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Taking a Flyer – Using a Still-Live Link to Apply for the US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Visa Card [UPDATE 6/26/19: Link Now Dead]

us bank radisson rewards business visa card dead alive working link
US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Visa

UPDATE as of 6/26/2019 – Unfortunately, the “unofficial” link to apply for a US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Visa card that we discussed in this article is now dead. Congratulations to those who heeded our advice and picked up this useful card while the link was still working!


As we’ve written many times, business credit cards present some of the best opportunities in the points-and-miles world, in part because they don’t appear on your personal credit report and don’t count toward your number of new accounts. In addition, we hate to miss out on potentially valuable credit card products that are being discontinued.

These two factors came together today, as we took a flyer and applied for the US Bank Radisson Rewards Business card. The public link to this card has been removed from the US Bank site, but we were able to use a still-live link to apply.

Follow along as we update you on the situation with this card and our application.

Features of the Radisson Rewards Business Visa Card

The Radisson Rewards Business Visa card is issued by US Bank. It has an annual fee of $60, not waived in the first year. We believe that it has a sign-up bonus of 50,000 Radisson points after your first purchase, plus an additional 35,000 Radisson points after $2,500 in purchases in the first 90 days your account is open.

Other features include:

  • Points-earning:
    • Bonus Category: 10x Radisson points at Radisson hotels
    • 5x points everywhere else
  • Radisson Rewards Gold elite status
    • See Radisson Rewards elite benefits here
  • Anniversary bonus of 40,000 Radisson points
  • Ability to earn up to 3 free domestic nights in Radisson hotels
    • See map of Radisson hotel locations here

We value Radisson Rewards points at 0.4 cents per point, although we’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t very experienced with the Radisson Rewards program. Frequent Miler values Radisson Rewards points at 0.38 cents per point, which is almost the same. For simplicity, we’ll use the rounded value of 0.4 cents per point here.

At that baseline value, the sign-up bonus is worth about $200 after the first purchase, plus another $140 if you complete the $2,500 in spend. Note that you’d also earn 12,500 points on the spend itself ($2,500 * 5 points/$). Thus, if you complete the $2,500 spend, you’d have a total of 97,500 Radisson points, worth about $390.

In addition, the anniversary bonus of 40,000 Radisson points would be worth about $160. So, for each renewal year, you’d be paying $60 to pick up about $160 in points, plus extend your Radisson Gold status. That seems like a keeper card to us, even if you never spend on the card.

Finally, we’d note that the 5x regular points-earning (worth about 2 cents per dollar / 2% points rebate) isn’t terrible. If you have a high-value redemption targeted (say, something returning 0.6 cpp or more), it might even be worth it to spend on the card to generate extra points.

We haven’t stayed in a Radisson hotel in years. But we travel to Europe a lot, and we’ve often seen Radisson Blu hotels that look very nice and are well-located. So, even though we don’t have any specific redemption in mind, we suspect that we would have an organic use for Radisson points somewhere during our foreseeable travels.

Bottom line, this seems like a card that would be worth getting and holding. It’s never been a priority for us – but if it’s going to be discontinued, we wouldn’t mind grabbing it before it’s gone.

Possible Death of the Radisson Rewards Business Visa

On May 10, 2019, Frequent Miler (FM) published an article entitled “Is the Radisson business card gone?” There, Nick of FM noted that the Radisson Rewards Business card had been removed from the US Bank website, with no known working links. The FM crew also reached out to their contacts for more information, but got only radio silence from the Radisson Rewards Visa team in response. It appeared that the card was dead, at least for new applicants.

A few days later, Million Mile Guy (MMG) posted a further article about the card (MMG: Still Available: US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Card). Jeff of MMG confirmed that the card had been removed from both the US Bank and Radisson websites. However, with some further research, he confirmed that the card was still available for applications in-branch. The banker told him that the online application was taken down due to “a large amount of fraud.” He also confirmed that the sign-up bonus and features should be as we laid out in the “Features” section above.

And finally, yesterday (May 27), Doctor of Credit also reported, “U.S. Bank Radisson Rewards Business Card No Longer Available Online.”

Our Research Reveals a Still-Working Online Link

Doctor of Credit’s report in particular caused us to do some further research on the status of the Radisson Rewards Business Visa card. This led us to a link posted by FlyerTalk user “gregorius” dated May 13 that they said was an “unofficial” working link. [UPDATE as of 6/26/19 – Link is now dead.]

[Also, hat tip to Reddit Churning user “RoamingRedPanda” for helping us find this link.]

It appears that “gregorius” applied using this link and was approved for the Radisson Rewards Business card. In an update posted on May 24, “gregorius” stated that he received the card and the paperwork sent along with it confirmed the 50k/35k sign-up bonus as we outlined above.

Our Application for the Radisson Rewards Business Visa

In light of the apparently successful online application by “gregorius” and corroborating data points of “gregorius” and MMG of the sign-up bonus, we decided to try the “unofficial” link and apply for the Radisson Rewards Business card online today. (We have no feasible way to apply in-branch, as US Bank doesn’t have branches in Texas.)

The “unofficial” link does not have a formal landing page, and it makes no mention of the sign-up offer. But it does take you to a US Bank webpage where the Radisson Rewards Business card is listed with an “Apply Now” button:

Click “Apply Now” and you can indeed apply for the Radisson Rewards Business card. This button takes you to a US Bank application page for the card:

We filled out the application, and it was accepted by the US Bank system. US Bank informed me that it was “unable to provide a decision on [my] application at this time” and that “once the application verification is complete, [they] will notify [me] of [my] approval status for this offer.” This webpage asked me to click the “Continue” button, whereupon I’d be given the option to submit a balance transfer request.

I declined the balance transfer option, and now our application is pending. The site says that US Bank will notify me of the application status via US Mail in 7-10 business days.

In addition, US Bank hard-pulled Experian, which showed up immediately on my credit report there.

So at this point, we’re in limbo. I received a similar “US Mail in 7-10 business days” message from US Bank both times I applied for the Altitude Reserve card – the first time I was denied, and the second time I was approved (see Persistence Pays – Approved for the US Bank Altitude Reserve Card!).

I don’t have a good feel as to whether I’ll be approved. On the bad side, my new account stats aren’t good – 12/24, 9/12 and 2/6. On the good side, though, my Experian credit score is almost 800, the business is real and has existed for 10 years, and I’ve been a good customer of US Bank with a personal checking account and the Altitude Reserve card for a year. I guess we’ll see.


This is an interesting experiment for sure. In case the card is indeed being closed to new applicants, we wanted to get the word out right away about the working “unofficial” link, so Middle Age Miles readers can take advantage of it if you’re interested in the card. Keep your fingers crossed for our application, and good luck yourself if you give it a shot!

Do you have additional data points on the US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Visa card? If so, please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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15 thoughts on “Taking a Flyer – Using a Still-Live Link to Apply for the US Bank Radisson Rewards Business Visa Card [UPDATE 6/26/19: Link Now Dead]

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  2. RoamingRedPanda

    Shucks folks, I’m speechless.

    My application initially went pending (which always happens to me at US Bank), and was approved 3 days later. When I used it, the link took me directly to the application, not the intermediate page with all 4 cards.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi RRP – Thanks for stopping by. You’re definitely a star of this show, along with “gregarious,” for helping us find the working link. We really appreciate it.

      Thanks also for the additional detail on your application and approval. Very interesting that the link worked differently for you. Not sure what’s up there. But all’s well that ends well – congrats on your approval!

      I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  3. Greg

    GRAIG, Thank you for the detailed write up.
    I applied after seeing your post and also received the 7 to 10 day message.

    At first I used Microsoft Edge browser and received error after I submitted my application. . I thought maybe US bank killed it.
    Then I tried it again with firefox and was able to submit my application. THANKS!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Greg – Thanks for the comment and additional data point. Fingers crossed that your pending app results in approval within a few days! I’m glad you were able to apply the article and use the link to apply. Nice on-the-fly adjustment to change browsers and try again – great that this worked.

      I submitted my app using a Google Chrome browser, for what it’s worth.

      Thanks again for the DP. I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

  4. Dev

    @ Craig, thanks for the link!

    Newbie Que: I don’t have an actual business, can I still apply for this card and get approved without prior business? Will there be any issue afterwards without having the actual business?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Dev – Thanks for reading and sending the comment. No worries on the question. Let me point you to one of our “How To Get Started” articles on “Credit Card Basics.” We have a good section on there that I think should answer your questions about applying for business cards. Here’s a link: https://www.middleagemiles.com/how-to-get-started/credit-card-basics/

      Thanks again for reading Middle Age Miles, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. Good luck with your future business card apps!!! ~Craig

  5. quasimodo

    Thanks for this blog post. Never seen your blog before. Recently applied using that link and it appears as though I have been approved. Appears because a new card shows up in my account..though no official paperwork or email yet.

    Maybe it helps that I have had a personal Club Carlson card open for several years with no issues, though I don’t use it much…I welcome the points.

    Have wanted to get the Business version but was in no rush. Will it come back….seems like it would if they are just cleaning up some “fraud” issues. Then again, maybe not – so glad to have gotten it now – assuming I’m not speaking out of turn.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Quasimodo – Welcome to Middle Age Miles and thanks for the comment. More importantly, congrats on your (apparent) approval for the card! That’s awesome.

      The situation you describe is exactly why we wanted to post this article and get the news out – if the card was loosely on anyone’s radar screen, the time to act is now! We don’t have any additional insight on whether the card may really be closing for new applicants or if it’s just a temporary situation to pull it down.

      Thanks again for the data point. I hope you continue to read and enjoy Middle Age Miles! ~Craig

      PS – As the esteemed hunchback, you should like it here. My wife Philly went to Notre Dame, as did 2 of our sons, so we’re heavily invested in ND and write about it a decent amount on MAM. You’ll feel right at home 🙂

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Haha – I didn’t realize that UW has never beaten ND. Good research and thanks for sharing! We actually have a daughter at UW, so on the west coast we root for your Huskies and the Golden Bears of Cal, where I went to law school.

          We wait with bated breath (or fear?) of a non-hunched Quasimodo’s plan for world domination 🙂

          Have a great weekend! ~Craig

  6. John

    Hi Craig, any update on your card? Was it approved for this offer? Just checking how the experiment went so I can give a try. Thanks.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi John – Thanks for the follow-up question. I just received the answer from US Bank on Friday. Article to come. Spoiler alert: it’s good news 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great weekend! ~Craig

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