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Supplemental Hotel Review – Aria Las Vegas Corner Suite

aria las vegas corner suite review
Aria Corner Suite – living room

This article supplements our Trip Report – It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles


In January, Middle Age Miles spent a weekend at the beautiful Aria resort & casino in Las Vegas. We got a great deal, learned a ton of useful information, and shared that with our readers in How to Use the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Program to Score Great Deals in Vegas (and earn points & status too! We also reviewed our stay at the Aria in Hotel Review – Aria Las Vegas.

We recently returned to to Las Vegas with friends, and again stayed at the Aria. We learned a lot more about using the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection (LHRC) to score great deals and benefits, and we’ve shared those data points and tips in More Info on How to Use Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Score Great Deals in Vegas – Data Points & Observations from Another Stay at Aria (a MGM/MLife Hotel).

During our January stay at the Aria, we stayed in a Deluxe Strip View Room, and we reviewed that room in our previous Aria review. On our more recent visit, though, we utilized a pro tip provided to us by our check-in agent on our last trip, and we were upgraded to a 920-square-foot Corner Suite! In this article, we’ll review the Aria Corner Suite and the features that came along with it.

This impressive dragon display was in the Shops at Crystals, the shopping center adjacent to the Aria

How Did We Get an Aria Corner Suite?

To get a Corner Suite at the Aria, we booked a Deluxe Strip View room through the Chase LHRC program. One of the LHRC benefits is a one-level upgrade, subject to availability – and a one-level upgrade from a Deluxe Strip View room is the Corner Suite!

We received our upgrade at check-in, when we checked in at the Aria “Invited Guest” desk (a benefit of using the LHRC program). From the main Aria entrance, Invited Guest Check-In is past the main check-in counter, on the right. We got the impression that there must not have been many Corner Suites available for the weekend, based on the check-in agent’s reaction. We were assigned to a low-floor room on the 4th floor, Room #4246.

Aria Invited Guest Check-In Desk

We have complete details on the booking in our “More Info” article, which we highly recommend you read if you want to take advantage of this deal. Just remember that the room upgrade is subject to availability at check-in. If you’ll be staying on a really busy weekend, understand that the Corner Suites may be sold out and you’ll end up in the class of room that you actually booked. Fortunately, the Deluxe Strip View rooms at the Aria are quite nice too!

Corner Suite at the Aria

The first thing to know about a Corner Suite at the Aria is that the corners of the Aria are a very long walk from the elevators! It’s a huge hotel, and the corridors are confusing until you get used to the layout. To find your room, you’ll need to carefully follow the signs for your room number.

Once you reach your Corner Suite, though, you’ll find a nice, spacious 920-square-foot room. The floor plan looks like this (our room looked exactly like this floor plan; we suspect that others may be mirror images of this plan):

Aria Corner Suite floor plan [image courtesy Aria]

One thing you’ll notice is that the space isn’t used all that efficiently. You enter into the entryway, and there’s a half-bath immediately on the right. Beyond that, there’s another large space with a work desk on the right and a support pillar toward the left side before you emerge into the living area. All of this entry space and the positioning of the support pillar means that almost a quarter of the square footage is somewhat wasted.

Here are photos of the entryway:

Aria Corner Suite – entryway with the half-bath on the right, then looking past the work desk into the living room
Aria Corner Suite – another view looking from the entryway into the room
Aria Corner Suite – work desk and looking into the living room

Beyond the entryway, the rest of the room is quite nice. There are floor-to-ceiling windows all the way around the left-side perimeter of the room. Our view wasn’t the most exciting, as we were mostly facing north (and a bit toward the west). We didn’t have full Strip views, but we could see the Vdara and Cosmopolitan hotels nearby. (This wasn’t a big deal, but frankly, the view from the 22nd-floor Deluxe Strip View room on our previous stay was a lot better.)

Aria Corner Suite – view of the Vdara & Cosmopolitan hotels from Room 4246

The living room was spacious and had a couch, a large chair, an ottoman, glass-covered coffee and end tables, and a floor lamp. There was also a bar with a small counter. This had some mini-bar items on the counter and a mini-bar fridge underneath. And although you can’t see it in our photo of the living room, there was a wall-mounted flat-screen TV on the wall across from the couch.

Aria Corner Suite – living room

Interestingly, the Corner Suite had 3 thermostats – one in the entryway, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom. In addition, there were push-button controls for the sheer curtains and blackout curtains. I still think this is incredibly cool, now matter how many times I’ve had it!

Beyond the living room was the bedroom. When you entered the bedroom from the living room, the bed was to the left. Facing the bed was another wall-mounted flat-screen TV, along with a small dresser with drawers. There were nightstands on each side of the bed with lamps and lighting control buttons. One nightstand also contained a tablet, which doubles as a clock and a gateway to information about many aspects of the hotel. There are some room controls on the tablet as well. Each side of the bed had 2 open electrical plugs above the nightstand, which was very convenient.

Each night, the turndown service left us a tray with 2 small bottles of water and glasses along with some chocolate treats and put our slippers out beside the bed. This was a very nice touch, and of course extra water in the desert is always appreciated!

Aria Corner Suite – bedroom
Aria Corner Suite – bedroom – TV and small dresser
Aria Corner Suite – nightstand with tray of water bottles and glasses provided by turndown service

As you entered the bedroom, the door into the bathroom was immediately on the right. The bathroom was long and narrow. From left to right as you entered from the bedroom – To the left were the stand-up shower stall and then the potty room. To the right were the long double-sink vanity with storage space underneath, a large tub, and a large double-door closet.

The bathroom had Philly’s very favorite feature – a heated potty! I think she would have paid extra for the room, for this feature alone.

The shower had strong spray and almost-instant hot water. The shower stall included a seat/step at the far end. Other bathroom features included a lighted magnifying mirror, side lighting strips on the main vanity mirror (one being white and one being pink – that was interesting), and a small wall-mounted TV above the tub.

Aria Corner Suite – bathroom – shower stall & potty room
Aria Corner Suite – bathroom – shower stall
Aria Corner Suite – bathroom – double-sink vanity
Aria Corner Suite – bathroom – bathtub with TV

I didn’t get a picture of the toiletries, but they were Lather brand, bamboo creme scent. They were nice enough that I brought home the shampoo, and large enough that it has lasted me for two weeks.

Minor Issues

We had a couple of minor issues with the room. Neither seriously diminished the quality of our stay, but we wanted to point them out:

  • We had an issue with the TVs in our room. For starters, they didn’t work. And beyond that, the HDMI cord connecting the living room TV to whatever system delivers the signal was unplugged and completely broken. When we called in about this, a maintenance person arrived at our room quickly within a few minutes. He was very pleasant and fixed the problems within a few more minutes. But the fact that the TVs didn’t work and one cord was completely broken illustrates a failure of quality control. I’m sure this is not the standard that the Aria aspires to, especially in its suites.
  • There was no easy place to plug in a laptop for working in the living room (or to conveniently plug in anything else in the living room for that matter). Both of us were going to be working on our first day at the hotel, so I set up at the desk and Philly in the living room. To plug in her laptop, the only available outlet was underneath the couch, pretty much in the middle. We had to move the couch and unplug the hotel’s tablet for Philly to be able to plug in her laptop in the living room and work there. This is a small but important “miss” in the room design.

Extra Benefits of Staying in a Suite at the Aria

“Tower Suite” guests at the Aria have access to a small lounge and dedicated check-in desk. If you come in the main entrance, the Tower Suites lounge is immediately to the left (across the lobby from the main check-in desk). You can push the handicap-access button to open the doors.

Inside, you’ll find the dedicated check-in desk for Tower Suites guests, some seating, and some snacks and drinks. The drink selection was outstanding and included a large coffee machine, sodas and juices, and plenty of small bottles of water. We certainly enjoyed our share of the bottled water! Snack choices were more limited and didn’t include any hot items. For example, during our stay the morning snacks included tangerines, dried banana chips, croissants, and small apple turnovers.

Aria – Tower Suites Lounge – center display with coffee machine and snacks in the background; drinks are in the cabinet-looking coolers underneath
Aria – Tower Suites Lounge – seating area

We didn’t check in at the Tower Suites desk, but we were escorted over from Invited Guest check-in to the Tower Suites Lounge by our check-in agent, which was nice. We received special “Tower Suites” keys, which we flashed to confirm access into the lounge during our stay. We did check out from the Tower Suites Lounge. I don’t think that any meaningful impact on the fairly lengthy process of getting our credits properly adjusted and applied, but it at least gave us a quieter place in which to go over the details with our check-out agent.

There was one other very nice thing that the Aria did for us during our stay. At check-in, we mentioned that we were celebrating my birthday (this was true, and the check-in agent may have confirmed it by checking my ID). At one point while we were in our room, there was an unexpected knock on the door, and we were delivered two beautiful boxes of chocolates from the Aria Patisserie, along with a note with well wishes from the Aria. This was an extremely nice touch and very much appreciated.

Aria Corner Suite – birthday chocolates from the Aria Patisserie and a nice note

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of our Aria Corner Suite. We wouldn’t necessarily need a suite like this on every stay – I mean, the Deluxe Strip View room on our previous stay was really good – but it was nice to have the extra space. This especially helped us on the first day of our stay when both Philly and I were working all day. We each had plenty of space, and we had separate rooms in case we were both on calls at the same time. The extra touches of the Tower Suites Lounge and the awesome chocolates were also nice-to-haves.

The price differential between Deluxe Strip View rooms and Corner Suites at the Aria can be substantial. So if your stay isn’t on a busy weekend or during a huge convention, you can try our approach of booking a Deluxe Strip View room through Chase LHRC and hoping for the upgrade into a Corner Suite. It’s certainly worth a shot!

What are your thoughts about the Aria and your experiences there? Have you stayed in a Corner Suite, perhaps through an upgrade? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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