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9 Fun Things to Do & See in Dubrovnik

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Awesome view of Dubrovnik Old Town and the Adriatic Sea
from the Stone Cross platform at the top of Mt. Srd

This article is part of our Trip Report – Our Summer Holiday in Dubrovnik and Beyond

During our 5-night stay in Dubrovnik, we interspersed visits into the city of Dubrovnik itself with three day trips to nearby locations. We knew some things we wanted to do and see in the city, and other things we played by ear as we wandered about.

In this article we’ll feature 9 things to do and see in Dubrovnik that we think you’ll enjoy on your visit.

1. Ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car to the Top of Mt. Srd (and walk down?)

Just outside the northern side of the Dubrovnik Old Town city wall (near Buza Gate), you’ll find the station for the Dubrovnik Cable Car. The Cable Car will take you on a journey rising 400 meters above the city. At the top, you’ll see Imperial Fort, built by Napoleon and completed in 1812, along with the Stone Cross monument (that also served as the Pit Stop in The Amazing Race Season 12, Leg 6).

Middle Age Miles son Andrew at the Dubrovnik Cable Car lower station
Middle Age Miles at the lower cable car station – it’s not a bad view even from here!
Boarding the Dubrovnik Cable Car
View of an ascending cable car

The views of Old Town Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea once you reach the top are spectacular. And the views on the cable car ride itself aren’t too shabby either.

Middle Age Miles at the observation platform at the upper cable car station
The Stone Cross atop Mt. Srd, near the upper cable car station
View of the Stone Cross from the observation deck at the upper cable car station
View of Dubrovnik Old Town and city wall, from the observation platform at the upper cable car station
View from the upper cable car station, looking north toward Boznia & Herzegovina

At the upper cable car station, there’s a small restaurant & bar called Panorama, and there’s also a small shop with soft drinks and souvenirs.

Most people buy a round-trip cable car ticket and ride back down to the lower station at the end of their visit. Our adventurous group decided we’d hike the trail back down the side of Mt. Srd. This downhill trail walk took about an hour. The footing was a bit uneven in places, so make sure you’re wearing the proper shoes if you decide to give this trail a go. The views on the downhill hike continued to be great, and the trail was interspersed with interesting artwork along the way, some if not all depicting the crucifixion. When we reached a road at the bottom, we simply called an Uber to get a ride back to our hotel.

Crucifixion artwork along the trail from the top of Mt. Srd back down toward Dubrovnik
Another piece of crucifixion-related artwork along the trail from the top of Mt. Srd back down toward Dubrovnik – this one was my favorite

2. Walk the Dubrovnik City Walls

We suspect this is on every Dubrovnik visitor’s “to do” list. It’s very cool to walk atop the Old Town Dubrovnik City Walls, and we certainly recommend that you do it. As with many things in Dubrovnik, the views are tremendous.

Those things said, there are a few things you should know in advance. One, it’s a moderately strenuous walk. It’s a little over 2 miles to get all the way around the walls by our measure. Parts of the wall walk require fairly steep climbs and stairs. Two, it’s kind of expensive. It cost 150 Kuna (about $22-23) when we went in August 2018, and we understand that the price has risen to 200 Kuna (about $30) for 2019. Three, the line-ups to enter the walls can be long. We went pretty early in the morning to minimize our wait in line. Four, there’s little to no shade atop the walls, so be aware if you’re visiting in the summer. Going early in the morning helped with this, but it was still plenty warm. And five, there are no in-and-out privileges. If you exit, you’ll have to pay again to re-enter.

There are some places along the wall that serve drinks and snacks, so that’s helpful if you want to rest and take your time along the wall. Our time was limited when we went, so we buzzed around the perimeter relatively quickly.

There are also tours you can book for your wall walk, which we’re sure would provide interesting color and history to your walk if you’re so inclined. And here’s another local Dubrovnik tour operator who we didn’t get to try but seems to get great reviews.

Relatively short line-up to enter the Dubrovnik City Wall in the morning, just inside the Pile (western) Gate
Walking the Dubrovnik City Wall with a few friends
View of the top of Fort Bokar from the Dubrovnik City Wall, with the Fort of St. Lawrence in the background
Interesting view from the Wall, looking back into Old Town
One of the snack-and-drink places along the Wall
Looking back along the Wall into the Adriatic Sea
More views of the outside of the Wall and the Adriatic
NOT the best view from the Dubrovnik City Walls – but blow up this picture and see if you can count the cats! (Answer at the bottom of this article)
Red Cross stations in case you overheat while you’re walking the Wall
Overlooking the harbor
Dubrovnik Clock Tower, from the Wall
View of the Stone Cross high atop Mt. Srd, from the Dubrovnik City Wall
Good view of Old Town from the Wall
And one last shot of the Wall and the Sea before we exited

3. Take a Game of Thrones Tour

We don’t watch Game of Thrones, but Middle Age Miles sister Cymber is a huge fan. For her, and for anyone else who loves this series – and we know there are a lot of you out there – don’t miss this chance to go on a Game of Thrones-themed tour in Dubrovnik.

As any GoT fan worth his or her salt knows, Dubrovnik stands in for King’s Landing in the series. And as you’d expect, there are numerous GoT-related sites around Old Town, perhaps most famously including the Jesuit Staircase from the Walk of Shame. Your GoT tour guide will show you all the best places and give you lots of inside scoop about GoT filming in Dubrovnik. For now, we’re not giving any more away, as we’ll review our GoT boat tour in a separate article to come.

Viator and other tour agencies offer many Game of Thrones-themed tour options. We took one that involved a boat cruise on a period-styled ship from Gruz port around Dubrovnik to the east harbor/marina, and then a walking tour through Old Town. Find one you like and book away!

The Jesuit Staircase in Old Town Dubrovnik was the site of Game of Thrones’ famous “Walk of Shame”

4. Walk the Stradun

Old Town Dubrovnik’s main street is the Stradun, which runs east-west between the Pile Gate on the west side of Old Town and Ploce Gate on the east.

Since most people enter at the Pile Gate on the west side, we’ll run our pictures from west to east starting at Pile Gate.

Philly and Middle Age Miles sister Cymber with Pile Gate in the background
The first thing you’ll see when you enter Old Town through Pile Gate is Onofrio’s Fountain
And look for this little guy near the Pile Gate entrance
Me trying to look cool, with very little success
Looking down the length of the Stadun, west-to-east from the Pile Gate entrance to the Clock Tower
Once you start down the Stradun, there are many storefront shops
Including one of Philly’s favorite stores, Michal Negrin!
At the eastern end of the Stradun, you’ll find the Dubrovnik Clock Tower
The plaza at the east end of the Stradun also contains Orlando’s Column

Here are some links to read more about the Dubrovnik Clock Tower and Orlando’s Column if you’re intrested.

After making our way down the Stradun, we were ready to get out of the sun for a while, so we stopped into a museum near the Clock Tower that advertised a “Horrors of the Homeland” exhibit that sounded interesting. Most of the museum was minimalist, rather strange, and had nothing to do with the Yugoslavian Civil War (Croatian War for Independence). We didn’t get much out of that part. But one portion, the Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders, was a solemn, touching tribute to the people (almost exclusively young men) who lost their lives defending Dubrovnik during the conflict in the early 1990’s.

The Memorial Room of Dubrovnik Defenders

5. Go Sea Kayaking

The waters of the Adriatic are calm around Dubrovnik (at least during the summer), so not surprisingly, one of the popular activities is to go sea kayaking. We saw several sea kayak rental places in the (smaller) Dubrovnik West Harbor, and I believe you could rent kayaks in the main eastern harbor as well.

You can either take a sea kayak tour, or you can just rent a kayak and paddle around on your own. We didn’t go sea kayaking on this trip, but it looked like fun!

Dubrovnik sea kayaking [image courtesy Viator]

6. Take a Day Cruise to the Elafiti Islands

Lots of visitors to Dubrovnik enjoy taking a day cruise to the Elafiti Islands (alternately spelled Elaphiti or Elaphite). The islands are located several miles off the Dubrovnik coast, to the northwest. The islands are small, with a total population of less than 1,000, and cars are allowed on only 1 of the islands. They’re also filled with beautiful coves and beaches, making them a tranquil getaway for a day.

Viator and other tour operators sell tour packages, or you can book something on your own at the east harbor.

Tour booking stands at the Dubrovnik east (main) harbor

7. Climb Up and Visit the Fort of St. Lawrence

The Fort of St. Lawrence (Lovrijenac) sits atop a steep bluff just to the west of Old Town Dubrovnik, across the Dubrovnik West Harbor. It’s a bit of a climb from the water’s edge up 121 feet of stairs to the base of the Fort. We discussed the Fort at some length in our earlier article, The Amazing Race Dubrovnik Sites, so we won’t belabor it here.

There are great views of Old Town Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea from the Fort, it’s the Red Keep in Game of Thrones (and true fans will recognize some filming sites, we learned), and of late it’s become the home for theatrical performances, most notably Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Fort of St. Lawrence, looking up from the water’s edge
Terrific views from the roof of the Fort of St. Lawrence
Artillery at the Fort, with a nice view of the mountains in the background
Middle Age Miles being silly at the Fort of St. Lawrence

8. Have a Drink and Enjoy the Views at Bard Mala Buza

Bard Mala Buza is a bar situated just outside the Dubrovnik City Wall, on the Adriatic side. It clings to the bluff rising from the sea to the city, giving it a unique location and vantage point.

Some people think the drinks at Bard Mala Buza are overpriced – but it seems fair to charge a premium for the views and one-of-a-kind real estate there.

Bard Mala Buza is perched dramatically on the bluff just outside the Dubrovnik City Wall

9. Party All Night at Club Revelin

Disclaimer: Philly and I did not do this. We’re too old. But certain other members of our travel party made their way to Club Revelin very late one night of our trip.

Word on the street was that Club Revelin was the hottest club in town, and our travel mates supported that billing. It seems to be gearing up again for another big summer in 2019, with events like Luminescence every Monday night.

The older folks may need to stay at the hotel and get some rest, but the young crowd visiting Dubrovnik might enjoy a party night at Club Revelin.

Luminescence every Monday night is one of the many themed events at Club Revelin

We hope we’ve provided you with a nice and varied selection of things to do and see in Dubrovnik. Pick your favorites and enjoy your time in this spectacularly beautiful city!

Oh, and here’s the answer … 7 cats!

What other tips do you have for things to do and see in Dubrovnik? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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