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iPrefer Double Points Promo – Plus New Members Get 5,000 iPrefer Points for Enrolling (Preferred Hotels & Resorts)

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Middle Age Miles’ most recent iPrefer stay was at Covo Dei Saraceni in Positano,
Amalfi Coast, Italy, where we had this amazing view from the terrace of our room

iPrefer, the loyalty program of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, has 2 current promotions that caught our eye – double iPrefer points when booking on iPrefer.com, and 5,000 bonus iPrefer points for new members.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is an affiliation of independent hotels for marketing and loyalty program purposes. It includes more than 700 properties worldwide, and many of them appear to be very nice. For example, Middle Age Miles’ most recent iPrefer stay was at Covo dei Saraceni in Positano, Italy, on the famed Amalfi Coast, which was absolutely wonderful. We’re hoping for a similarly good experience on our next iPrefer stay, at Grand Hotel Palace in Rome.

Grand Hotel Palace, Rome [image courtesy Grand Hotel Palace]

Some of the iPrefer/Preferred Hotels & Resorts properties are also members of other chains or loyalty programs. At these properties, you’ll always want to check to make sure you’re booking through the channel that gets you the best deal and best loyalty program benefits

Relevant Link & Other Details

Here’s a link to the main iPrefer page:

When you go to the iPrefer home page, you should get a pop-up box that tells you about the 5,000-point bonus for new member enrollment, which contains a button to click to take you to the enrollment page:

Behind the pop-up, on the iPrefer home page, you’ll then see the Double Points promotion, which has a button to “Explore & Book Now”:

When you click through to explore and book, it takes you to a reservation page that says that 723 hotels are available for booking. We don’t find the iPrefer booking page to be very user-friendly. The best tip we can give you is to click the “Show Filters” button at the top, which will then let you filter for properties in various ways, such as by region or by country.

The double-points promotion is light on details. We don’t see a start or end date for bookings or stays under this promotion. Once you click through, there’s nothing on the next search/booking page that indicates that you’ve reached bookings that qualify for double points. And we don’t see any clear tracking indicator in the URL for that page that associates it with a promotion, either. If we were making a booking and expecting to earn double iPrefer points, we’d screenshot everything!

What Will I Earn for iPrefer Stays?

The iPrefer program has 2 tiers – base-level “Insider” status and top-tier “Elite” status. Points-earning and benefits for the two tiers are as follows:

As you can see, Insider members earn 10 iPrefer points per US dollar, and Elite members earn 15 iPrefer points per US dollar. Stays in other currencies are converted to US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate to determine points earnings.

We can only barely speak to the other benefits of iPrefer status. On our one recent stay at Covo dei Saraceni in Positano, Italy, we received a nice bottle of champagne as a welcome amenity. (Someone may be able to tell me if it was good from the picture below; we’re not champagne-literate at all!)

iPrefer Elite champagne welcome amenity at Covo dei Saraceni, Positano, Italy

We also received a one-level room upgrade to an awesome suite with a terrace. But that said, I don’t believe this was normal. In our situation, we had to be very insistent at the front desk to get the upgrade, we had booked a higher-tier room already and not just a standard base room, and the hotel was at low occupancy given that it was in mid-April and thus very early in the season. It was clear that the hotel was not accustomed to giving upgrades, and I certainly would not expect one during a busier time.

Can I Status-Match to iPrefer Elite Status?

Yes. If you have elite status in another hotel program, send an email to iPreferUpdate@PreferredHotels.com, provide proof of your status with another chain, and request a courtesy match to Elite status.

We have done this before, and the iPrefer people were very pleasant and quick in matching us to iPrefer Elite status. (I don’t recall for sure, but we would have sent either SPG Platinum or Hilton Diamond status as the basis for our match request.)

What Are iPrefer Points Worth?

iPrefer has a straightforward redemption process, which leads to its points having a clear value of 0.2 cents per point.

You redeem iPrefer points in increments of at least 12,500, to receive a certificate with a certain denomination. You can then use the certificate at an iPrefer property for that amount of credit, which can be toward room rate or other hotel charges.

Here’s the redemption chart:

As you can see, the 0.2 cents-per-point ratio remains constant, regardless of what level of certificate you redeem for.

You can also redeem points for certificates denominated in Euros or Pounds. iPrefer applies an exchange rate to these redemptions that also holds the value at 0.2 US cents-per-point.

If you’re an Elite member, you earn 15 points per dollar on your room rate at iPrefer hotels, which equates to a 3% points rebate (subject to breakage, of course).

Under the current Double Points promo, it appears that Elite members would earn 30 points per dollar, which would be a 6% points rebate.

In addition, the sign-up bonus of 5,000 points would be worth $10 at 0.2 cents per point. And you’d have to do something else to get up to a total of at least 12,500 points before you could redeem your points.

None of this is earth-shattering, especially compared to points-earning at Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott (especially for elites). But it’s not chicken scratch, either. As we always say at Middle Age Miles, never leave points on the table!

Will you be taking advantage of these iPrefer promotions? Where will you stay? Please share in the Comments!

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