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[UPDATED 5/28/19] How Fast Do Bonus Points & Miles Under the AA-Hyatt Partnership Post?

aa-hyatt partnership post bonus points bonus miles posting how fast

Last week, American Airlines and Hyatt launched a new joint cross-promotion. Under the new program, once members link their AA and World of Hyatt accounts:

  • AAdvantage elite members will earn 1 AAdvantage bonus mile for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying Hyatt stays and experiences;
  • Hyatt elite members will earn 1 World of Hyatt bonus point for every qualifying dollar spent for AA marketed and operated flights (including American Eagle); and
  • There are other status-related benefits and challenge opportunities.

The program launched on Monday 5/13/19, and we linked our AA and Hyatt accounts that same day.

We were fortunate to be able to give the program an early test. We had a trip that began on Monday 5/13 and ended on Wednesday 5/15, with AA flights and a Hyatt hotel stay. We are elite members in both programs – Executive Platinum with AA and Explorist with Hyatt – so we can earn bonus points and miles on each side of the partnership.

When do the bonus points and miles post?

Here’s what we learned so far: In a remarkable display of loyalty program IT excellence (looking at you, Marriott), the bonus Hyatt points from our AA flights posted quickly, seemingly at the same time the miles-earning from our flights posted in our AAdvantage account. On the polar opposite extreme, more than a week after check-out we’re still waiting for our Hyatt hotel stay to post, and our bonus AA miles from our Hyatt stay have not posted yet either.

[UPDATE 5/28/2019 – Hyatt points posted on 5/24/2019, 9 days after our check-out on 5/15/2019. Bonus AA miles from our Hyatt stay posted 4 days later, on 5/28/2019.]

1. Posting of bonus Hyatt points from AA flights

For our AA flights, our Hyatt bonus points posted next-day. That is, the Hyatt bonus points from our 5/13 flight posted on 5/14, and the Hyatt bonus points from our 5/15 flight posted on 5/16.

The posting of Hyatt bonus points seemed to coincide with the time that AAdvantage posted the redeemable miles and EQM/EQDs from our flights. I didn’t see the exact timing of when AA miles and Hyatt points posted from our 5/13 flights – but for the flights we took on 5/15, our AA miles and our Hyatt bonus points had posted by 4:00 am Central time on 5/16. That’s incredibly fast!

The detailed information in my World of Hyatt account showed that, as expected, the amount of qualifying spend was exactly the same as the number of Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) that I earned on AA for each flight. Interestingly, my World of Hyatt account also showed the flight number, fare class, and origination & destination airports for each flight. This makes the transactions easy to identify.

As best we can tell, the AA system must be integrated with Hyatt such that the Hyatt bonus points post automatically and immediately (or nearly immediately) when AA posts miles-earning and elite qualifying activity in its own system.

2. Posting of bonus AA miles for Hyatt stays

On the Hyatt side, though, the results aren’t nearly so good.

We checked out from our Hyatt stay on the morning of Wednesday 5/15. More than one week later (morning of Thursday 5/23 at the time we’re writing this article), we haven’t even seen the Hyatt points from our stay post, much less the bonus AA miles.

[UPDATE 5/28/2019 – As you will see below, we submitted a Missing Stay Request to Hyatt on 5/21/19 (6 days after check-out).

On 5/24/19 (9 days after check-out, our Hyatt points from the stay posted. On the same date, we also received an email from World of Hyatt stating “Your request is complete … We received your request and have taken care of it.”

On 5/28/19 (13 days after check-out), our Bonus AA miles posted. As you can see in the screenshot below, the miles are dated as of 5/24/19 (that is, the same day our Hyatt points posted); however, the miles did not actually land in my AA account until 5/28/19.]

Hyatt hasn’t always been the fastest about posting points for stays, but a delay of more than a week is quite unusual. In our experience, Hyatt stays usually post within 2-3 days after check-out. In fact, the Hyatt website expressly asks you to “allow 72 hours after you have checked out of the hotel for your activity to post.” In addition, Hyatt allows you to submit a Missing Stay Request starting 3 days after your stay.

In this situation, we submitted a Missing Stay Request to Hyatt 2 days ago, but our stay still hasn’t posted. We’re now 8 days past check-out from our stay. Something is amiss here.

As further evidence that there’s an issue with the Hyatt systems, we note that we received an email from World of Hyatt just last night confirming that we had successfully linked our AA and Hyatt accounts to enroll in the partnership. Remember, we linked our accounts a full 9 days earlier!

We haven’t seen any other data points on this issue, so we suppose it’s possible that our experience is one-off and Hyatt stays are posting normally for others, along with their bonus AA miles.

In any event, whether our situation is an exception, or whether Hyatt is having systematic issues implementing the AA-Hyatt partnership correctly, we hope things are resolved quickly!

What’s your experience with points and miles posting under the new AA-Hyatt partnership? Is our data point on delayed posting of Hyatt stays and bonus AA miles a one-off, or are there systematic problems on the Hyatt end? Please let us know in the Comments!

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2 thoughts on “[UPDATED 5/28/19] How Fast Do Bonus Points & Miles Under the AA-Hyatt Partnership Post?

  1. HS

    FWIW —

    1. On 13 May (a) checked out of Hyatt and (b) flew AA. I could have sworn that I linked the accounts that day, but have no evidence. The flight was a morning flight. All of which is to say, no sign of points on either side, which maybe isn’t that surprising since it was end of stay, early flight, sign-up day…

    2. Points from AA flight earlier this week have shown up in Hyatt account, as you describe.

    3. The Hyatt e-mail verifying link seems to have showed up a little over 24 hours ago, looks like on same schedule as yours.

    4. The AA challenge offer — which in my case is a super-timely one — did show up on something like 15 May, as advertised. I triggered it a couple of days later, and after my (very lucrative) flight earlier this week, the appropriate EQDs and EQMs are showing on an offer graphic under Promotions in AA account.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi HS – Thanks for the great comment and DPs. Responding to your point #1, my situation was the same as your with respect to the AA flight. Philly & I flew early on the morning of 5/13, and linked accounts later that day. Unlike you, though, we did receive bonus Hyatt points based on the AA flight. I wonder what happened with yours? And responding to your point #4, that’s awesome! I’m very glad the challenge is working out for you! ~Craig

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