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Heads-Up! Southwest Is Opening Ticket Sales for Thanksgiving & Christmas Flights on Thursday 5/30/19

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This article is a quick heads-up that Southwest is opening ticket sales for flights over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday period on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

As you can see from the graphic above, Southwest flights are currently on sale through 11/2/2019. On Thursday 5/30/2019, the block of dates from 11/3/2019 through 1/5/2020 will go on sale. Southwest ticket sales generally open early on the morning of the on-sale date, perhaps as early as 6:00 am Eastern / 5:00 am Central / 3:00 am Pacific time.

For flights during the high-demand dates during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it’s best to be ready when ticket sales open and book quickly! High-demand flights can sell quickly, leading to increased ticket prices when seats are scarce – and ultimately, some flights will sell out.

Remember that you can always take advantage of Southwest’s generous cancelation and change policies, if the flight you originally book turns out to be not quite right for you or if the price drops. If you cancel before your flight, you will receive Southwest credit for your previous fare, which you can then use to re-book. Similarly, if the price has dropped, you can either cancel and re-book at the new price, or select change your flight and then re-book to the same flights with the new lower price. Southwest does not impose any fees for canceling or changing future flights. However, note that travel funds (such as the credit for canceling and re-booking at a lower fare) expire 12 months from the original ticket purchase date.

When you book your Southwest flights, be sure to use a credit card that maximizes your points earning for airfare, like the Amex Personal Platinum card (referral link) (5x Membership Rewards points on airfare) or the Citi Prestige (5x ThankYou Points on airfare).

And for future reference, if you want to see Southwest’s scheduled ticket release dates, you can use this link to the “Check Flight Schedules” page on the Southwest website:

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