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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