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Chase Offers/BankAmeriDeals for Airbnb – 5% Offer & Useful Data Points

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For the past few months, Chase Offers and BankAmeriDeals have treated us with repeated offers for 5% off at Airbnb. If you’re looking to book an Airbnb soon, be sure to check your Chase and B of A cards for one of these offers.

We currently have an offer on several of our cards with an expiration date of 6/29/2019. The offer has a cap of $28 in statement credit, so you can max out the deal if you charge $560 to your card with the enrolled offer.

A few days ago, Doctor of Credit posted an article about a new round of Airbnb Chase Offers/BankAmeriDeals. In that article, Doc noted that the fine print of the deal includes a term that “payment for your completed stay must be made by” the expiration date of your deal. Indeed, here is the exact term of the deal, with the key language circled:

In the comments to Doc’s article, there was some discussion about whether this meant that the Airbnb stay actually had to be completed before the expiration date of the offer. The language we’ve circled above certainly suggests that this is the case.

We wondered about this ourselves. To us, despite the language, it didn’t make sense that the stay had to be completed before the expiration. You pay for your stays up front (or at least for half up front), at the time of the reservation. And at that time, the charge hits your credit card. There’s nothing that we’re aware of that would tie the charge to actual date of your Airbnb stay.

So, we set about to test this issue. We paid for an Airbnb stay that would occur in July, using our Chase Sapphire Reserve that was enrolled in an Airbnb offer. The stay would occur weeks after the offer expired.

We can confirm that the Chase Offer was triggered and we received the statement credit promptly, even though our “completed stay” won’t happen until weeks from now.

Here’s a screenshot from our online statement, showing our $593 Airbnb charge on May 2, and the $28 statement credit that posted 7 days later on May 9:

In addition, we received an email on May 10 confirming that we had redeemed our Airbnb Chase Offer and earned a statement credit:

In addition, Doc commenter LR reported that he could also confirm that he received the Chase Offer statement credit for an Airbnb charge, for a stay that will not occur until long after the Offer’s expiration date.

With these data points, I believe we can conclusively say that the “completed stay” language in the Chase Offer/BankAmeriDeal doesn’t mean that you have to actually complete the Airbnb stay before the Offer’s expiration date.

One More Question About Chase Offers/BankAmeriDeals for Airbnb

Doc commenter LR also wondered aloud if purchasing a gift card would trigger a Chase Offer/BankAmeriDeal for Airbnb. Subsequent commenter Andrew reminded us that Airbnb doesn’t actually sell its gift cards directly (strange, right?).

But this led to a later comment from Joe Jones that piqued our interest. Joe Jones says that in the past, he got the Chase Offer statement credit for buying an Airbnb gift card through MPX (that is, MileagePlus X, the United Airlines app where you can earn United miles when you purchase certain gift cards through the app). Doc (Chuck) wondered if there were other data points on this, and so did we. No one else has chimed in.

The standard earning rate on MPX for Airbnb GCs is 2 United miles per dollar. We would also expect the purchase to earn 3x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points per dollar if you’re using a Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) card to pay, because Chase generally “sees through” MPX to the actual gift card merchant. (This has not always been constant historically, but it seems to have been stable for a while now.) For that same “seeing through” reason, we can see that it could be possible for an Airbnb GC purchase through MPX to also trigger an Airbnb Chase Offer.

We’d love to know the answer to this, and we’re sure many other people would as well. The stacking combination of MPX/CSR/Chase Offer would provide for a nice Airbnb discount:

  • 2x United miles via MPX
    • About 2.8% at our baseline value of 1.4 cents per United mile
  • 3x UR points via CSR
    • About 4.5% at our baseline value of 1.5 cents per UR point
  • 5% statement credit through a Chase Offer

In total, that would be a miles/points/credit rebate of about 12.3% on your Airbnb purchase.

  • Note: We also recently published an article about the nuances and pitfalls of Airbnb GCs that you should definitely read before purchasing and attempting to use Airbnb GCs

We’d try this experiment ourselves and report back, but we literally have zero Airbnb stays that we need to book in the foreseeable future. Hopefully some readers can help us out with other data points on this interesting question!

If anyone has additional data points on purchasing an Airbnb card through MPX, or about Chase Offers/BankAmeriDeals for Airbnb in general, please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments. Thank you!

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