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Daily Getaways 2019 Travel Deals – Review of Deals for Weeks 4 & 5 (May 27-June 4)

We previously covered Daily Getaways 2019 Travel Deals for Weeks 1-3 (May 6-24) in this article: Daily Getaways 2019 Travel Deals Start Today (May 6) – Review of First 3 Weeks of Deals. Now, the deals for the last few days of Daily Getaways 2019 have been released, so we’ll review those new deals here, picking up where we left off in our earlier article.


First, remember that Daily Getaways 2019 may be accessed here:

And given that Daily Getaways deals code as Travel – Travel Agencies, we recommend using one of the following cards to pay in order to earn bonus category points:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – 3x Ultimate Rewards (UR) as Travel
  • Chase Ink Preferred – 3x UR as Travel
  • Citi Premier – 3x ThankYou Points (TYPs) as Travel
  • Citi AT&T Access More – 3x TYPs as Online Travel/Retail

Review of the Deals

Week 4: May 27-31, 2019

May 27 – Caesars Resorts in Las Vegas – In the first set of Caesars Resorts deals on Daily Getaways (Tues, May 14), we didn’t see any packages that were even worth talking about. Aside from an expensive 3-night suite package at Caesars Palace, the May 14 deals were all at the lower-end Caesars-family hotels in Vegas (plus Harrah’s Atlantic City), and we really couldn’t find any value-add, even if those hotels were within your stay preferences.

But we like these May 27 packages a lot better. These packages are mostly at the higher-end Caesars properties in Vegas (save for the LINQ package). All of them include airport transfers and resort fees. The “minor blackout dates” are generally only for Super Bowl weekend and the dates around New Year’s Eve. In addition, the value of these packages to you would depend somewhat on whether you’ve taken our advice and status-matched your way to Caesars Rewards Diamond status. If you’re Diamond, resort fees are already waived, so these fee-inclusive packages are less of a deal for you.

Let’s take a quick look at each package:

  • The LINQ – Not a deal if you’re Caesars Diamond and can get room discounts, have your resort fees waived, and can get 2 free show tickets per month. But others could find value here if you want to see a non-headliner show and take a daytime ride on the High Roller (which Middle Age Miles did and enjoyed).
  • Caesars Resorts – Interesting flexible package. Book your room for this package at Caesars, The Cromwell or Nobu, and that leaves you with a great deal if you can use the dining and spa credits.
  • Caesars Palace – This one doesn’t jump out at us as a great deal.
  • Planet Hollywood – We’re not really loving this deal either, as it leaves a pretty expensive room for a fine-but-not-top-of-the-line hotel even after you use the dining credit and see a non-headliner show.
  • The Cromwell – Like the Planet Hollywood deal, this package leaves a fairly expensive room after you use the dining credit; that said, if you can book on a high-rate weekend, you could come out ahead.
  • Nobu Hotel – This looks like a great deal to us, with a $300 dinner credit at high-end Nobu restaurant leaving 2 nights at the Nobu to cost only about $300. We’d seriously consider this one.
The “Ultra Hip” room at Planet Hollywood is certainly cool and nice enough, but we’re not sure the Daily Getaways 2019 package for Planet Hollywood is the best deal.

May 28 – Universal Orlando packages – For the 3-park/3-day ticket, we can look online and see that these cost $359.99 for adults and $349.99 for children. Thus, $592 for 2 tickets ($296 each) is a bit of savings on these tickets and would be a solid deal if the tickets exactly fit your plans. That said, it seems likely that other discounts are available. For example, we see lower prices on the Undercover Tourist website. We’ve also seen periodic Amex Offers over the past couple of years for both Universal Orlando and Undercover Tourist.

Beyond that, we honestly don’t have any idea whether the Park VIP Experience and 3-night Vacation Package are good deals. We’ll leave those to size up for yourselves.

May 29 – Hertz Gold Rewards points – The larger points packages are 4.2 cents per Hertz point; whereas the smaller 5,500 point package is 5.1 cents per point. We generally think of Hertz points as being worth about 5-6 points each, so the prices are definitely in the range of interest. Often, though, we find that we can use discounted rates and/or earn so many United miles through the Hertz-United portal that using points doesn’t turn out to be a good deal for us.

The Hertz redemption chart is available here, so you can analyze for yourself whether you have an upcoming rental where you could use the points to get outsized value. Free-day awards start as low as 550 points for a free weekend rental day. I’ve seen people opine that one-way rentals are the true sweet spot for using Hertz points. Remember that Hertz free-day redemptions cover only the base rate; you’ll still have to pay taxes and fees.

May 30 – Marriott – 20% discounts at Marriott by purchasing e-Gift Cards? Sure, sign us up! These deals will go fast, so be prepared to refresh repeatedly and click quickly at Noon Central time on the 30th.

May 31 – Fairmont (Austin & Del Mar) – These packages are Ovation Rewards, which seem to have good flexibility as the terms expressly include last-room availability, subject to possible restrictions for “special event dates.” We’re not quite sure what that means. Neither of these deals seems to involve a tremendous discount, but if you have a specific use in mind for high-rate nights, you can probably save a few dollars. These packages are not for us (as much as we’d like to stay at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar), but they could be right for someone.

Week 5: June 3-4, 2019

Here are the deals for the last 2 days of Daily Getaways 2019:

June 3 – World of Hyatt points – The points are priced at 1.04 to 1.10 cents per point. Our baseline value for Hyatt points is 1.5 cents per point (and it’s not too tough to get an even higher return for them). This is an obvious “buy” opportunity, even speculatively.

The problem, of course, is that there are very few packages available, and the competition will be fierce. These packages will sell out within a nanosecond when they open for purchase at Noon Central time on Monday, June 3. If you feel like you’re lucky enough to hit the lottery, give this deal a try.

June 4 – Hilton Honors points – All three of the Hilton points packages are priced at 0.5 cents per point. That’s also the same as our baseline value for Hilton points. It also happens to be a price at which Hilton often sells points, when it runs 100% bonus promotions two or three times a year.

To us, the Hilton points can be a good deal at this price. We’ve purchased Hilton points in the past at 0.5 cents per point, both in a prior year’s Daily Getaways sale and from Hilton directly. And we’ve used them at a higher value than 0.5 cents per point by focusing on times when paid rates are high. So, if you have a high-value redemption like this in mind, this deal could be worth a shot. But we recommend against buying Hilton points speculatively at this rate, as most run-of-the-mill Hilton point redemptions check in at less than 0.5 cents per point.

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed our complete review of all the Daily Getaways 2019 deals. There are definitely some deals that can help you travel for less. If you’re trying to score some of these Daily Getaways packages, we wish you the best of luck!

And remember, to access our review of the Daily Getaways 2019 deals for weeks 1 through 3 (May 6 through May 24), you can access our prior article here: Daily Getaways 2019 Travel Deals Start Today (May 6) – Review of First 3 Weeks of Deals.

Will you be taking advantage of any of these Daily Getaways deals? What do you think of the deals and our analysis? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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