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Register Now! Hilton Honors Double Points “Go More Get More” Promo Starts Monday (May 6)

hilton honors double points promo promotion go more get more earn extra points at hilton summer promo

Summary of the Promo

From Monday, May 6, through September 8, earn double base Hilton Honors (HH) points on stays at Hilton-family properties, starting with your second stay during the promotion period.

In addition, you can earn additional bonus points if you have numerous stays during the promo period, as follows:

  • 10,000 HH points after your 10th stay
  • another 15,000 HH points after your 15th stay
  • another 20,000 HH points after your 20th stay

You must register before you check out of your first stay in order to earn the bonus points.

Relevant Links

Register for the Hilton Honors “Go More, Get More” promotion here:

There’s also a FAQ page for the promotion, which you can access here:

Hilton Honors “Go More Get More” registration confirmation – we’re all set up to earn double base points!

Additional Details of the Promotion

This promotion is extremely straightforward – double base points starting with your second stay during the promotion period (plus the points bonuses for numerous stays that very, very few people would be able to hit).

Base point earning at most Hilton-family hotels is 10 points per dollar, so at most properties this promotion will earn you an extra 10x HH points per dollar of spend. At our baseline value of 0.5 cents per HH point, that’s an additional points rebate of 5% starting with your second stay during the promotional period. Only Home2 Suites and Tru hotels have a different points earning rate, at just 5 base points per dollar, so the promotion is worth less there (additional 2.5% points rebate).

Under a close read of the promotion terms, it appears that your first stay during the promotion period can be a points stay. Without bogging down in too many details, the promotion FAQs say that an eligible stay is as defined in the HH program terms & conditions under “Accrual of Points” part 3. There, you’ll find that points award stays do count as “stays” for purposes of accrual of points. In fact, points award stays would count as “stays” for all purposes of this promo – it’s just that it won’t do much good to get double points on a stay that would earn zero points!

Because of this, though, you might consider having an award stay as your first “stay” under this promotion, to then start the clock for double points earning on later paid stays.

Other items of possible interest that we picked up from the FAQs and terms & conditions:

  • There’s no limit on the total amount of bonus HH points you can earn under this promotion
  • All stays completed on May 6 or later count for this promotion, even if you checked in prior to May 6
  • As always with Hilton (and they’re good at enforcing this), all consecutive nights at the same hotel count as a single “stay” regardless of whether you check out and back in again
  • All spend on charges to the room count toward earning bonus points, except at the following brands: Hampton, Tru, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites
  • If you have 2 or more room reservations at the same time, bonus points are awarded on one room only (although you can earn base points on two rooms if they are paid on one folio)
  • The promotion has the usual exclusions from qualifying stays, including wholesale/tour operator packages, third party website bookings (such as through Booking.com or Expedia), and “opaque” channel bookings where the brand may not be known at the time of purchase (such as Hotwire)
    • It’s standard that these types of stays don’t earn HH points anyway, and they’re also excluded from this promotion

Our Thoughts on The “Go More Get More” Promotion

There’s a recent trend in the big-chain hotel points promotions to make the promotion benefits start with the second stay during the promo period rather than the first. Marriott, Hyatt and IHG have all had similar conditions in recent promotions. We don’t love this trend, but we understand the motivation behind it, and we expect it’s here to stay.

For those of us who like to maximize points-earning, this always plays into our strategy. Sometimes it’s even best, if you have an expensive stay coming up during the promotion period, to “mattress-run” a first cheap stay in order to capture the promotion benefits during the expensive stay. We examined this strategy in some detail with respect to a recent Marriott promotion in our article, Mattress Run a First Stay for the Marriott Double Take Promotion? In this case, the play might be to manufacture a first stay with a 10,000-point award stay, if you could earn more than 10,000 bonus points from your expensive stay. To come out ahead, your expensive stay would need to be more than 1,000.

Otherwise, we like double-points promotions. As we mentioned earlier, at our baseline value of 0.5 cents per HH point, the promotion results in an extra 5% points rebate. Combined with Hilton’s other generous points-earning, especially for elite members and Aspire & Ascend credit card holders, you can really earn a ton of Hilton points by using promotions like this one.

As for the extra bonuses for 10/15/20 stays, those don’t help too many people given the sheer number of stays needed during a 4-month period. And the bonuses themselves aren’t earth-shattering – for instance, the 10,000 HH point bonus for 10 stays is only worth about $50 at our baseline value. As always, all extra points are nice, but these thresholds are not achievable for anyone besides the true business road warrior.

What do you think of the new Hilton Honors “Go More Get More” promotion? Any chance you’ll mattress run a first stay to get a big bonus on an expensive stay later? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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3 thoughts on “Register Now! Hilton Honors Double Points “Go More Get More” Promo Starts Monday (May 6)

  1. Rob

    Good work! Answered exactly the issue I was wondering about which is whether the first stay could be a points stay. I’ve got expensive cash stays coming up end of June and August and a 1 night award stay before those in May. The May 1 night stay I’m using a credit card free weekend night, but I am assuming they treat that the same as an award stay and should count as the first stay for this promo ya think?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Rob – Thanks for the compliment! We try to dive a little deeper than what we see elsewhere, in hopes that it adds value to our readers. Glad it worked out this time!

      I believe the answer to your question is Yes, a certificate stay should count.

      The promotion FAQs say that an eligible stay counts, and ineligible stays are defined under HH T&Cs Accrual of Points number 3. There, it says that “if at least one night of the Member’s stay is consumed with the use of Hilton Honors Rewards Points, the entire stay is considered a ‘Reward Stay’ and Hilton Honors Points may be earned.”

      Then, if you go to the definition of Reward Stays in the HH T&Cs, it says that Certificate free nights are included as Reward Stays:

      “Hotel Reward Stays (“Reward Stays”) are stays at hotels within the Hilton Portfolio with the use of full Points or Points combined with payment, where available, or a Reward Certificate.”

      Seems solid to me that Certificate stays count. That said, I’d charge a candy bar or bottle of soda to my room, just to make sure there’s a charge on there. Seems like the safest approach to make sure you have a little spend and earn a few points on the first stay, given the stakes.

      Great question. Thanks again for reading and commenting. ~Craig

      1. Rob

        That’s a good point, I gotta remember to buy something so I have a folio with some amount to pay, even if just a few bucks. I want to be sure to get the double points on the stay we have in June which is 4 nights in a suite in London cash stay. Thanks again.

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