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Hyatt Launches Points-Earning and Free Night Promotion for Former Two Roads Hotels

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View of Puget Sound from the Thompson Seattle [image courtesy Thompson Seattle]

Last fall, Hyatt announced that it would gain about 60 new hotels through its acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality. The integration of former Two Roads hotels into Hyatt begins tomorrow (Thursday, March 28) when properties from the Thompson Hotels group join World of Hyatt for points-earning, benefits and award redemptions.

All 4 brands from the former Two Roads portfolio will be brought into World of Hyatt, and we know part of the schedule already:

  • Thompson Hotels – March 28, 2019
  • Joie de Vivre – May 15, 2019
  • Destination Hotels – “coming soon” in 2019
  • Alila – “coming soon” in 2019

As we’ve mentioned before, we love this move by Hyatt to increase its footprint and also expand the pool of luxury, aspirational hotels available for award redemptions. Most of the former Two Roads properties are quite nice, and some are truly stunning.

In conjunction with Thompson Hotels coming on-board, World of Hyatt announced an interesting promotion. Here are the basic terms:

  • Earn 2,000 bonus Hyatt points for your first stay at a participating hotel in each of the four new brands
  • Earn a Category 1-4 Free Night Certificate (expires after 180 days) by making at least one stay at a hotel in each of the four new brands
  • Promotion runs through December 31, 2019
  • For each brand, the promotion starts on its World of Hyatt integration date
  • Paid rates and points award redemptions both qualify for the promotion
  • No registration is required

The terms and conditions also note that not all Thompson and Joie de Vivre hotels will participate in this promotion. This may be because some of those hotels are affiliated with other chains and loyalty programs and thus cannot be integrated into World of Hyatt. For example, I believe that a few Two Roads properties were affiliated with Hilton. In any event, for your convenience, we have a complete list of participating properties below, along with links to the Hyatt pages for each brand.

Value of the Promotion and Stacking Opportunities

Our baseline value of Hyatt points is 1.5 cents per point, so a 2,000-point bonus would be worth about $30. That’s a nice little bonus, although tempered a bit by the fact that most of the participating properties are high-end hotels or resorts, with rates to match.

When we first saw the “free night” part of the promotion, we were hoping that it would be a free night at one of the new properties. We’d go out of our way for a free night at Ventana Big Sur (an Alila brand property), for sure! But, it’s just a Category 1-4 free night with a 180-day expiration clock. Given that you can redeem 15,000 points for a Category 4 free night, we’ll say this free night certificate is worth about $225 – and reasonably, a bit less because of the time restriction. This won’t justify any type of mattress run, especially given that it’s going to take an overseas trip or a stay at the rather expensive Ventana Big Sur property to score an Alila night for purposes of the promotion. But it’s an interesting carrot if your travel plans would naturally put you close to scoring a stay at all 4 brands during 2019.

Patio and view from Ventana Big Sur, an Alila hotel – we can’t wait to see what points
award availability will be like here once Alila is integrated into World of Hyatt
[image courtesy Alila/Ventana Big Sur]

Given that Two Roads was acquired by Hyatt, the new properties should be fully integrated into World of Hyatt’s elite benefits structure. Thus, we’d expect Globalists, Explorists and Discoverists to receive the same elite benefits at these new properties as they’d expect at an existing Hyatt hotel.

Stays at the new hotels should qualify for the current Hyatt bonus points promotion and thereby earn 1,000 bonus points starting with your second Hyatt stay during the promo period. The promotion only runs through May 15, so probably only Thompson Hotels stays within the next few weeks will hit this sweet spot.

We’re not sure whether the new hotels are available through the Hyatt Prive program (or will soon be), but that would be an interesting way to stack benefits with the new promotion. We haven’t checked whether any of the new properties are available through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts,the Chase Luxury Hotel & Resorts Collection, or Virtuoso, but those programs may present other options to receive elite-type benefits at the new properties plus score the 2,000 bonus Hyatt points.

Participating Properties by Brand

For your convenience, we went through Hyatt’s online pages and compiled lists of all of the participating properties in the 4 new brands. We included a space to list each hotel’s World of Hyatt category, but Hyatt has only assigned the Thompson Hotels to categories so far.

1. Thompson Hotels

new hyatt thompson hotels

2. Joie de Vivre Hotels

new hyatt joie de vivre hotels

3. Destination Hotels

new hyatt destination hotels
hyatt destination hotels

4. Alila hotels

new hyatt alila hotels

As you can tell, we’re excited about this new World of Hyatt development, especially as we’re Going for Globalist in 2019. We hope this opens up some fabulous aspirational destinations for great travel opportunities ahead with Hyatt!

What do you think about the new hotels coming on board with World of Hyatt and this promotion? Where do you plan to go? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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