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First Live Look – Review of the New DFW Terminal D Admirals Club

dfw terminal d admirals club review
View from the new DFW Terminal D Admirals Club of an AA 777 parked at Gate D25

Today (5/16/2019), American Airlines opened the much-anticipated new Admirals Club in Terminal D of DFW Airport. Middle Age Miles is fortunate enough to be flying AA out of DFW on Opening Day, so we wanted to share our first live look at the new Club along with our impressions and photos.

In short, it’s a very nice, new space, as you’d expect. The majority of the space consists of a large, open room with high ceilings and lots of natural light. Huge windows overlook a few of the gates used for AA’s big planes on international routes and the runways on the west side of the airport. The space is tastefully decorated, with light wood accents and large photos of DFW-area sites. Comfy chairs abound, with plenty of power ports and wireless charging stations. It’s certainly a fine place to relax and unwind before your flight.

One thing we noticed about this Club is that it’s smaller than we expected, certainly smaller than its new counterpart in Terminal A. We suspect that this is because of design choices made in allocating space between this Admirals Club and the also-new Flagship Lounge next door.

The new DFW Terminal D Admirals Club is located between Gates D23 and D24. You won’t be able to miss it, with its dramatic entryway signage.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Huge sign above entry to Club
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Signage and automatic sliding-door entrance to Club

After you check in downstairs, take the elevator up one level. Exit into the Admirals Club, where you’ll turn left and then left again to enter the main Club area.

From there, we’ll take you on a tour of the Club, starting at the entrance and working our way around the Club in a counterclockwise direction. For the most part, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

When you first exit the elevator, you’ll see 3 agent stations.

Upper entrance to DFW Terminal D Admirals Club with agent stations

Looking to your left as you come off the elevator, there are 3 large boards that monitor Departures, along with a selection of reading materials. (And if you peek to your right, you’ll see a doorway that leads to the showers.)

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Departures board and reading materials

Turning left, you’ll head down a short hallway toward the main area of the Club. On your immediate right, you’ll see a “VIP Room” (not pictured). And just beyond that, an open TV viewing area with a dozen chairs and 2 TVs.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – TV viewing room

Continuing on, you’ll then come to the large bar area with plenty of seating to eat and drink.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – bar and large seating area to eat & drink

The Terminal D Admirals Club has a smallish food menu that includes 3 types of salads ranging from $10-13, 3 “Signature Sandwiches” priced at $10-11, several “Hearty Bites” consisting of flatbreads and quesadillas for $10-12, and a varied selection of beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

Pass through the bar and its seating area you’ll find the restrooms on the right. One recurring issue we find in airport lounge restrooms is that they’re too small. That’s not the case here as there are plenty of facilities. Restrooms are stocked with CO Bigelow hand soap and lotion, which is standard in Admirals Clubs.

Just beyond the restrooms, if you peek around the next corner you’ll find a hidden “Quiet Zone” with a few chairs and day beds.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Quiet Zone with chairs and day beds

Continuing our counterclockwise journey around the Club, next up are the food and drink stations. A Coca-Cola Freestyle machine and Colombo coffee highlight the drink section. Food selections include the standard Admirals Club fare of 2 soups, veggie snacks, cheese cubes, cookies & delicious brownie bites, and the snack tower.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Coca-Cola Freestyle machine along with iced tea & water station
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – coffee machine
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – desserts, soups and veggie & cheese snacks

Next up is a “business center” of sorts, with about 8 stations. A couple of the stations have computers in them, but most of them are empty, so you can plug in your own machine and start working. There’s also a printer available. The Business Center is open to the main room of the Club.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Business Center

Now we’ll turn to the main area of the Club, a large seating area with dozens of comfortable chairs, with end tables between them. Each chair has accessible power, and some of the end tables have a wireless charging station. As we mentioned earlier, the main room has large windows to the west, allowing plenty of natural light into the space and giving the Club an open, airy feel.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – main open seating area
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – main open seating area
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – large DFW area themed photos in the open seating area (here, the ferris wheel at Fair Park in Dallas (Texas State Fairgrounds) and the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth)
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – While we were in the Admirals Club, we got a nice view of the firefighter training taking place on the other side of DFW’s west-side runways

Finally, if you continue counterclockwise back to the south end of the Club, you’ll find a small enclosed “Kids Room” area. It appears that the Kids Room is sponsored by Universal Parks & Resorts. The Kids Room includes a TV with children’s programming and 2 PCs with games for the kids.

DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – Universal Parks & Resorts Kids Room
DFW Terminal D Admirals Club – inside the Kids Room

We hope you’ve enjoyed our “first live look” tour of the new DFW Terminal D Admirals Club. Hopefully you’ll get to visit and enjoy this nice and much-anticipated space soon!

Have you visited the new DFW Terminal D Admirals Club? What did you think? Please let us know in the Comments!

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    Thanks for this – I was hoping someone would cover this space for the ordinary mortals who don’t get to use “Flagship First”. Appreciate you being first to do it.

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